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TITLEContemporary Biographies and In Memoriams
AUTHOR 1Jack McLean
ABSTRACTBiographies of contemporary Bahá'ís, known personally to the author: Andy Andrews, Charles Keedwell, Damian Firth, Edna Halsted Nablo, Ian Semple, Latifa Toeg, Majorie Eleanor Merrick, Michel Morisset, Peter Paul Morgan, Suzanne Sabih.
NOTES Because these consist of a collection of shorter documents which is being expanded regularly, all are linked directly to the author's site rather than being posted here.
These memorials were not intended for publication. They are personal in tone and were addressed mainly to family and friends, or were delivered as eulogies at funeral services, or, in the case of Ian Semple's, at a commemoration at the Bahá'í Centre in Ottawa.
  1. C.S. “Andy” Andrews (September 6, 1925-November 17, 2011)

  2. Charles Keedwell (1926-2011), childhood friend of Douglas Martin, former member of the Universal House of Justice

  3. Damian Firth (May 16, 1941-May 15, 2013), one of my closest friends in Ottawa

  4. Edna Halsted Nablo, my mother's youngest sister (?-2012)

  5. Ian Semple, former member of the Universal House of Justice (1963-2005)

  6. Latifa Toeg, distinguished believer from Baghdad Iraq (1918-2010)

  7. Majorie Eleanor Merrick, In Loving Memory (1999)

  8. Michel Morisset (1949-2003): A Man Not Like The Others

  9. Peter Paul Morgan, alias Haji van Chang (1927-2012)

  10. Suzanne Sabih, a tribute (2000)

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