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TAGS: Knights of Bahaullah; Pioneering; Teaching; Ten Year Crusade
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Virgin countries and territories opened during the first year of the 10 Year Crusade 1953-1954

published in Bahá'í World, Vol. 12 (April 1950-1954)
Wilmette, IL: Bahá'í Publishing Trust, 1956
Click on one of the links below to see this image in different sizes. It was originally scanned at 600ppi and saved as uncompressed TIF, which I converted to JPG. The smaller versions have been lightly edited to improve contrast. To see the uncropped, unedited JPG file, click on the "Full" link below. Note: the Full image is huge, please try the smaller sizes first. The "Big" image should be large enough for printing. Original map measures 49 cm high x 94 cm wide.

There are two different scans of this map. First is a scan that was sent to me as dithered RGB, i.e. grayscale. Below that is a version that was sent as black-and-white undithered (i.e., bitmap; the bitmapped version is of course dithered now, as I've compressed it; see "big" or "full" to compare).
Small1500x782 px200KB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_grayscale_small.jpg
Medium3500x1824 px816KB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_grayscale_med.jpg
Big8000x4168 px2.5MB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_grayscale_big.jpg
Full22234x11583 px43MB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_grayscale_full.jpg

preview image, grayscale version:

Small1500x789 px260KB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_bw_small.jpg
Medium3400x1788 px1.1MB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_bw_med.jpg
Big7000x3682 px4.5MB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_bw_big.jpg
Full11091x5834 px21MB bw12_map3_pioneers_crusade_1956_bw_full.jpg

preview image, black-and-white version:

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