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TITLEZoroastrian Conversions to the Bahá'í Faith in Yazd, Iran
AUTHOR 1Susan Maneck
PUBLISHED ASSusan Judith Stiles
ABSTRACTThe Bahá'í Faith appealed to Zoroastrian messianic motifs, Iranian paradigms of legitimacy, and reforming elements within the Zoroastrian community. This study examines conversions in Yazd from the early 1880s to the beginning of the 20th century.
NOTES Master's thesis for the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Arizona.

See also shorter published article Early Zoroastrian Conversions to the Bahá'í Faith in Yazd, Iran (1984). See also The Navjote of a Converted Zoroastrian Bahai in Dastur Dhalla, the Saga of a Soul: Autobiography of Shams-ul-ulama Dastur Dr. Maneckji Nusserwanji Dhallan.

TAGS- Zoroastrianism; Bahá'í history by country; Iran (documents); Yazd, Iran
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