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TITLEDimensions of Spirituality: Reflections on the Meaning of Spiritual Life and Transformation in Light of the Bahá'í Faith
AUTHOR 1Jack McLean
PUB_THISGeorge Ronald
ABSTRACTThe search for truth; models and profiles of spiritual transformation; the mystical sense — prayer and meditation; a paradigm of spirituality and life tests; spiritual anthropology — the self and the soul; imagination; faith, love, and knowledge.
NOTES Mirrored with permission from See also a summary and presentation of this book. Also available in Microsoft Word format, prepared from OCR of the PDF below.
CROSSREFreview by Julio Savi
TAGS- Metaphors and allegories; - Philosophy; - Symbolism; Arabic language; Faith (general); Language; Literature; Literature, English; Music; Persian language; Poetry; Prayer; Psychology; Search (general); Self; Shakespeare; Soul; Spirituality; Style (general); Tests and difficulties; Theology; Transformation; Truth
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PERMISSIONauthor and publisher
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