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TAGS: Bible; Christianity; Equality; God (general); Interfaith dialogue; Jesus Christ; Manifestations of God; Mary Magdalene; Tahirih; Women
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Comparison of Bahá'í and Christian morality, archetypal events and people (e.g. the ideal woman) in early Christian and Bábí-Bahá'í history plus concepts of Christ (Christology) and the Messiah compared to Prophets, Messengers and Manifestations of God.
M.A. thesis at Landegg Academy (Switzerland).

Selected Topics of Comparison in Christianity and the Bahá'í Faith

by Peter Mazal

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Table of Contents
  1. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" - Christian and Bahá'í doctrines of moral development
  2. "The Woman and the Child" - A comparison of archetypal key elements in early Christian and Bábí-Bahá'í History
  3. "Son of man and Son of God - Concepts of Christologies in the New Testament
  4. "The Son and the Father - A Bahá´í View
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