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COLLECTIONHistorical documents
TITLETrial of the Báb: Questions, rebukes, statements made during the interrogation of the Bab
CONTRIB 1Denis MacEoin, comp.
ABSTRACTTranslation of source documents preserved from the 1848 trial.
NOTES This document is an appendix to MacEoin's Trial of the Báb: Shi'ite Orthodoxy Confronts its Mirror Image. See also:
  1. Table of the answers the Bab gave to these questions
  2. Account of the trial given by Mulla Muhammad Mamaqani
  3. Account of the trial given by 'Alim-i Hashtrud
TAGS- Báb, The; Báb, Trial of; Iran (documents); Tabríz, Iran
Key to sources:
    NN: Namus-i Nasiri (Mamaqani)
    RS: Rawdat al-safa-yi Nasiri (Hidayat)
    NT: Nasikh al-tawarikh (Sipihr)
    MBA: Miftah bab al-abwab (Za`im al-Dawla)
    FB: Fitna-yi Bab/al-Mutanabbi'in (I`tidad al-Saltana)
    AKh: Letter of Mirza Aslan Khan
    NK: Nuqtat al-kaf (Kashani)
    AH: Abwab al-huda (Hashtrudi  in Mu`in al-Saltana)
    DB: Nabil's Narrative/Dawnbreakers (Zarandi)
#     Question etc.           NN    RS    NT    MBA   FB    AKh   NK    AH    DB    Totl 
1     `Are these your         x     x     x     x     x           x                 6       
2     `Who gave you the       x     x     x     x     x           x                 6       
      title Bab?'                                                                           
3     `When did God bestow    x     x1                x2                            3       
      this title?'                                                                          
4     `What are you the       x     x3                x                             3       
      gate of?'                                                                             
5     `Did you call                 x           x                                   2       
      yourself/your tongue                                                                  
      is like Tree of                                                                       
6     Quotes `Ask me before               x     x                                   2       
      I am gone....'                                                                        
7     `Are you the hidden     x     x5    x6    x7    x                             5       
      Imam in person?'                                                                      
8     `The Imam we await is   x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      so-and-so. You are                                                                    
      someone else.'                                                                        
9     `Why did you not        x                             x                       2       
      bring the heirlooms                                                                   
      of the Prophet?'                                                                      
10    `Go and get             x                             x                       2       
      permission (to bring                                                                  
11    `Turn your staff into   x                                                     1       
      a dragon'                                                                             
12    `Do you have a verse    X                       x           x                 3       
      for your staff?'                                                                      
13    `I can reveal a         x                       x     x     x                 4       
      better verse than                                                                     
      that' (Aslan Khan)                                                                    
14    `It is not a            x                                                     1       
      tradition, but from                                                                   
      Ibn al-`Arabi '                                                                       
15    `A jackal in Basra'     x                                                     1       
16    `Pray for Muhammad      x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      Shah's health'                                                                        
17    `Restore Nizam          x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      al-`Ulama to youth'                                                                   
18    `O Thou through Whom    x                                                     1       
      the knot of the                                                                       
      deceiver is untied'                                                                   
19    `How can we speak       x                                                     1       
      with one in his                                                                       
20    `Does the Quranic       x     x     x     x9    x                             5       
      decree on booty still                                                                 
21    `How many fractions     x                                                     1       
      are there in                                                                          
22    `We have sent a         x                                                     1       
      revelation to you as                                                                  
      to Muhammad'11                                                                        
23    `We have caused you     x                                                     1       
      to be raised up a                                                                     
24    `How many kinds of      x                                                     1       
      divorce are there in                                                                  
25    `A question on          x13   x14   x15   x16   x17                           5       
26    `Queries claim that     x     x18   x19   x20   x                             5       
      first to believe in                                                                   
      Bab was Muhammad'                                                                     
27    `You refer to           x                                                     1       
      yourself as "Lord".                                                                   
28    `Whatever takes its     x     x     x     x     x22                           5       
      plural in ta' and                                                                     
29    `Explain the figures    x                                   x     x           3       
      on this sphere of the                                                                 
30    Quotes `Allama          x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      al-Hilli  on                                                                          
31    Quotes question of      x     x     x     x     x     x                       6       
      Ma'mun to Imam Rida                                                                   
32    `He it is Who causes    x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      you to behold the                                                                     
33    `May God curse the      x     x     x     x     x                             5       
34    `You claim that men     x                                                     1       
      and jinn cannot                                                                       
      produce a word...'24                                                                  
35    On remark of the        x     x     x     x     x                             5       
      father of `Amr                                                                        
36    Claim to have drunk     x                                                     1       
      drops of blood of                                                                     
37    Bab's hypocrisy         x                                                     1       
      regarding al-Ahsa'i                                                                   
      and Rashti                                                                            
38    `If a man is            x     x                 x     x     x                 5       
      uncertain between two                                                                 
      and three (rak`as)                                                                    
39    `What tense is          x     x26               x                             3       
      qulna?/Decline qala'                                                                  
40    `When did I send you    x     x                 x                             3       
      as an Imam?'                                                                          
41    Quotes `If it is              x                 x     x                       3       
      allowed for a tree to                                                                 
      say "I am the Truth"'                                                                 
42    `Are you content with         x                                               2       
      this name?'                                                                           
43    `Are you the Gate of          x                 x                             2       
      the City of                                                                           
44    `I have waited 40             x                 x                             2       
      years to meet one of                                                                  
      the abwab'                                                                            
45    `I shall give this            x     x     x     x                             4       
      throne to you'27                                                                      
46    `Are knowledge,               x                 x                             2       
      hearing etc. of the                                                                   
47    `Religious sciences           x     x     x     x                             4       
      depend on sarf etc.'                                                                  
48    `Show the mutation of         x                 x                             2       
      the defective letter                                                                  
      in qala'                                                                              
49    `What is grammatical                                        x     x           2       
      form of qawluhu?'                                                                     
50    `I`jaz, fasaha, and           x     x     x     x                             4       
51    `Engaging in an         x     x28                                             2       
      indubitable duty....'                                                                 
52    `What are the                 x                 x                             2       
      fractions of nine?'                                                                   
53    Quotes `How long              x                 x                             2       
      these words...?'                                                                      
54    `Show me a miracle'           x     x     x     x                             4       
55    `What needs improving                     x29                                 1       
      in Islam? How do you                                                                  
      improve it?'                                                                          
56    `On the true nature                       x30                                 1       
      of Christ's ascension                                                                 
      to heaven.'                                                                           
57    `Be quiet, be quiet'31                    x                                   1       
58    `What were the names                      x                                   1       
      of your father and                                                                    
59    Trouble in Khurasan                 x     x                                   2       
      etc. on account of                                                                    
60    `What is this                                                     x           2       
      affair... truth of                                                                    
      matter... nature of                                                                   
61    `Light from Burning     x                                                     1       
      Bush was your light                                                                   
      -- is that so?'                                                                       
62    `Why should that        x32                     x33   x34                     3       
      Shi`i  be you?'                                                                       

    1 'Where?'
    2 'Where?'
    3 'What is the meaning of "Bab"?'
    4 Some other sources have the reference to the Tree on Sinai as a statement of the Bab's.
    5 'In person or in type?' (shakhsi ya naw`i)
    6 'In person or in type?' (naw`i buda'i ya shakhsi mibashi)
    7 'In person or in type?'
    8 Asked by Mamaqani
    9 This is the only source to attribute this question to a certain Mirza `Abd al-Karim Mullabashi. The others say it was asked by `Alam al-Huda.
    10 Asked by Mamaqani
    11 Asked by `Alam al-Huda.
    12 Asked by `Alam al-Huda.
    13 Asked by Mamaqani. Mamaqani's son did not remember what this was.
    14 Asked by Nizam al-`Ulama.
    15 Asked by Nizam al-`Ulama.
    16 Asked by Nizam al-`Ulama.
    17 Asked by Nizam al-`Ulama.
    18 'The Light of Muhammad'.
    19 'The Light of Muhammad'.
    20 'The Light of Muhammad'.
    21 Quoted by Nasir al-Din Mirza
    22 Attributed to 'one of those present'.
    23 Said by Nasir al-Din Mirza.
    24 Said by `Alam al-Huda.
    25 Said by `Alam al-Huda.
    26 The Bab is asked to decline qala and cannot. Nizam al-`Ulama declines as far as qulna and asks him to finish.
    27 Said by Nasir al-Din Mirza.
    28 This comment is dropped in the text of al-Mutanabbi'in.
    29 Asked by Za`im al-Dawla's grandfather.
    30 Ditto.
    31 Said by Nasir al-Din Mirza.
    32 Attributed to Nasir al-Din Mirza.
    33 Attributed to unnamed individual(s).
    34 Attributed to Amir Aslan Khan.

See Table of the answers given by the Báb.
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