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Introduction to and contents list of the 478 translated tablets and other English documents from the library of American collector Dwight Barstow.
See the documents at See also Lovejoy's overview in the 1999 Yerrinbool report.

Barstow Collection:
Contents, Index, and Compiler's Notes

by Thellie Lovejoy

  1. Compiler's notes and introduction
  2. Contents/Index
  3. View/download the collection

1. Compiler's notes and introduction


Where do I begin! Through the Grace of God, through a Bahá'í I did not even know, I was given 70 boxes and 17 large filing cabinet drawers full of unorganized papers and periodicals that had belonged to a Mr. Dwight Barstow, then deceased about 15 years. That's a lot of paper! We had to rent a small moving truck to cart it to our home. About half of the bulk was not worth saving. I threw that half out, page by page, paper by paper, looking at each one. What was left is the most incredible private Bahá'í archive imaginable!

Dwight Barstow never married and left no heirs. His lifetime accumulation of papers has been stored for fifteen years in a garage of a friend of his, who finally decided to give it to someone who would sort them, store them, save them, or do whatever was best to be done with the material. My name was suggested to her by a mutual friend and I agreed to do it. That was February, 1999 and I've been busy with the material ever since.


Dwight became a Bahá'í and moved to the LA area in the late 40's. He began to collect old Bahá'í periodicals such as Star of the West, which led him to a position where he could help others collect such things as well. That grew into an operation he called the Bahá'í Periodical Exchange (BPE). Through the BPE, he helped dozens of folks and communities complete their periodical collections. Once a collection was completed, he endorsed having them professionally bound. I was told that in his effort to collect old Bahá'í periodicals, he made a habit of befriending "little old ladies" in the greater LA area. He befriended in particular the ones who had no Bahá'í heirs to whom to leave their Bahá'í papers, books and periodicals. And so his collection grew. I now have the remnants of his collections (not the books), which include tens of thousands of American Bahá'í News, as well as Star of the West and the older World Order magazines, as well as some other periodicals which are even more rare. (Do you know anybody who could use some old Bahá'í News?

The Project:

One of the most surprising items I found while sorting through his boxes was typed copies of Tablets from `Abdu'l-Bahá to the early American believers. What was particularly surprising to me was that he had hundreds of them. I gathered together and photocopied these pages of typed copies of Tablets. The documents were so old that when handled, little pieces of paper flaked off. I wanted to photocopy them so I could read them without damaging the pages. Also, having come upon these wonderful, mostly unpublished documents so undeservedly as I had, I did not feel they were mine to keep without sharing them with others. I thought they looked like something that at least some Bahá'ís would like to read, rather than housing them in an archive where few, if any, would have access to them. The stack of photocopies made from them is more than three and a half inches high, 868 pages, a little less than two reams of paper. That is 9 pounds of paper! Whew!


I created a system of numbering the documents so that it is easy for me to identify them within the collection, in order to correspond with others regarding the documents, and to keep them separate from my other collections. I assigned each photocopied page a different number, and I marked the same number in pencil on the back side of each original, corresponding document. This allows me to refer directly to the original of any photocopied document, and to easily refer to any document with others to whom I have given copies.

Every page I numbered starts with "BC#" (Barstow Collection number). That way, there is no confusion with other numbers found on some of the documents made by previous owners. If a document has more than one page, each page of it is marked with the same document number, with different letters behind it. For example, document #200, a multi-paged document, is marked, BC# 200-A, BC# 200-B, etc., until end. Behind the last page of the document, I put a dash behind the letter to indicate that is the last page, as it is not always obvious. This system for numbering documents, with code letters first, has proven to be rather serendipitous, as I am now using it to keep all of my other collections organized and separated.

Once having photocopied and numbered them, I wanted to offer them to Bahá'ís, so I made an offer on Bahá'í Announce to see if anybody wanted them. I did get about 50 requests. I then photocopied the now numbered photocopies and shipped them worldwide, charging for costs and postage.

Reading and e-mail:

The next step was to actually read these photocopies. I read the same generation of photocopies as the ones I had shipped, so that if a word was undecipherable on my copy, I could look it up on the original. For those who received copies, I made an e-mail list. Via e-mail, I sent information regarding undecipherable words, tips about how to store and read the photocopies, and the history of the pages, which I call the "Barstow Collection", or BC. I e-mailed information to recipients when I identified where one was published, or if I found duplicate documents within the collection. If I learned that the document was available on the internet, I sent them the link to find it electronically. Additionally, I sent copies, by e-mail, of the few documents that I have reproduced by typing, as well as additional documents that were overlooked at the time of photocopying. Also, if anyone else had information to share about one of the documents, they too, could share it.


I made an index-type table of contents by hand, as I read, so that I would be able to find quotes I liked again. Now I have typed the index to share it with others.

Fan mail:

Seldom when I sent notices out to the BC list has there been reason for anyone to respond. Nevertheless, a few have written to say thanks. I call it "fan mail" and I love it! This is my favorite:

"I will never be able to adequately thank you for this work you are sharing with me. My schedule has only permitted me to get through the first few documents. But your stream of information and clarifications has kept me anxious to really dive into this collection. Thank you a thousand times a thousand times!"


Before reading these documents, I had read every book published in English of the Bahá'í Writings. Every book I read gave me new information that was not in any other book. It took me 30 years to endeavor to undertake such a feat as finding and reading all those books. Before having done so, I had thought each book would have basically the same information as every other book, simply restated in a different way. What I found was that although every book does have restated material, it also has different material found nowhere else, answers to questions that for thirty years, I did not even know had been answered in the Bahá'í Writings. I was once told by a seeker that they had been told by a friend, "One thing about the Bahá'ís is they sure don't know much about what is in their Writings." How profound!

The Bahá'í Writings are a vast ocean, wonderful and exciting. It is impossible to define, at this point, exactly how vast. Now I have learned so much more additional information from reading these BC Tablets, answers to questions I had not read anywhere else, just as in every other book of the Bahá'í Writings. So much is not published! And so much that is published is so vastly under-read. So many solutions and answers are already given, but lost to obscurity. If we do not know the Teachings, how can we found a civilization built upon them? I leave you with this quote, something from the BC, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual by Rúhíyyih Khánum, dated July 5, 1947:

"It is very easy indeed for him to understand how you, with your training [a psychologist], are often tested and irritated by your contact with some of the believers. But then you must remember that your advantages of a reasonable mind and a scientific education have not been given to all, and you cannot expect acceptance of Bahá'u'lláh's Teachings to endow people with these things automatically. But think of the kind of human beings, if brought up in the society He envisages, and taught in the homes, schools and universities which were the mirror and product of His teachings, which would be produced! There you would really have a new race of men.

"Shoghi Effendi has for years urged the Bahá'ís (who have asked his advise [sic], and in general also) to study history, economics, sociology, etc. in order to be au courant with all the progressive movements and thoughts being put forth today, and so that they could correlate these to the Bahá'í teachings. What he wants the Bahá'ís to do is to study more, not to study less. The more general knowledge, scientific and otherwise, they possess, the better. Likewise he is constantly urging them to really study the Bahá'í teachings more deeply. One might liken Bahá'u'lláh's teachings to a sphere; there are points poles apart, and in between the thoughts and doctrines that unite them."

The Spelling of Shoghi Effendi's Name

Shoghi Effendi, a.k.a., Shoghi Rabbani, spelled the name Shoghi several different ways until he finally settled on the above spelling. The documents of the Barstow Collection cover the time period wherein he experimented. The different spellings of Shoghi, as seen in the index, show how the name was spelled on the various documents.

"We have a letter written by Shoghi Effendi. . .to one of the secretaries of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in America. . .He signs his name "Choki Rabbani". He seems, in his early years, to have spelt his name this way, also sometimes "Shawki" or "Shogi". It eventually became "Shoghi", which conveyed more clearly its correct pronunciation in English. In a notebook of these Beirut days he has written his name out with its complete transliteration, Shawqi Rabbani, showing he was aware of this rendering - but he never used if for his own name." — Priceless Pearl, by Rúhíyyih Rabbani, p. 20.

Handwritten names:

Handwritten names found on the upper right hand corner of some of the documents indicate the name of one who once owned the document, not unlike someone writing their name on the inside cover of a bound book for identification purposes. These Tablets were often loaned to others as we do books. These names do not reflect to whom the Tablet was written or who typed it.

Private collection notes

In the index are notes that refer only to my private collection. Notes that say omit, moved, or refer to, or moved to, another file. This is because, I rearranged my photocopies and tossed a few, and added a few, as I read them. Please feel free to rearrange your copies as I did, or to totally ignore these types of notes.

Electronic Word Search

With the electronic version of the index displaying on your computer screen, one can use the word search. I typed the index with this feature in mind.

Type a + (a plus sign) in word search and one could find all the Tablets available in electronic copy. With "date" one could find every date mentioned in the index. "Clarified" brings up undecipherable words that needed clarification and so on. Additional search words as to topics are; afterlife, before life, next world, Bible, historical, autobiographical, WWI, war, violators, covenant breakers, race, prayer, prophecy, station, dream, vision, women & business.

    I hope you find the index useful,
    Thellie Lovejoy, 2000

- - - - - -

Addendum: Some more background and notes:

(This section of notes is from a personal email, hence the informal writing; it duplicates some of the above notes, but also includes new information. [-J.W., 2020])

During the lifetime of the Guardian, the original Persian Letters received by the Believers throughout out the world were called for to be sent to Haifa. No doubt, some of these Persian Originals were never collected for various reasons. Hopefully, the original Persian of most of these letters have been preserved in Haifa so that one day they may be officially translated.

The history of the very old crumbling pages that I have, that I photocopied, is this:

A man named Dwight Barstow lived in the LA area from sometime in the 40's or 50's until his death in the 1980's, 16 years ago. Mr. Barstow fulfilled a service for the greater Bahá'í community by collecting and trading Bahá'í Periodicals like Bahá'í News and Stars of the West. He corresponded and traded with Bahá'ís all over the world helping communities and individuals complete and then bind sets of their Bahá'í Periodicals. In addition, he made a habit to befriend older Bahá'ís in the Greater LA Area. It was his practice to persuade those older Bahá'ís, who did not have Bahá'í families to leave their precious things, to give them to him. This is how he collected such a great and wonderful archive, that I now posses. He, himself, had no heirs. At the time of his death, a Bahá'í friend from a neighboring Community boxed up all his papers and periodicals and stored them in her garage and there they sat for 15 years. Last year [1999], in February, the 70 boxes and 4 large filing cabinets were then given to me that I might organize and sort these things and to take care of those things that needed saving. I have been toiling with this vast collection ever since.

The collection of letters that I photocopied were not all found in one place, but in many different boxes and filing cabinets, in no particular order. Perhaps they were kept with other things he received from the same individuals. Very few clues were left for me as to from whom he collected the different materials. I do know a few of the names, or, at least suspect, a few of the folks (names) he received things from.

When I went to organize (and trough away some) of what I found in the boxes, I kept coming across these very old and crumbly pages. No doubt most of them date back to the lifetime of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. If you could see these pages yourself you would not doubt that they could be that old. Some pages, not so old, were typed later, a large binder full. (I think these were typed by Shanaz Waite---you will recognize these as all being typed by the same, very good, typist.)

When sorting the boxes, I would browse at these old pages, too old and crumbly to hold. I was amazed at the vast ocean of information that has been lost to our generation of Bahá'ís and vowed to make copies and share with fellow Bahá'ís what has not seen the light of day for more than a decade.

When I hand numbered the pages of the Barstow Collection I tripled numbered them. You will only see one set of numbers. (I also numbered corresponding numbers on the originals and 1-868 on the backs, so I'd know how many pages total there are.)

Mostly-always, written on the bottom-right-hand corner, is a hand written number starting with "BC#".

I put numbers on the pages, so that you can write to me about the different pages. Particularly, if words are not readable like on, BC# 31 A, there are words that cannot be made out on your copies. (I will address that document in another e-mail.)

I put the "BC#" (Barstow Collection: number. . .) before the number, to distinguish my numbering from other hand numbering that has been added to various letters by pervious owners of these documents.

If a document is 4 pages long, instead of giving the 4 pages, four continuos numbers, I numbered the pages all with the same number and added letters, for example; 37 A, 37 B, 37 C, & 37 D.

After about BC# 133, I started also adding a dash to the last page-number of a series. So 37 D, of my example, should have be 37 D- to let you know that is the last page of that series. I am, now, adding these dashes as I go along to documents 1 - 132. Sometimes the last page is self evident, but sometimes the last pages of something are lost, so I wanted to let you know that's all I have of that document.

Speaking of lost pages, there are many. The very first page, as sent, is a page number 3 of something. I've written on this one "No #" and put it at the beginning, because I don't know where it belongs. I don't know if it's other pages are in the rest of the photocopies, or lost before I got them. If anyone identifies where "no #" belongs, let the rest of us know and we can put it together with its other two pages. It is problems such as this one, why I did not photocopy on two-sides.

Sometimes I omitted photocopied pages when I was numbering, if I could easily identify it as something that is now in print, like the Fire Tablet, for instance. The result of this is the BC has no page 4. I repeat, there is no BC # 4.

There are other holes in the numbering. Sometimes I accidentally wrote the number on the back of the page or the number got cut off by the copier machine. Those numbers you should be able to figure out what the number should have been and just add it.

And, I messed up on the numbering of 42 and 43. There are 3 documents, eight pages, with these numbers.

Also, there are 22 pages of legal size pages of 'Abdu'l-Bahá letters. I started their numbering at 500 to distinguish them from the 8x11's that are numbered 1-485, so there are no page numbers from 486 to 499.

The letters from Shoghi Effendi fall in at the end of the numbering starting with 600. So there are no page numbers after BC# 507 G- of the legal-sized pages, until 600 of the 8x11 pages from Shoghi Effendi.


2. Table of Abstracts / Index / Table of Contents

Documents online at

+ I made an electronic copy from the internet (7 pp.)
0. Lost page, marked (page) -3-
Comments: This was marked "No #" on the photocopies. It was the first one in the stack. It has been designated since then as # 0.
Date trans., Jun. 1902, by Ali Kuli Khan, 1p.
>>> Tablet
Found in "Summon Up Remembrance", p 174-6, a different trans. & Found the complete Tablet as trans. by A. K. K. Both versions are posted at the Reference Library, URL, above.
Subjects; Indian cremation & Egyptian mummification. Says if there are sanitary reasons for cremation it outweighs the forbiddenness of the Law.
See 44: "no obligation on one who has a valid excuse"

Date trans., Oct. 1, 1902, by M. A. U., handwritten, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Miss May Allen
Subject: a letter of encouragement
Comments: I think this is the original, English-translation---but this is not confirmed---so please cross out, or whiteout, the handwritten note I added to the top of the photocopy.

No date or trans., 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract; plus 2 addendums from Shoghi Effendi
> Tablet
Subjects; Palmistry & Health
> Addendums by Shoghi Effendi
Subject: Individual Enterprise & Racism (race)
Same as 183, different typing
Pod: 183 [*]

Date trans., 1903, by Anton Haddad, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Hoagg
Subject: On marriage: He tells her to be complacent to her husband & be patient & giving one's will to God

4. There is no #4

Date, Feb. 10, 1945, history regarding 1901 or 1903, 1p.
>>> Letter written to "Dear Bahá'í Sister" by Willard Hatch
(She'd just written something in Bahá'í World)
Subject; regarding who was first So. Calif. Bahá'í, a Mrs. Dennis, historical info., mentions Tablets written to Mrs. Dennis by 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Pod: 329[*]

See note after 624
Moved to behind 624

Date, Dec. 6, no year (1921or earlier), Haifa, 2 pp.
Written on behalf of 'Abdu'l-Bahá by Shoghi Effendi
>>> Tablet to George Latimer
Subject: verifies content of his pilgrim notes as correct, & re: his parents, says to take advice given by doctors.
>>> Pilgrim notes from G. L. of 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Subject: Huquq'u'llah, health, doctors
Pod: 18 [*]

Date, 1899, Milano, Italia, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Henreitta Emogene Hoagg
Subject: letter of encouragement, station
Quote: "drawn by the Magnet of Love of God unto the Station of the Holy Spirit"

No date, 1p.
>>> Tablet: endorsing an anonymous Benediction to be sung at all gatherings
Subject: Benediction, song, music
Pod: 23 exactly same typing

No date, 1p.
>>> A Story told by 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Subject: A story about a man with a holy shadow.

Date trans., Jul. 4, 1913, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Prayer for Albert Windust.
Found: SOW: vol. XI, # 19, p. 319 (corrected) & newer translation, Am. P. B., p. 65
Comments: The resource given in the document for SOW is not quite correct. It is corrected above. In SOW there is also a Tablet that goes with this prayer.
Subject: intercession for a father on behalf of a son.
Moved to behind 39

Date, Feb. 15, 1917, 1p.
>>> Prayer, a handwritten copy of the Prayer for the Western States
Found in Am. Prayer Book, p. 188

13. A - B
Date trans., Jul. 22, 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, Acca, Palestine, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet, to Mary Leach, Chicago, Ill.
Subjects; covenant & would be covenant breakers; dream; after-life, death of a brother, violation. He discusses Himself appointed as Center of the Covenant as revealed in the Aqdas.
Same as 269, same typing/same document
Moved to behind 52

14. A - B
Date compiled, 1903, by Brittingham, 2 pp.
>>> Compilation
Subjects; Bible explanations, book of Revelation; numerical values of words,
Allah' u 'Abha
Pod: 152, 296,--both are same doc., 296 same typing, 296 is best to read
Moved to behind 152.

Date trans., Feb. 25, 1913, Paris, France, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Isabel Fraser to (undisclosed), Rue St Didier 30, Paris France
Subjects; Resignation; contentment, tests
Moved to behind 48

+ I made an electronic copy of this.
Date trans., Sept. 1904, by A. U. Fareed, New York, 1p.
>>> Tablet, to Brittingham
Subjects; ---How man perceives future events!!!! dream, vision, inspiration, future, prophecy, confirmation
Quote: "If thou seekest information of the future. . . ask for confirmation & inspiration."
Moved to in front of 91

Date trans., Aug. 15, 1902, by Mirza Ameen Ullah, Chicago, 1p.
>>> Excerpt of a Tablet to Brittingham &
>>> Pilgrim note
Subjects; life before life, did we live on stars or planets?
Bible subject: Many mansions
Quote: "[We] existed before coming to this world, but not as we know personality upon this planet."
Moved to behind 43 ---43, a compilation, contains 17

Date, Apr. 9, 1921, no trans., 1p.
>>> Tablet to Geo. O. Latiney (typo for Latimer?)
Comments: the typing of this doc. is bad. Lots of typos, even the name appears to be a typo. This document & 7 go together like a set
Subjects; this talks about huquq'u'llah & his parents, Most Great Peace
Prophecy: about emperors dying off.
Quote: "All the banners will ultimately be lowered while the banner of God is raised higher and higher day by day."
Moved to behind 7

Date trans., Nov. 12, 1920, by Azizullah S. Bahádur, Haifa Palestine, p1.
>>> Tablet to "the Friends of America" received by Roy C. Wihelm (Dec. 14, 1920)
Found in SWA, p. 159-160 (I believe this is in Bahá'í World Faith, also.)
Subject; kindness to animals & not to let liars think they are fooling you; exception about showing kindness to everyone made for tyrants
Quote: "practice. . .kindness to the world of humanity at large, except to those souls who are selfish and insincere."
Pod: 184 is same doc./different typing, 184 is clearer to read.

+ I made an electronic copy.
(A photocopy of the electronic copy is marked no # in the photocopies.)
No date, 1p.
>>> Compilation on Genealogy
Subject: Genealogy, references to books & a quote from 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Comment: the typist uses "LIX" which is then scratched out in hand & "lix" is replaced. This handwritten correction is hard to make out. It refers to page # lix in the forward of the "Dawn Breakers".
See Tablet 72-A, the quote included in this comp. is in that Tablet

Date, Dec. 17, 1919 --sent, Dec. 22, 1918, --received Jan. 18, 1919
>>> Extract of a Letter from Shoghi Effendi to Tudor-Pole.
>>> Prayer regarding the end of the WWI. Historical event regarding 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Moved to behind 168.

+ I made an electronic copy from BNE.
Date, Oct. 1912, California, 1p.
>>> A Talk, an excerpt
Found in, BNE, p. 243-4, BNE says, "address in California in October 1912"
Subject: Prophecy, War of Armageddon, Bible; Book of Revelation, (book of John), Daniel
Quote: "antecedent to the Millenium, already here" "Before 1917 Kingdoms will fall & cataclysms will rock the earth"
See 446 which is behind 168
Moved to behind 168.

same as 9, see 9 for notes, 1p.
Moved to behind 9

24. A - B
2 pp.
>>> Paper written by Martha Root, titled "The only picture of the Bab"
Found in doc. correctly as SOW: vol. 21, p 54, (in SOW it is signed simply M.L.R.)
Subject: discusses the pictures and paintings of the Bab.
Pod: 437
See, also: 7, 8, 26 & 31 also about the Bab.

Date received (as shown on 502), Dec. 7, 1902, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an excerpt, to "the Beloved in America"
Subject: "Love is. . .etc. "; station:
Quote: if people are deprived of Divine Grace, "they wander in the desert of ignorance, descend to the depths of ruin and fall into the abyss of despair where there is no refuge. They are like insects living in the lowest plane."
Description: this excerpt was published as a one-page sheet.
Pod: 502, 502 is the complete Tablet

26, 27, 28.
No date, 3 pp.
(I scanned color copies of 26, 27, & 28 and added to my own collection of photocopies.)
>>> Three illustrated flyers, 27 is signed "IHL. Victoria" IHL (In His Love)
Comments: Victoria Bedikian, the artist, was known as "Auntie Victoria".
Clarification: 28 the illustration has words "of martyrdom" that are hard to read
See "Written in Light" (c) 1998, Kalimat Press, p. 118 & 9 for more on V. Bedikian.

Date trans., Oct. 10, 1920, by Azizulullah S. Bahádur, Bahji at the Holy Tomb, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. F. B. Beckett, LA, Calif.
Subjects; mentions the forming of the "House of Spirituality"; instructions on how to hold a feast
Quote: "In the meeting you should speak of the teachings of His Holiness, Baháullah, [sic] deal with their details and explain the fruits they produce, which results have generated such great earthquakes in the East (Spiritual regeneration)."

30. Lost page
Date, Jul. 23, 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, Bahjeh, Acca, Palestine, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA in care of Mrs. Beckett
Subject: that the Bahá'ís of LA are remaining strong against the gales of violation.
Quote: "the tests are proportionately severe. These trials cause the feeble souls to waver while those who are firm are not affected. These agitaions [sic] of the violators are no more than the foam on the ocean, which is one of its inseparable features, but the ocean of the Covenant shall surge and shall cast ashore those dead bodies for it cannot contain them. Thus it is seen that the ocean of the Covenant has surged and surged until it has thrown out the dead bodies."
Same as 42. 42 is the complete Tablet.
Moved behind 52.

31. A - B
Date trans., Mar. 3, 1910, by M. A. Shorab, Wash. D. C., writ. in calligraphy, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet & Prayer [prayer; strengthen my back & gird up my loins type of prayer]
Clarified words: The second line of the 5th paragraph reads:
"in the service the Threshold of the Most High and turning their faces to the Kingdom"
Comments: 373 is an excerpt taken from this Tablet. 373, shows that the calligrapher made a deletion--probably unintentional. The bottom line of the 5th paragraph on the 1st page, between the words "thistles" & "this", these words have been dropped, "the attracted ones to the Breath of ABHA become firm and the Followers of passion and desire turn away." The dropped words of 31 appear in 373. There are additional errors in the calligraphy.
Found: 31, the complete Tablet, in SOW (Bahá'í News): vol. 1, #3, page 2 & 3.
The first vol. of SOW is not titled Star of the West, but rather Bahá'í News.
Found: 373, the excerpt, is in SOW: vol. 8, #18, p. 235,6.
Subjects; Body of the Bab being interned in the shrine, to be happy, reason for martyrdom and trials of the sincere.
Quote: "They experienced not one hour of safety, nor a days repose of mind or body. This is the proof of the sincere lover and this is the evidence of the Faithful friend. If it were not so every stranger would become a friend and the deprived ones would become the confident of the mysteries, the remote one would become the near one and the outcast would become the beloved. Consequently the Most Great Wisdom has ordained that the fire of the tests shall rage and the rushing torrent sweep tumultuously from the mountain of revelation, so that the untruthful may become distinguished from the truthful, the unrighteous be known from the righteous, the worshipper of self become separated from the worshipers of God, the good fruit be set apart from the evil fruit, the signs of light become manifest and the gloom of darkness be dispelled, the nightingale of trustworthiness sing the melody of love and the raven of oppression croak the notes of error; the fertile soil become green and verdant and the barren ground its thorns and thistles; this is the wisdom of trials and this is cause of ordeals."
Moved to behind 52.

32. Lost page
Date, Dec. 29, 1912, London, home of Miss Robinson, 1p.
>>> A Talk, does not appear to be published
Subject: those who would have peace are not as committed to it as the martyrs who give up their lives for the concept.
Quote: "Philosophers and those who see visions dream safely in the security of their own houses. But the faithful servants of the Almighty did not merely dream high ideals in homes of comfort."
Moved to behind 104

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet to maidservant of God Xxx (name withheld)
Subjects; tests & dreams, He says He wishes to address her but not in the Tablet, that He'll come to her in a dream!
Pod: many other tablets on dreams or visions are put behind this one:
35, 170, 171, 190, 225, 433, 450, 452
Also see: 16, 91, 610

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. "Sheppard", Brooklyn, NY: (name found in 452)
Subjects; women; advice on teaching
Quote: "Every woman who is directed to the Guidance of God in this Great Age, will surpass men in every respect; and she will be informed of the Hidden Mystery of Preserved Allegory; her word will take effect even in a hard rock; minds will be astonished at the power of her understanding; and souls will be subdued by the strength of her argument."
Same as 452
Pod: 452

No date or trans. given, writ. in calligraphy, 1p.
>>> Prayer, unidentified.
Subject: Prayer for vision
Quote: "cause me to enter into the tents of Thy Nearness. . .Then disclose unto me, . . .that which is concealed from the sight of Thy servants and that which is veiled from the Knowledge of Thy creatures."
Moved to behind 33

No date or trans. given, a published page, 1p.
>>> Compilation, "To Live the Life" attributed to 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Quote: "By these things you know the faithful of God."
Same as 390 & the extra behind 119
Moved to behind 119

+ I have a 122KB electronic version of the completed publication.
37. A - D
Date trans. & published, circa 1900, by Anton Haddad, 4 pp.
>>> Tablets & excerpts of Tablets,
Comments: 37 is typed excerpts of "Message From Acca" by Anton Haddad printed, circa 1900. This retyping is not particularly well done, typos, deletions, etc. The original is 16 pages long and quite interesting.
Extra: added behind 37, I've put the 12-page typed doc. of the complete "Message From Acca"

Date trans., Mar. 27, 1920, by A. S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA
Subject; renewal of civilization the world, a new cycle, advice on teaching, reconstituted government, science reborn.

Date trans., Jul. 23, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. & Mrs. Beckett, Glendale, CA
Subjects; the passing of Thorton Chase, visiting his grave site & the passing of souls into the next world.
Pod: many Tablets about those in the next world are moved to behind 39;
11, 55, 63, 121, 178, 197, 198, 241, 247, 254, 255, 257, 260, 346, 454, 457
Also see: 13, 46, 75, 190, 265

Date trans., Jul. 29, 1914, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA
Subject: acknowledges their letter & encourages them to teach.

No date or trans. given, location mentioned in letter: Tropico, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Frank and Loretha Beckett
Subject: mentions their trip to Egypt, a letter of encouragement.

42. A - C
>>> Same as 30, only this one is complete, 3 pp.
Moved to behind 52

# 43 A & B, listed separately

43-A. Perhaps, a lost page, # Also see 43-(a) (b) & (c), below
No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note: excerpts, I think. Perhaps a compilation of pn
Subjects; Recount of physical return of Bahá'u'lláh after His physical death. Resurrection of Jesus; Buddha; return after death or reincarnation.
Quote: 1. "After the death of the Blessed Perfection, one day the chief of the Mohammadon priests of Acca came to our Lord, and said he had seen the door of his room open and the Blessed Perfection come into his room. This was the Truth and Cause of the Perfection which manifested itself and its continuance to him this way."

43-B. #Also see 43-(a) (b) & (c), below
Date, 1902, 1p.
>>> Tablet to I. D. Brittingham
Subjects; Q & A, No infant is born bad but their education and surroundings make them become what they are afterwards.
Q: Are planets or stars the mansions mentioned by Christ?
A: Re: the plants & stars: "they are worlds. . .But they differ in their bodies by the difference of elements from this earthly body. They differ in formation. The beings existent upon these bodies are according to their formation." Etc.
>>> Pilgrim notes: Follow up questions asked in person, date, Jul. 1912, NYC.
Q: (3rd Q) Were the souls created as individuals before they entered the physical bodies of this world?
A: "They existed before coming to this world, but not as we know personality upon this planet."
Pod: I have moved a lot of documents about spiritual topics behind 43:
17, 43 (a, b, c), 180, 186, 211, 272, 273, 335, 347, 348, 370, 381, 500-A, 501
regarding 43-B: 17 has same questions and answers.
Also see: 335

43. (a, b, c) # Also see 43-A & 43-B, above
No date or trans. given, 3 pp.
>>> 43 (a) (b) (c) Tablets, extracts, a compilation on Immortality.
Found: only partially; TA p. 611. URL, below
Subjects; station, immortality. Next world where all souls enter, eternal life, afterlife.
> (a) Quote: "Concerning the condition of the human soul after its ascention [sic] from the mortal world; the essences of the human soul are clarified from material substances and purified from embodiment of substantial things. It is exclusively luminous; it has no body; it is a dazzling pencil of light; it is a celestial orb of brightness."
> (b) discusses Lazarus and "the rich man" (bible subject)
> (c) 1901, man can receive Reality of Triune Powers through his innate sight.
"As to the voice" Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, p 611. (See 501)
> (c) Extract from Tablet to Hatch (See 351-F): 'Abdu'l-Bahá says He speaks to the Friends without lip or tongue and discusses with them Divine Messages (speech without tongue)
See re: (c), 501, which is behind 43; & 352-F
Moved to behind 43

No dates or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablets, extracts, mostly unidentified.
Subject: A real hodgepodge of stuff, value questionable
> Words written by request on the fly-leaf of the I-ghan [sic].
> Quotes from the Akdas
Subjects; dirty clothes, clean clothes not obligatory if there is a valid excuse; teaching & thirsting for truth.

One has a date, Mar. 1913. Trans. may be Mirza Ahmad, 1p.
>>> (4 items), Tablets, as extracts & Words as reported by Mirza Ahmad.
> 1st item; (maybe suppose to be from Bahá'u'lláh? although) it says 'Abdu'l-Bahá. It is pretty strong language.
Quote: "I have. . .sacrificed myself for your salvation."
(strong language also used in 83)
> 2nd item, selections of Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in letters to Mirza Ahmad
Quote: "Arise with great fervor and enthusiasm. "
> 3rd item, Quote: "If thou couldst measure the heights and depths of the marvelous events which have transpired, and are transpiring, in this Cause thou wouldst write down every word I utter with a pen of diamond upon a page of gold."
> 4th item, Tablet, an extract
Quote: "The Standard of the Testament is wavering upon the Castles of Glory, and there is no refuge for those who flee from this strongly fortified Fortress!"

Date, Jan. 23, 1903, trans. A. K. Khan, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Josephine Cowles
Subjects; opposition, tests & trials, standing firm in whirlwinds & hurricanes
A dead son who addresses her from next world, attained station, after life, immortality

>>> Compilation; Prayer, Tablets, as extracts, & a "message", 1p.
> 1st Prayer, date, Jan. 30, 1915, trans. Mirza Ali Kuli Khan
Subject: "YA ALLAH EL MOSTAGHAS" and explanation
> 2nd Tablet extracts, date, May 1913
Extracts from letters of Ahmad Sohrab to Miss Harriet Mages reportedly quoting Words of 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Subject: 13 verses that start with the words "Blessed is he who. . ."
> 3rd Message, date, May 23, 1913, "Mr. Bryan's message"
Subject: Universal Peace
Comment: don't know if the "message" is claimed to be from 'Abdu'l-Bahá,
Same theme as Seven Candles Tablet, 185, 359, 407
See 209 similar theme
See, also, the extra added below 168 re: Madame Ali Kuli Khan & YA ALLAH EL MOSTAGHAS

48. Lost page "page #5" only
Labeled "Happiness p. 5.", 1p.
>>> Compilation???
Subjects; Be happy. Teaching advice
Quotes; "Do not be sad" "This world is the arena of tests, trials and calamities"
"Strive with all thy power to paint thy likeness on the pages of the hearts with such beauty as to brighten the minds."
Pod: many documents on happiness are moved to behind 48; 15, 188, 195, 204
Also see: 31, 82

No date given, p 1.
>>> Prayers specifically for the Fast. Two short Prayers.
Pod: Prayers of various sorts, or information on prayer & fasting, are moved here: 107, 122, 205, 289, 325, 326, 392, 410, 426, 427, 434, 458, "extra: p2 pn, below"
See 35: prayer for vision
Also see: 16 & 302 about how to pray & receive guidance. More prayers: 54 behind 78, 55 behind 39, 61, 62 behind 141, 75, 123-A behind 52, 123-B, 123-C

+ I made an electronic copy.
Extra: Lost page (this is page 2)
Date, Apr. 21, 1901, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note-- from a Talk of 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Subject: prayer, pre-existence
Quote: "God hears every prayer as soon as it is voiced."
Added behind 49

Date, Jul. 13, 1903, owned by Goodall, 1p.
>>> Poem by believer, Louise "Shahnaz" Waite, Titled, "Because I love Thee So"
Moved to after 489

No date given, 1p.
>>> Compilation taken from various Tablets and Talks.
Subject: explanation of the Ring Stone Symbol
Moved to behind 152

52. A - Z
Date, circa 1914, compiled by Mrs. H. Emogene Hoagg, 26 pp.
>>> Compilation, "A Compilation of The Tablets and Words Pertaining To The Center of the Covenant of God on Violation."
More than a strict compilation, we also find the words of Mrs. Hoagg in this compilation.

Comments: The word "Violation" is not commonly used in vocabulary of Bahá'ís today, but it is used repeatedly in many of the documents found in the BC. It refers simply to those who violate the Covenant and seems to refer to a lager group than those who have been pronounced as "Covenant Breakers".

She does attempt to identify her sources for Quotes of Tablets, but unfortunately, many of her references to where these Tablets are printed, in SOW, for example, are often wrong. Often they have enough information to find the Tablet with a little sleuthing. For example, page BC# 52-H says "Star of the West, Vol. 14, No. 15, p. 255" This is actually found on vol. 4, #15, p 255.

Description: This is a significant Compilation and is perhaps as pertinent in 2000, as it was in 19-teens, when it was compiled. I think, it would serve our community well, if a similar compilation were printed today. On page 52-C is found an introduction to the compilation.

In order to help identify some of these Quotes, I will make a list of them as found in the compilation. I have not verified the sources as given in the document unless specifically stated (corrected).

Pages are identified by BC page letters;
> 1st -A Tablet (complete) addressed to, "O thou whom my heart addresses!"
> 2nd -C 2 from Hidden Words
> 3rd -D Tablet, an excerpt, to M. Lotfullah, date, Aug. 1, 1914
> 4th -D SOW, no date, SOW: vol. 6, p. 95
> 5th -D SOW, no date, SOW: vol. 3, p. 8
> 6th -E Tablet, an excerpt, to Miss Alma Knoblock, date, Apr. 2, 1910
> 7th -E Tablet, an excerpt, to Roy Wilhelm, date, Oct. 14, 1914
> 8th -F Surat'ul Hykl, p. 34
> 9th -F Tablet to Roy Wilhelm, date, Aug. 12, 1914
> 10th -G Tablet, an excerpt, to Mrs. Brittingham,
> 11th -H Tablet, an excerpt, to San Francisco, compilation says this is an
"Address" but 310 shows it is a Tablet.
> 12th -H Address (talk), NYC, date, Dec. 2, 1912,
(as corrected) SOW: vol. 4, #15, p. 255
> 13th -J Tablet (the complete Tablet?) to M. Lotfullah,
London, date, Aug. 1, 1914
> 14th -K Tablet, an excerpt, to Charles M. Remey
> 15th -L 2 short quotes from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, no references given.
> 16th -L Tablet, an excerpt, to the American Friends, date, Apr. 28, 1911
> 17th -M Short quote, no reference given.
> 18th -M A "Talk" to Misses Lesch, Lanyon & Buikema & Mrs. Slater, No date.
> 19th -N Tablet, an excerpt, to Mrs. Harriet Cline, LA, trans. by MAS,
Paris, date, Mar. 29, 1913; SOW: vol. 6, p. 94
> 20th -N Tablet, an excerpt, to Mr. Dealy, date, 1907
> 21st -O Extract of an Address (talk), date, Sept. 16, 1912
> 22nd -O Tablet, an excerpt, to Mr. Remey, SOW: vol. 3, #7, p. 16,
date, Jun. 24, 1912
> 23rd -Q Address, excerpt, (talk), NY, date trans., Jun. 19, 1912,
by Ameen U. Fareed
> 24th .-R Tablet, an excerpt, to Mr. Dealy, date, Sept. 1, 1901
> 25th -R Tablet (complete) (name withheld) Chicago,
date, Sept. 30, 1913, trans. M.A.S.
> 26th -S Address (talk) at Kenny home, NY, date, Dec. 2, 1913
> 27th -T 6 short quotes, either from ibid. or reference not given.
> 28th -U 3 more short quotes, either from ibid. or reference not given.
> 29th -U Tablet, an excerpt, from "Tablets of Abdul Bahá" vol. 1, p. 72
> 30th -V Pilgrim note, (talk) Tomb of Bahá'u'lláh, Bahájee, Apr. 2, 1914
> 31st -W Pilgrim note, (talk) Home of Bahá'u'lláh, Acca, Apr. 1, 1914
> 32nd -X Pilgrim note of Pleides Sylvan Bower, Lake Tiberas, Syria,
date, May 6, 1914. (see 318 for more pn from PSB)
> 33rd -Y Tablet, an excerpt, to Mrs. Nobel, Cleveland, Ohio, date trans.,
1903, by A. K. Khan
> 34th -Z Tablet, an excerpt, SOW: vol. 5, #14, p. 218

Pod: I have moved many documents on violation, or covenant breakers, to behind this document; 13, 30, 31, 42, 73, 74, 131, 132, 175, 177, 189, 234, 240, 258, 266, 267, 268, 269, 308, 310, 373, 374, 416, 459, 461
Also see: 46, 98, 442

53. [omit]
Early translation of prayer found in Am. P. B., p. 60, 1p.
>>> Prayer of Bahá'u'lláh for protection

Date trans., Aug. 25, 1907, by Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed, 1p.
>>> Prayer/Tablet to Chicago, through Misters Chase, Agnew & Scheffler
Subjects; this is a prayer revealed especially for the Chicago community,
also "to build the Mashrak-el-Azkar"
Moved to behind 78

Date rev., Jun. 1, 1904, date trans., Sept. 15, 1904, NY, by Ameen-Ullah Fareed, 1p.
>>> Prayer/Tablet
Subject; Prayer for the departed and forgiveness of sins.
Moved to behind 39

Date, 1912, 1p.
>>> Voice recording of 'Abdu'l-Bahá --the translation
Pod: 87, 98, 164, 174, 199, 212, 270, 309

Date, Apr. 16, 1902, trans. Mirza Ameen'u'llah, Chicago, 1p.
>>> Prayer/Tablet through Miss Gertrude Buikema, Chicago
Subject: prayer for severance

58 & 59.
Date, (gleaned from 505), Jul. 1905, 1p (per document).
>>> Letter from the Friends regarding unified action for prayers for unity.
>>> "Petition" to sign and mail to the Master after completing the prayers.
Clarified words: Across the top of 59, difficult to read in the photocopy are these words: "Form of supplication to be sent to the Master, Abdul-Bahá at the end of the nineteen days of prayer."
Pod: (58 & 59) 173, 311, 388, 505, 506

Date trans., Oct. 1908, by A. K. Khan, 1p.
Found in SOW: vol. 4, #18, p. 303, but this is more complete than what is in SOW.
Also found: 4th paragraph of this letter is in, BNE, (c) 1987, p. 93
Also found: 4th paragraph of this letter is in MARS
>>> Tablet to maid-servant of God, Xxx (name withheld) titled "Why pray?"
Subject; Why pray? /prayer---not a prayer, but rather, a Tablet answering, "Why pray?"
Quotes; "It is becoming of the weak one to supplicate to the Strong One" "This is the mystery of supplication and the wisdom of stating one's wants (praying)."
Same as 111, different typing
Moved to behind 49

Date, Jul. 18, 1908, trans. Mirza Ahmad, 1p.
>>> Prayer/Tablet to Mrs. Bethlin
Subject: A prayer for forgiveness for elimination of sorrow: Depression

>>> Prayer, 1p.
Comments: A nice prayer--I like it.
Subject: Calls to sacrifice ourselves and be united with each other.
Quote: ". . .drew lights from the Lights of Thy wisdom. Bring them together again"
Moved to behind 141.

63. (Also see 63, below)
Date trans., May 6, 1909, by Ali Kuli Khan, 1p.
>>> Prayer (invocation) for forgiveness (of the departed) Husband of Mrs. Goodall
Moved to behind 39

# 63, 63 & 64. Numbering problem--two # 63's. [omit second 63, & also 64]

64. A - B (was 2nd 63 & 64) [omit] , pp 2.
>>> Title page and Table of contents for BC 65 - 72-L

Date trans., Sept. 15, 1908, in Haifa, by Ameen Ullah Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Corrine True.
Subject: Mashrak-el-Azkar, receipt for 9 stones anointed with olive oil & attar & water
Moved to behind 78

Date trans., Dec. 25, 1907, by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. E. Grace Foster
Subject: praises that she has become awakened

# 67 - 72 & 77 - 79 & 286 & 287 all published by Sprague

67. A - B
Date trans., Feb. 17, 1908, by Dr. Ameen O'llah Fareed, in Chicago, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet & Letter,
> Tablet (typed notation--"in 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Hand"--but this is a typed English copy)
Subject: endorses the following letter written by Zoroastrian Bahá'ís--from the Parsee Assembly of Yezd to the American Bahá's.
> Letter
Subject: very sweet supportive letter, offers love and encouragement.
Published by Sprague

68. A - B
Date trans., Nov. 4, 1907, by Mirza Ameen, in Chicago, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet of encouragement to Bahá'ís of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Subject: He says every soul (of the beloved) must be generous with each other. Unity
See 54
Published by Sprague

69. A - B
Date trans., Oct. 9, 1907, by M. Ahmed, Esphahani, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet through Charles Mason Remey to the Denver Assembly, USA
Subject: How to thank God for "this Most Great Guidance"
See 137
Published by Sprague

Date trans., Oct. 12, 1907, by M. A. Esphahani in Washington D.C., 1p.
>>> Tablet revealed to a Believer in Persia--Beautiful metaphors!
Quote: "Let us keep up and compete with each other."
Published by Sprague

Date trans., Sept. 6, 1906, by M. A. Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Prayer "I am a child of tender years"
>>> An intro. by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, not found in the prayer book
Quote: "Each child may memorize as much as he can from this supplication."
Published by Sprague

72. A - L
Date writ., Aug. 14, 1907, trans., Nov. 24, 1907, Chicago., by Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed, 12 pp.
>>> Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá enclosed within the letter--regarding genealogy
>>> Letter to Anayat'ullah from Mirza Assid'u'llah
Subject: answers to two questions:
1st question: answers genealogy of the mother of 'Abdu'l-Bahá (See 20)
2nd question: is regarding the uniting of east & west--prophecy return of the Jews
Prophecy: Uniting of East & West --"two great nations" ---Christian & Mohammedan
Bible prophecy explained "3 days", Latter Days, Days of the end
Mentions the word "pyramid" in the question.
Published by Sprague

73. A - G
Dates ranging from 1912 to 1914 (& 1903), 5 pp.
Undated; Dec. 30, 1912; Dec. 29, 1912; Feb. 3 1913; Feb 14, 1913; Mar. 25, 1913; Mar. 29, 1913; March 4 1913; Sept. 23, 1913; Sept. 30, 1913; Sept. 30, 1913; Oct. 11, 1913; Apr. 19, 1914; Jun 29, 1914; Jun 29, 1914; Jun 29, 1914; 1903 & Sept. 2, 1913.
>>> Compilation of Tablets & Cables-dates shown above
Subject: Shunning ANY Persian Believer who is in the USA without express permission from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, violation
Moved to behind 52
} More work could be done identifying the different Tablets of the compilation

Date, Nov. 1921 & assorted dates, 3 pp.
>>> Compilation of Tablets & Cable
Subject; Violation & Shunning
Moved to behind 52
} More work could be done identifying the different Tablets of the compilation

Date trans., Jun. 4, 1907, by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to Miss F. Meadow Croft
Subject; re: death of her mother; theosophists; re: humans need the Holy Spirit to reach God
Quotes; [A mistype perhaps] "The light has a center and if one desires to seek it otherwise but from the center, he can never attain to it." "Become not extinguished by the winds of tests."

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Miss Meadowcroft, Chicago, Ill.
Subject: It seems she asked 'Abdu'l-Bahá for a name. He told her to ask her spiritual mother.

77. A - B
Date trans., Oct. 9, 1907, by M. Ahmed Espahani in Washington D. C., 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to Denver Assembly through Charles Mason Remey
Subject; Unity
Quote: "rend asunder the curtain of foreignness and consort with all people."
Published by Sprague

78. A - E
Date trans., May 9, 1908, by M. A. Esphahani in Washington D. C., 5 pp.
>>> Tablet through Mirza Ahmed to Assembly of NY
Subject: Building a Mashrak-el-Azkar in one place & merely renting a center in NY.
Published by Sprague
Pod: 65, 126, 166, 193, 194, 196, 236, 237, 249, 376-A, 383
Also, see: 237 behind 254, 312, 620

Date trans., Mar. 4, 1908, by M. A. Esphahani in Washington D. C., 1p.
>>> Tablet to Members of the Spiritual Assembly of Chicago & NY through Mirza Ahmed
Subject: He asks them to send English Bahá'í books to India.
Published by Sprague

80. (Compare to 81 & 82.) A - B
Date trans., 1909 by Mirza Enayet 'o'llah, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to "O Friends of God! O spiritual companions!"
Subject: Bahá'u'lláh suffered and sacrificed so much--how can we for even one moment seek ease and comfort?

81. (Compare to 80 & 82.)
Date writ., Apr. 3, 1910; trans., May 18, 1910, by M. A. Sohrab in Wash. D. C., 1p.
>>> Tablet/Prayer for Mr. Harry Gales
Subject: prayer for health & prosperity so that they may become engaged in service; hopes they find rest & composure.

82. (Compare to 80 & 81.)
Date, Sept. 1911, 1p.
>>> Message---Pilgrim note, or verbal message, for Boston brought by Mrs. Garrett from London
Quote: "One who does not suffer in the path of God, will not enjoy peace & happiness" Quote for depression: "Whenever you are sorrowful or sad, say loudly 'Ya Bahá el-Abha and your sorrow will change to happiness and help and blessings come to you."
See 48, 61

+ I made an electronic copy.
Date, Dec. 1911---Seems to be at least 2nd generation of typing, 1p.
(Received by Mrs. Logi, May 22, 1917.)
Possibly typos-looks like two sentences have words deleted mid-sentence.)
>>> Tablet (seems to be a long excerpt)
Comment: Prophecy, Faith will only spread fast once the Jews are taught the Faith--my understanding of the Tablet.-TL
Quote: "There is no such thing as self-development. Growth only comes by working for others." "Turkey was freed in one night; the world will change in the same way, not from a Bahá'í movement, but from World Movement. Many Bahá'ís in name will steal away disappointed."

Date, Dec. 1911, Paris, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note--message to Boston Assembly brought by Mary Hanford Ford
Subject: Nobility; about overcoming tests--acting with nobility
See: 82 & 292-C

85. A - B
Date, Tues., Jun. 1912, Stenographed by Charlotte Segler, 2 pp.
>>> A Talk, Greenacre at Unity Feast. NOT recorded in PUP
Subject: Talk about nativity. (See 185 & 117)

# 86 & 86 Numbering problem--two # 86's; 1st 86 A-D; 2nd 86 (a)

86. A - D See 86, below
Date, Oct. 8, 1912, given at Unitarian Church, Palo Alto, CA, 4 pp.
>>> A Talk. This talk IS NOT in PUP. Same day as He went to Stanford.
Subject: Unity, the Fundamental Basis of Divine Teachings.

86. (a) (maybe this is a lost page?) See 86, above
Date trans., Oct. 28, (19??, 1913?) (Minneapolis, Minn ?) by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
Maybe is shortly after His trip to US, but year is unknown.
>>> Tablet (to Someone in NY?)
Subject: Confirmation of letters addressed to Shogi Rabanni, Jul. 10, 17 and 30.
Mentions many believers by name; mentions "delegates" & a "Congress" in, I think, NY.

87. A - B
No date, 2 pp.
>>> Pilgrim Note, signed in hand by E. C. G. (probably, Edward C. Getsinger)
Comments: This was said before the death of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, so that the succession not passing to Mohammed Ali, should not have been a surprise to anyone.
Subject: Significant information re: Mohammed Ali (the greater branch) 'Abdu'l-Bahá's half brother. Hisorical
Quote: "nowhere is it mentioned by inference even that such a station [Center of the Covenant] was transmissible."
See 98
Moved to behind 56.

Date, Nov. 16, 1912, Sat., afternoon, stenographed by E. McKinney, 1p.
Interpreter Zia Bagdadi
>>> A Talk given at 780 West End Ave. NYC. NOT IN PUP.
Subject: Jesus' entire Mission was educating 11 men & 2 women. Let us be the result of Bahá'u'lláh's Mission to be trained by Him! (bible subject)

89. A - C
Date, Nov. 26, 1912, stenographed by Estha Foster, 3 pp.
Interpreter Ish'te'a'l Ebn-Kalanter
>>> A Talk given at 780 West End Ave. NYC. NOT IN PUP.
Subject: Mankind reaching maturity
Encouragement that you may be the cause of aiding the maturity of others.
Pod: 16, 155, 157

90. A - E
Date, Jan. 3, 1913, 5 pp.
Published in "The Path" London, Feb. 1913.
>>> A Talk in London at the "White Lodge", Wimbledon NOT IN PT, AL or ADP.
Comments: An interesting Talk.
See 272
Subject: Elements of Nature not being destroyed, but mix and match and continue. He discusses the atom & maybe electrons & that matter cannot be annihilated. The difference between man & animal, the existence & nature of God.
Quotes: "All phenomena are eaters and the eaten." "Life cannot become annihilated." "As long as God was God there has been creation; there have been creatures."
Moved to behind 365---Same talk.

91. A - D
Date trans., Jan. 12, 1913, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 4 pp.
>>> A Talk
Found, PT p. 173 or 185 depending on issue, different wording.
Quote: "About 1000 years ago a society was formed in Persia. . ."

92. A - B
Date, Jan. 30, 1913, Paris, 2 pp.
Trans. from some Persian notes by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
>>> A Talk, a longer portion of this talk (different wording) is found in ADP.
Found in ADP (c) 1916 p. 90-2 or (c) 1918 p.120-2
Click on different chapters in the index found at this web site.

93. A - E
Date, Mar. 1913, 5 pp.
>>> Diary of Ahmad Sohrab, an extract, letter to the USA
>>> Pilgrim note--(I guess this could be called a "pilgrim note"?)
Subject: About disasters; Marriage & Divorce; Prophecy about airplanes; Answers if there will ever be clergy in the Bahá'í Faith.

Date sent, Oct. 2, 1913, from Ramleh, Egypt, trans. by Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an excerpt, to Albert R. Windust (editor of SOW)
Subject: about teaching the Faith & the early Spiritual Assemblies--Boards

Date, Dec. 16, 1913, 1p.
>>> Diary of Ahmad Sohrab, an extract
>>> Pilgrim note--(I guess this could be called a "pilgrim note"?)
Subject: He spoke out against prejudice to a Mohammeden Sheikh-- a message for us all! Religious prejudice, race

Date, Mar. 10, 1914, 1p.
>>> Diary of Ahmad Sohrab, an extract
>>> Pilgrim note--(I guess this could be called a pilgrim note?)
Subject: On humility & about those who teach Bahá'u'lláh's teachings without ever having heard of Bahá'u'lláh.

Date, Apr. 17, 1914, 1p.
>>> Diary of Ahmad Sohrab (extract of)-- Called "Tablet to Boston"
>>> This may be a Tablet
Subject: Calling the Boston Bahá'ís to unity & to teach.

98. A - B
Date, trans. Apr. 19, 1914, by Ahmad Sohrab from home of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in Haifa, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet through Roy Wilhelm, NYC, to Everybody in America
Subject: about 'Abdu'l-Bahá being the Center of the Covenant & interpreater. It is not acceptable to interpret the Text contrary to 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Whoso ever does will cause division.
See: 129, 189, 266, 310, 416, 442, 443, 459, 461
Moved to behind 56

Date, Apr. 28, 1914, 1p.
>>> Diary of Ahmad Sohrab, an extract
>>> Tablet--this is called a "Tablet".
Found in PT, p. 183, or 195, depending on the issue.
Comments: this is the last entry in PT. It is a letter not a talk.
Subject: Woman as equal to men. "They will attain to. . . be considered the very higest station of the world of humanity."
Quote: "As regards the constitution of the House of Justice: . . .'O men of the House of Justice' but . . . the right which belonged to women so far as their voting and their voice is concerned is indisputable."
Same as 108-B, (99 & 108-B are both parts of different compilations)

Date writ., Oct. 1, 1920, trans., Nov. 14, 1920, by M. A. Sohrab, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
Subject: Spiritualists--difference between communication & explanation, mentions Jenabe Fazel, confirmation of the sign of God, upon Jenabe, being the "delay in the departure of the train".

101 & 102.
101 is dated, Oct. 18, 1920, 1p.; 102 is dated, Dec. 9, 1920, 1p.
>>> Tablet (102) & a prayer written by Horace Holly (101)
>>> prayer by H. H.(101)
Comments: Handwriting on bottom & on back side of paper help tell the story:
Handwriting on bottom of page: "Horace to A.B. Remember? (over)"
Handwriting on back of page: "H. H. wrote this to A. B. & we all signed it. The group rec'd a beautiful answer!"
Subject: 101 is prayer written by Horace Holly that was signed by the Bahá'ís of NY & then mailed to 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
>>> Tablet: 102 is His sweet response to it.

103. A - C
Date trans., 1921, by Shoghi Rabbani, in Balliol, Oxford., 3 pp.
>>> Tablet to "The beloved of the Lord Throughout the East & West"
Subject: opposition, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

Date trans., Dec. 2, 1920, by Aziz'Ullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Alwyn Baker
Found in SOW: vol. 12, #12, p. 194
Subject: Bible, prophecy explained re: "Days of Marriage". & 'Abdu'l-Bahá quotes Bahá'u'lláh saying we should study philosophy.
Pod: 32

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet to "O thou spiritual leaf . . ." someone titled it, "The Covenant is a Lamp"
Quote: "Whosoever stations himself before this divine light, will be illumined with Manifest Glory. . ."

No date given, trans. by Shoghi Effendi, 1p.
>>> Prayer
Found in Am. Prayer Book, p. 202, 3
Subject: a teaching prayer

Date trans., Aug. 14, 1909, by M. Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet/Prayer through Mrs. James Carmichael, to Mrs. MacMahan, Chicago, Ill.
Comments: Interesting letter/prayer.
Subject: He says He will pray for her healing BUT that she must become a believer & assured. He tells us when prayer will be answered & when not.
Quote: "Should thou pray good earth be impregnated with vegetation & growth, it will be answered, but if thou prayest that hard stone be changed into meadow and rose garden, it has no capacity."
Moved to behind 49

108. A - B
Date, Tues., Nov. 19, 1912, given at residence of Mrs. Florian Krug (?) NYC, 2 pp.
>>> A Talk & Tablet
>>> A Talk 108-A, NOT IN PUP
Comment: Important talk, apparently lost to us
Subject: Women, prophecy
Quotes; "In this day Bahá'u'lláh has set a brilliant crown on the head of women, whose brilliant jewels will shine and gleam throughout all ages and cycles." "Their will power is greater than that of man, their moral consciousness and intuition is superior to that of man, and in all the virtues of humanity they shine like unto the stars."
>>> Tablet (108-B)
Found in PT
Same as 99

Date trans., Mar. 18, 1916, by M. A. Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Letter from Sohrab or Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, not sure which
Comment: It is unclear if this was a Bahá'í sponsored event or not.
Subject: contains news about two congresses one in SF, 2nd in Portland, OR.
18 names of speakers mentioned--mostly Bahá'ís. Letter claims that speakers were "assisted with divine confirmations" and at 2nd meeting the speakers were "supremely assisted by the angels of the supreme Concourse."

110. A - B Lost pages--page, A starts in the middle of a sentence.
Dates trans., Jul. 14, 1913, Jul. 21, 1913 & dates unknown, 2 pp.
Translators listed as Mirza Ahmad Sohrab & Anton Haddad
Lost pages: These unnumbered pages are separated from the rest of their compilation.
>>> Compilation of Tablets, parts of four different Tablets.
> Tablet # 1, excerpt, date unknown, beginning of this is lost to an earlier page:
Quote: "That soul's face will be illumined in the. . .by the Light which illumines heaven and earth if it stands firmly in the path of the Center of Existence."
> Tablet # 2, trans. in Port Said, Egypt, 7/14/13, by M.A.S.:
Quotes: "Know thou . . .this mortal world, even if it be the Kingship of the whole existence of the globe, is ephemeral. It is an illusion." "But maid servants. . .who arose for the diffusion of the fragrances of God, eternally her signs are wildly spread & handed down through centuries & cycles."
> Tablet # 3, date trans., 7/21/13, by M.A.S., Port Said, Egypt, from a letter revealed earlier to the Persian Friends:
Subject: How to make eternal life to be revealed in this mundane existence.
> Tablet # 4, trans. by A. H. This may continue to another (lost) page:
Questions from Mrs. Louise Gibbons: Master, who art thou? Art Thou the Christ?
Answer: "Then know that for the dominion of the reality of Christ there is no beginning and there is no end; everlasting that luminous entity had been sitting on the Throne of might, and everlastingly it will have a penetrating dominion over the worlds of existence. This dominion is eternal and everlasting and has no abrupt end."
Re: # 4 please see 210 that is behind 110.
Pod: 207, 210, 253

See notes for 60.
Same Tablet as 60.
Moved both 111 & 60 to behind 49

No specific date or trans. given, "revealed prior to 1905", 1p.
>>> Tablet to "O Servant of the True One"
Subjects; sin, concealing the transgressions of another's "faults as far as possible."

Date trans., Jul. 29, 1914, in Haifa, by Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA Community
Subject: Letter of praise and encouragement
Quote: "May you become the cause of Guidance of the erring ones and the means of the salvation of the wicked ones."

114. [omit] send to the LA community file
Date, May 12, 1914, 1p.
>>> Letter from and to the LA Community. Signed F. M. Hall (Pres't)
Subject: re: the LA Center and the local fund.

Date, May 6, 1914, 1p.
>>> Letter from Bahá'í Publishing Society, signed by Mary Lesch, to Mrs. Wagner
Subject: Gives a report about the Convention. Mentions many believers' names including a Unitarian minister, Rev. Vail. Also mentions President Wilson.

No date given, trans. by Mirza Ameen Ullah, 1p.
Published in "Sacred Mysteries" from the chapter on "The Mystery of Jonah"
>>> Tablet (excerpt) addressed to a Persian by the name of Jonah.
Bible Subject: Explains the parable of Jonah & the great fish. Says no part of this story is literal.

117. Lost page--this is the 1st page, 2nd page is lost
Date, Dec. 5, 1912, stenographically taken by Marion Haney, 1p.
Interpreter Ish'te'a'l Eba-Kanlanter
Found in PUP that are also attributed to Notes of Marian Haney, but words are different.
>>> A Talk- farewell speech aboard Celtic to American believers.
Subject: The earth is but one nativity.

Date trans., Jul. 11, 1911, by M. A. Sohrab in Wash. D. C., 1p.
>>> Tablet through Helen S. Goodall to the SF Assembly.
Subject: Congratulations on forming the new Assembly.

119. Lost page -- this is the 1st page
Date, Apr. 20, 1910, 1p.
>>> Letter from Isabella Brittingham to O. O. Wolcott, Spokane, Wash.
>>> A Pilgrim note-probably
Subject: Human stations. She quotes 'Abdu'l-Bahá & lists Beatitudes allegedly expressed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Pod: 36, 390 & the "extra" below 119

Attributed as to from "The Divine Art of Living", 4 pp.
>>> Compilation--three different things
> 1st Titled "To live the Life"
Same as 36, 390
> 2nd not sure what this is, maybe from 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Subject: something showing some high ideals to live by
> 3rd Beatitudes---different from 119 list of Beatitudes
Added as an extra, behind 119

No date or identification, 1p.
>>> Could be from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, but not sure--unidentified
Bible subjects. Mentions Revelations and other Bible books
Clarified words: First paragraph is as follows:
"Concerning "overcoming" in Revelations, 11,11, the second death means depravation of immorality of the soul are made clear in verse 12 the first death being depravation of mortal life by natural death, and the loss of opportunity. Revelations 11.7-17; 111 12; 111, 21; xx1, 7, xx11, 14. "
[This is my best guess at the numbers. Some of them are written over with pencil and I'm not 100% sure of the writer's intent.--TL]

121. A - B
Date trans., Feb. 23, 1914, by Mirza Valiollah Kahn Wargha (Varga) in Teheran, 2p.
>>> Prayer/Tablet of Visitation
Subject: A Tablet of Visitation for the two martyrs Wargha (Varga) & Ruhollah.
Clarified words: 121 A & B are the same document photocopied at different percentages.. A is true size, and B is enlarged. The tiny rectangle at the bottom of the enlargement is still so small, it is not legible. I got out a magnifying glass to the original. It reads:
Moved to behind 39

Date, Oct. 1920, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes--pilgrim unidentified. Typed & sent by the Spiritual House of LA
Subject: Questions & Answers re: the Fast
Moved to behind 49

# 123 A, B, C & D are listed separately

No date given, 1p.
>>> Prayer signed Abdul Bahá Abbas
Subject: to enlighten & shield from the violators and the evil suggestions of the waverers.
Moved to behind 52

No date given, 1p.
>>> Prayer signed Abdul Bahá Abbas
Quote: "Send thou to us the Messenger of Providence and Angel of Guidance"

No date given, from Diary of Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet/ Prayer for "an American Believer"
Quote: "Whosoever stations himself in front of this Divine Light, his face will become illumined with Manifest Glory"
See 110 part #1. Maybe different translation of same prayer?

Date, Sept. 1913, Ranleh, 1p.
Found in SOW: vol. IV, #16, p. 273
>>> Tablet
Comments: Ruth Moffet quotes this Tablet in "New Keys to Revelations". She suggests that "the earth rolling on its axis" is a world-wide calamity like a pole shift or some such disaster, rather than, as it appears to me, to mean, that "a few days will pass".
Subject: War & next world, eternity
Quotes: "earth will roll on its axis" "Happy is the pure soul who does not attach himself to the transient conditions and comforts, but rather seeks to attach himself to the purity, nobility & splendor of the world which endures."
Moved to behind 168

124. A - G
No date given, trans. by A. E. Kahn, 7 pp.
Comments: this name is probably a typo. Trans. is likely to have been A. K. Kahn
>>> Tablet signed Abdul-Bahá-Abbas.
Bible Subject: prophecies concerning "The Great Message"
Subject: An instruction from the Master concerning the station & function & distinction of the Manifestation.
Quote: "Were We to manifest ourselves more than that which we have manifested, dogs & deniers would surround Us."

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet
Subject: exhortation for teaching

No date or trans. given., 1p.
>>> Letter from believer with quotes from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, no sources given.
Signature: "Ella C. Quant"
Subject: Funds for the Mashrak-el-Azkar & encouragement to give.
Moved to behind 78

Date trans., Dec. 11, 1913, by Valiolah Khan Varga in Teheran, 1p.
>>> Tablet Of Bahá'u'lláh
Subject: Establishes 'Abdu'l-Bahá as center of the Covenant
Pod: 377

+ I made an electronic version.
Date trans., Jun. 9, 1903, by Mirza Fareed Ameen, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Corinne True
Comments: I believe this letter forecasts that she will (is) a Hand of the Cause. That the day when "the maid-servants . . .will rejoice", I think, is a reference to when the all-female executive body comes into being - when "the Sun of Truth will shine. . .in that country" -I think is a reference to when the US becomes a Bahá'í state. (Reward for those who are firm)
Subject: Prophecy re: Mrs. True, women & Bahá'í state.

Date, Jul. 1912, at 309 W. 78th St. NYC, NY. 1p.
>>> Pilgrims note, signed and approved by 'Abdu'l-Bahá to Goodall Cooper & Wise.
Subjects: He denies saying NY will sink to the bottom of the ocean. About the Center of the Covenant. Warns: to not accept statements saying they come from 'Abdu'l-Bahá if He has not written & signed it.
Comment: Statements similar to some found in 52.
See: 98, 189, 266, 310, 416, 442, 443, 459, 461
See, also: 7-page pilgrim notes of Wise, 1912 file
Pod: 172 same notes, same typing, clearer to read. 351 is a longer version-6 pages.

Date, Oct. 18, 1904, Acca, 1p.
>>> Pilgrims note, an extract of a letter from Anna Watson
Subject: About a dream 'Abdu'l-Bahá had re: current (1904) American Bahá'ís not being united

Dates; Aug. 12, 1914, Apr. 2, 1910, undated & SOW, 1p.
>>> Extracts (4): Titled "Extracts from the Words of Abdul Bahá on Violation"
> # 1: Extract of a Tablet to Mr. Wilhelm, 8/12/12
> # 2: Extract of a Tablet to Alma Knobloch
> # 3: Quote from a Tablet: This excerpt found in SOW: vol. 4, p. 174.
> # 4: Tablet: This excerpt found in SOW: vol. 4, p. 174.
Subject: Covenant Breakers--Violation (For more on subject see: SOW: vol. 4, p. 174)
Moved to behind 52

132. A - B
Date, evening, Oct. 31, 1912, at Plaza Hotel, Chicago, 2 pp.
Interpreting Ameen U. Fareed, stenographically taken by Gertrude Buikema
>>> A Talk, to Mary Lesch, Mrs. Lanyon, Mrs. Slater, G. Buikema
Found in PUP p. 381, different Words in PUP.
Subject: Violation & Covenant Breakers
>>> Plus extra stuff NOT Found in PUP
Description: 3 Q & A--(132-B) on same subject
one question, for example: As to how one would know a Nakazeen (Covenant Breaker) He replied, "Would you know a donkey if you saw one?"
Same as 308
Moved to behind 52

133. A - B
Date, Nov. 28, 1909, parlor adjoining Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 2 pp.
>>> A Lesson (part of) given by Albert Windust
Bible Subject: Creation, Adam, the Word made flesh, 5 days of creation
See 139-B & C shows these same stages
Comments: A good lesson. Albert has tamed some of the allusions of the Bible regarding progressive revelation and the maturing of man.

Date, Apr. 1909, translated in Akka, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note (or could be Tablet?) to I. D. Brittingham
Bible Subject: Ten plagues of Egypt

135. A - M (There is no page "K")
No date, 12 pp.
>>> Pilgrims note, pilgrim not identified.
Bible Subjects; This is a verse by verse explanation of the Book of John Ch. VIII.
And also re: the temptation of Christ (135 M)
Subject: Also, personal stories about the holy Family. (135 I - J)

+ I made an electronic version
136. A - C
Date, "translated in Akka, received Apr. 1909", 3 pp.
>>> Pilgrims note (or could be Tablet?) to I. D. Brittingham
Bible Subject: Explanation of Revelations, Ch. XVI, verse by verse.

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet---an extract---receiver of Tablet unidentified.
Quote: "Is it just that we should sit silent and sorrowful and become speechless? No, by God! This is not attitude of gratitude, but the essence of unfairness and negligence!"
See 69

138. A - E
No date given, 5 pp.
>>> Pilgrims note--maybe--source unidentified
Bible subject: Lesson on Adam & Eve.

139. A - C
No date or trans. given, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet to a Paris believer
Bible subject: Progressive Revelation
Subject: Next world, progress of man after death depends on the generosity of God.
See 133--same stages

140. A - C
No date or trans. given, 3 pp.
>>> Pilgrims note (?), titled "Book of Enoch"
Bible subjects, A - C: Book of Enoch, Seven heavens, Messenger, "seventy thousand veils he wore to hide the brightness"
>>> Extract from Bahá'u'lláh, unidentified (140-C)
Quote from Bahá'u'lláh -C, "Thou hast been associate with Me and hast seen the Sun of the Heavens of My Wisdom and the surges of the Sea of My Utterances when we were behind seventy thousand barriers of light. Verily, thy Lord is the faithful, the perfect!"
Pod: 141, 163, 447, 62, 158, 165

Date, from A. Sohrab's Diary, Oct. 4, 1913, 1p.
>>> Tablet from Bahá'u'lláh, unidentified
First line: "In the Name of the Wise, the Might! This is the day in which the Throne is amongst the tribes (of Israel); is calling for the inhabitants of the earth and is summoning to the glorification and sanctification of the Almighty"
See: 140
Bible subject: The Lamb. The city hath no need of the sun; no light of the moon to shine in it.

No date or trans. given, (circa, 1900), 1p.
>>> Pilgrims note (or Tablet?) "Instructions given by Abdul Bahá to Mrs. Thornburg Cropper"
Found in my 1900 pn file, identifies these notes as "about 1900" and taken in Akka.
Subjects; Christian Science is mentioned.
Prophecy: Restated--When technology reaches the east, the Faith will spread quickly.

Date revealed, Oct. 24, 1903, trans., Dec. 26, 1903, by Fareed Ameen, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. I. D. Brittingham
Bible subjects: Meaning of "the beginning of Creation" & second birth, born again;
Sex (male & female) has only to do with the material world, nothing to do with the spirit; next world.
Same as 286 --DO NOT READ THIS COPY --read 286, it's a lot clearer.
Moved to behind 286

144. A - B
No date or trans. given, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet
Bible subjects: On misunderstanding of Prophecy. Metaphor on why Christians' understanding of things is not correct.
Quote: "Whatever thou hast. . .heard was fancy. . .was tradition, not vision for it was but an explanation concerning the raising of the Sun and the explanation was during the night."
Pod: 451

145. A - B
Date trans., Jul. 3, 1906, by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani in Wash. D. C., 2 pp.
>>> Tablet
Subject: Prophecy, when the Faith reaches a certain stage it will spread very quickly and even to the "insects below the earth." (those without sight)

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note or Tablet ? attributed as "Words of Abdul Bahá"
Subject: How to recognize a Great Master. 9 conditions.
Pod: 327--the same document, same typing

147. A - F
Date, Friday evening, Feb. 14, 1913, 15 Rue de Greuze, Paris, 6 pp.
>>> A Talk--this Talk appears Not to be in ADP.
Bible subject: Prophecy, how to calculate when to have expected the Bab & about the 4 proofs of a Manifestation. Page 4 mentions "Surat Ulkyl" was printed in India 22 years ago and is about the prophecy of Bahá'u'lláh.

+ Electronic copy can be found at:
148. A - B
2 pp.
>>> Pilgrim notes (2)
> Pilgrim notes of Ann Boylan, date, Jun. 7, 1912
Subject: PN are about men and woman embracing.
Same as 431, same pn of Ann Boylan, different typing
> Pilgrim notes of Harriet M.Wise on Psychic Forces, Jun. 9 to 21, 1912
Subject: warns Miss Buckton not to tamper with psychic forces.
Same as 351-B(3) & 356 as Wise's note re: Miss Buckton

Date, Sept. 1905, 1p.
>>> Letter, an excerpt, written by Mirza Assad Ullah
>>> Tablet to Mirza Assad Ullah & Khanum Zeah from 'Abdu'l-Bahá is in the letter
Subject: Marriage
Pod: 217

Date trans., Aug. 1, 1907, by M. Ahmed Esphahani, Wash. D. C., 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Rosa V. Winterburn
Subject: Marriage between a believer and a non-believer is permitted, but the believer must not rest until the second believes.

No date, 1p.
>>> Compilation from Tablets & Talks
Subject: Explanation of the Greatest Name
See 152 & 14

152. A - B
Date, 1903, 2 pp.
>>> Compiled by I. B. Brittingham in 1903
Subject: Explanation of the Greatest Name, Ring stone symbol, Allah o Abha, etc.
Bible subjects: Rev. and the New Jerusalem.
Pod: 152, 296, 14, same documents/different typing, 296 same typing as 14. 296 best to read.

153. A - C
Date trans., Oct. 1914, at the home of Bahá'u'lláh, Acca Syria, by M. A. Sohrab, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet to an undisclosed person in London, England
Subject: Prophecy--'Abdu'l-Bahá quotes Bahá'u'lláh "the Balkans will become a volcano."
Same as 213, same Tablet/different translation, 153 is difficult to read, read 213 instead
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Oct. 17, 1906, by M. A. Eshpahani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to a believer in America
Subject: La Hague Congress will not be the Cause of Universal Peace. Cause of war
Quote: "The Congress of the La Hague is as follows; The wine sellers call a meeting so that they may discuss the evils of wine and remove from the world the drinking of wine yet their own vocation is wine selling."

155. A - E
Date, Oct. 20, 1912, at Lankershim Hotel, LA, 5 pp.
>>> A Talk -- NOT IN PUP
Subject: About the LA believers. Mentions Thornton Chase & His visit to that site.
Moved to behind 89

>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh to the "Rulers of America" from the Akdas.
Subject: He tells them to crush the great oppressors.
Moved to behind 161

157. (a lost page--italicized-print--this is 1st page)
Date, May 1, 1912, between 7 & 8 in the morning, Plaza Hotel, 1p.
>>> A Talk to 13 "delegates from California"
Subject: Contains historical information, Race is discussed
Moved to behind 89

Date trans., Aug. 16, 1910, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. & Mrs. William H. Replogle, a photographer
Quote: "May the surface of your heart reflect the picture of the Supreme Concourse."
Moved to behind 141

>>> A poem by Henry Van Dyke
Moved to behind 489

>>> A story--The legend of Camel-Back Mountain, by Annie Fellows Johnston
Moved to behind 489

161. A - B
2 pp.
>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh to the Czar or Russia,
Found in Proclamation of Bahá'u'lláh, p 27-30, a different translation.

162. Lost page, (this is page 3, the final page, typed on legal sized paper)
>>> Pilgrim note--maybe--as this is a lost page it is impossible to determine it's source.
Title: "The Pope and the station of Peter"
Comments: this does read like a pilgrim note, example: "Let me now compare the words of Christ to the lives of the Popes."
Bible subject: Peter, Christ & the Pope
Moved to behind 135

163. A - B Lost pages, (these are numbered 2 & 3)
Date, trans., Mar. 8, 1903, Washington D. C. by A. K. Khan, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet
Bible subjects: Three days before Christ's believers became firm, & resurrection of the body of Christ
Subject: As to the light thou witnessed; it is a Heavenly not earthly light.
Moved to behind 141

164. Lost page
Date trans. (gleaned from 309-B), Oct. 27, 1903, by A. K. Khan, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, to an American believer
Exhortation: "You should adhere to that what hath issued from My Pen."
Subject: About love & unity
Quote: "When love is obtained, the mystery of Truth will become manifest."
Same as 309 same document, but is longer. 309 has a 2nd page
Same as 199 also without the 2nd page
See 98--content very similar
Moved to behind 56

>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh, excerpt of the Igan
Subject: About the power contained in the sand wherein the blood of the martyr Hosein was sprinkled. Miracle? Miraculous healing
Moved to behind 141

Date, 1909, 1p.
>>> Not sure what this is--[signed--initials maybe are E. C. G. (Getsinger)-maybe not]
Subject: Mashrak el Azkar
Moved to behind 78

167. A - F
6 pp.
>>> Bahá'u'lláh Tablet to the Pope.
Excerpts of this Tablet are found in "Proclamation of Bahá'u'lláh" pages 83-86, whereas this document, although a different translation, appears to be the entire Text.

168. A - F
6 pp.
>>> Bahá'u'lláh Tablet to Queen Victoria.
Excerpts of this Tablet are found in "Proclamation of Bahá'u'lláh", p. 31, whereas this document, although a different translation, appears to be the complete Tablet.
See 190, 311
Pod: these are of WWI, or war information, historical; 21, 22, 123-D, 153, 202, 213, 203, 214, 215, 220, 221, 222, 229, 230, 231, 232, 244, 243, 252, 262, 263, 312, 446, 500-B, an extra, see below.

+ I made an electronic copy.
Extra: 1924 re: 1918
>>> Pilgrim Note of Madame Kuli Khan
Subject: This is a second hand account reported by Madame Kuli Khan as told to her by Shoghi Effendi re: 'Abdu'l-Bahá praying in the Shrines near the end of WWI using the prayer Ya Allah el Mustaghas
See 47

169. A - J (some lost pages here, but the complete thing is in my 1900 file of pn)
Date, Nov. 21, 1900, through, Dec. 2nd, 10 pp.
>>> Pilgrim Notes of Miss Alma Albertson of Chicago-other pilgrims were there.
Published as: "Table Talks with Abdul Bahá Abbas Regarding Re-incarnation Mystery
of Self-sacrifice and other subjects" Found in my 1900 file. (Rabb B-6)
Comments: Neither 169, nor "Table Talks", identify this pilgrim as AA,
however, in a file at the US Nat'l Archives, (Rabb B-6), a retyping of this publication
identifies them as the pilgrim notes of AA. 169 is the pn part of "Table Talks"
& not the Tablet. 272 is the Tablet & not the pn.
Bible subjects: Bible explanations
Subject: on page marked 11 (#H) He talks of earth changes which erase memory of all past incidents.
He quotes the Bab, "Before the appearance of the 1st Adam an hundred thousand Adams appeared upon the earth, but in these days the people only know the Adam which came 5000 years ago."

No date given, trans. by Dr. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. C. Cline. This name may be accurate, but it was handwritten in later.
Subject: He confirms that a vision she had was true. & says "My Soul was with Mrs. Nash."
See 171
Moved to behind 33

171. Maybe a lost page--this is marked with a (-3-)[but this Tablet is complete]
No date given, trans. by Mirza Ameen Ullah, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Ella T. Nash
Subject: He says He addresses those who address Him "in spirit or vision"
See 170
Moved to behind 33

See 351--longer version, 1p.
Moved to behind 129, same document/same typing

Moved to in front of 58, this is a duplicate of 130, 1p.

174. A - B
Date trans., Jan. 1, 1907, by Esphahani, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to New York
Subject: 'Abdu'l-Bahá denies that He is a Manifestation of God, that He is not the return of Christ & who He is. He is "Servant"
Quote: "Abdul Bahá is the Ensign of the Most Great Peace"
Moved to behind 56

Date trans., Aug. 6, 1914, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Haifa Syria, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract (see 461 for Tablet), to Joseph Hannen, Washington D. C.
Subject: Opposition, Covenant Breakers, Violators
Prophecy: "Letters will come in the future from people of doubt return them with concise, full & sweeping answers that we are firm in the covenant."
Same as 461, 461 shows the complete Tablet
Moved to behind 52

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet to "Oh Thou who art attracted to God, may God uphold thee." (signed E E)
Subject: Redeeming thy self and healing of disease by laying on of hands, station
Quote: ". . .he who is filled with the Love of Bahá [so that nothing will be left of thee] and forgets all things, the Holy Spirit will be heard from his lips and the Spirit of Life will fill his heart, the Lights of the Sign will shine forth from his face, the words will issue from his mouth in strands of pearls, and all sickness and disease will be healed by the laying on of the hands."
Same as 182, different typing

Date trans., Jul. 30, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an excerpt, to Martha Root, Cambridge Springs, PA
Found in SOW: vol. X, #12, p. 234
Subject: the book of the Covenant by Bahá'u'lláh, his last Tablet.
Moved to behind 52

As told in, Jan. 1913, then retold in a letter, Feb. 26, 1917, 1p.
>>> An account from Jenabi Hassan Abeeb, a Hand of the Cause to Amatola 'Alla (Dr. Moody) then retold to Elizabeth Stewart and retold by her in a letter to I. D. Brittingham
Subject: About the martyr of Kurrat'lAyn (Tahirih).
Moved to behind 39

Date trans., Aug. 21, 1919, by Eshte Al Kalantar, Paris, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Mrs. Standard "To the beloved of God and the Maid-servants of the Merciful"
Subject: Work is worship, "that a farmer who engages in tilling & cutting his farm with utmost humility and supplication. . .that laborer. . .is as engaged in prayer."
Same as Tablet 242, different typing--& is a clearer copy.

Date of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's time, Acca, the Pope had just died, 3 pp.
>>> Pilgrims notes, the writer of the pn is not identified, but the notes say, "Madame J asked". (This maybe a clue to what group of pilgrims this may be from.)
Comments: one pope died in 1903 & another in 1914
Questions: 1. Re: the spiritual condition of the recently departed Pope.
2. 180-C, Can our friends see us from the spiritual World?
3. 180-C, Re: Reincarnation: When one leaves here will he ever return? "No, When a bird leaves a cage it does not wish to return."
Moved to behind 43.

Date., Oct. 19-24, 1900, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Miss Barney. (She later became Mrs. Dreyfus)
Subject: Christ, Bible
Quotes: "Open your souls that the divine Light may shine"
Story about Christ: "During a terrible storm Christ wondered on the mountain seeking shelter; a den of wild beasts is all He found, and that was the beloved Son of God."

Moved to behind 176--different typing, same Tablet, 1p.

Moved to behind 2--different typing, same Tablet, 1p.

See 19. Same Tablet/different, but almost identical, typing, 1p.

185. A - D
Date trans., Sept. 24, 1924, by Foad Ashraf, Tihran, Feb. 1908, 4 pp.
>>> Tablet "revealed for a Christian" given by Dr. Moody to Beatrice Irwin.
359 dates this as "to a lady who visited Acre in Feb. 1908."
Tablet called "The Seven Candles of Unity"
Found in WOB, p. 38, 9, but this is a different translation.
Comments: The 5th candle in this translation is "The Oneness of Nativity". I find that word-choice helpful in understanding the Tablet.
See more on "nativity" 86 (a), 117
Same as Seven Candles of Unity, different translations 359, 407
Pod: 209 (similar topic)

Date trans., "about 1902", by Ameen Ullah, 1p.
>>> Tablet to "O thou venerable questioner!"
Subject: Comparing the Kingdom of God and Dominion, He says the Bab, before & after His coming here, was in the Divine World, corporeal world
Moved to behind 43

187. A - B
No date or trans. given, 2 pp.
>>> Compilation "from Talks by Abdul Bahá" (maybe from pilgrim notes)
Titled "The Exaltation of the Poor"
Subject: Says Christ's statement that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven is His exaltation of the poor. (Bible subject)
See 83

188. A - B
Date trans., Mar. 27, 1900, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to (or perhaps only the typist) D. W. G.
Opening line: "In truth thou hast been thrown amidst dire ordeals. . ."
Subject: He tells why tests & difficulties are good for us. Wisdom of Tribulations.
Bible subject: He talks about Job
Moved to behind 48

No date, but quotes from WOB, 1p.
>>> Compilation compiled by Doris Goodrick, titled "The Pure Word" Sources given.
Subject: Bahá'ís must base their words on Text and not on opinion or pilgrim notes.
See: 98, 129, 266, 310, 416, 442, 443, 459, 461
Moved to behind 52

Date trans., Jan. 30, 1917, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, a famous poetess.
Opening line: "O thou eloquent and fluent poetess"
Clarified Words:
There is a hand drawn asterisk in the right hand margin.
This asterisk does not appear on the photocopies. It was inadvertently cut off.
This is an important piece of information. Find your copy and draw this asterisk in the margin just to the right of the hand drawn line in paragraph 3 that leads out to the right-hand margin.
Shown at the bottom of this document, the typist discovered that 6 words had been dropped between the words "become" and "intoxicated". The asterisk "or star" tells you where to insert them. The 6 words are:
". . .fresh and blooming. Shouldst thou become. . ."
Comments: The original of this was lost in the mail during WWI, but a copy was buried in the ground at Haifa and was unearthed later. (1920) See note at bottom of the page.
Subject: It is regarding the death of her husband. He gives an analogy of an owl den and a sweet singing nightingale & says the blessed souls do not wish to be established in this wilderness of a world. That their separation is temporary, but that in reality, the husband is not lost or absent. That she should seek to attain the station where absence & presence become identical. Historical, WWI
Moved to behind 33.

>>> Prayers (two)
> 1st Prayer: No date given, trans. by Ahmad Sohrab, Washington D. C.,
Subject: It is known as the Spiritual Assembly prayer & found in Am. P. B.
> 2nd Prayer "from page 74, Old Hidden Words"
Titled, (the 2nd one): "Prayer for Illumination"
Quote: "I ask Thee. . .to point out to Thy servants Thy straight pathway"

>>> Compilation of excerpts of 4 Tablets
> Tablet 1: No date, "From a Tablet to the Jews"
Prophecy: Of the Jews returning to Israel.
> Tablet 2: Sept. 30, 1913, "To a Chicago lady"
Prophecy: "In the next Century there will not remain one Nakazeen."
> Tablet 3: 1913, "to an American believer"
Subject: He advises against Bahá'ís taking other Bahá'ís to court.
> Tablet 4: Tablet to H. C. W.
Excerpt of a Tablet on marriage & divorce
Moved to behind 83

>>> Compilation, 2 parts
Bible subject: Bible references to "the (Bahá'í) Temple"
Subject: Mashrak-el-Askar
Moved to behind 78

194. Either cut off at bottom or a lost page--maybe both
No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Compilation, 5 parts
> 1st Tablet, to Ali Kuli Khan & to Mirza Abul Fazl,
> 2nd "From early notes taken in Acca"
> 3rd 2 extracts from Aqdas
> 4th Quote from 'Abdu'l-Bahá
> 5th "The Beyond" a poem--the bottom cut off.
Subject: Prayer & fasting, Mashrak-el-Askar & more
See 49
Moved to behind 78

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, to a Paris believer
Subject: on Happiness or the Honorable station
Moved to behind 48

+ Electronic copy can be found at the URL
Date trans., Jul. 1909, by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, 1p.
Found at:
>>> Tablet to Mrs. True
Subject: Men & women being equal in all things save as members of the Universal House of Justice, Concerning the building of the Mashrak-el-Askar
Moved to behind 78

>>> Tablets (2),
> 1st Tablet: "his honor Dr. E. C. Getsinger", trans. Mirza Ahmad Esphahani, no date
Comments: 260, of which I've made an electronic copy, & 197 go together.
260 mentions a missing Tablet. 197 appears to be it.
Subject: Teaching & money, that one does not need to be rich to teach, teaching requires the confirmation of the Holy Spirit & not the means of substance.
See: 260, 303, 479-B
> 2nd Tablet to "members of the LSA, Santa Paula, date, Nov. 12, 1919, Haifa
Subject: prayer at dawn--See 67-B
Quote: "that each one of ye may at dawn turn unto the Holy Land & may experience spiritual emotions with all their intensity."
Moved to behind 39

Date trans., Jun. 2, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, Haifa, 1p.
>>> Tablet & 2 Prayers.
> Tablet issued after the death of Mrs. Hearst for her everlasting honor.
> 2 Prayers from "old Hidden Words p. 82"
241 is the same Tablet/different typing, minus the two prayers from Old Hidden Words.
Moved to behind 39

199. Lost page (found in 309), 1p.
Same as 164, different typing & 448 also missing 2nd page
309 has the second page.
See 98, similar content
See 164 for notes
Moved to behind 56

>>> Tablet (2)
> 1st Tablet: Victoria Bedikian, Montclair, NJ, trans., Jul. 23, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani
Subject: helping poor & orphans. Says helping the poor of Syria even more acceptable.
> 2nd Tablet: received in NY, Apr. 27, 1904.
Subject: Unity among the Friends & Health, says listen to the Physician
Comments: Is He discussing doctors about health, or about, healing disunity through Divine Words?
Pod: 455, 456
Also see 39 & 222

Date, 1900
>>> Pilgrim notes to "some American pilgrims" (typist D. W. G.), 1p.
Subject: children, man & gardens all require cultivation; for garden--gardeners; for children--teachers & for Mankind--Manifestations.

Date, End of WWI, from a letter to Tudor Pole, it was sent to Mrs. Claudia Coles, Dec. 1918 & received in Washington D. C., Jan. 18, 1919, 1p.
>>> Prayer revealed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, it was sent to Tudor Pole in a letter written by S. Rabbani.
Subject: Prayer was to celebrate the end of the WWI!
Moved to behind 168

Date, Jun. 20, 1920, this is a response to a letter written 6/20/20, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an excerpt, to Ahmad Khan Yazdani, the Hague
Comments: This appears to be a quoting of an excerpt of a Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
This quoting of the Tablet is in a letter from Albert R. Veil to Louis Gregory.
Subject: Prophecy by 'Abdu'l-Bahá (WWII): that "a more terrible war will assuredly take place"
Moved to behind 168.

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, to Mrs. Dealy
Subject: an individual's trials & tribulations--should feel honored.
Moved to behind 48

No date given, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Mary Lesch, recorded by C.M.B.
Subject: Prayer & Fasting, capitol punishment & true penitence
Moved to behind 49

Date, Nov. 23, 1919, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Mr. Vail (typist D. W. G.)
Subject: Teaching, 'Abdu'l-Bahá suggests to pick out sincere souls to teach the Faith & invite them to your home for dinner.

207. A - C
No date given, 3 pp.
>>> Tablets, extracts, "for American Believers" (Copied from an old compilation--D.W.G.)
Bible subjects: about Christ, His Station, coming, etc.
Moved to behind 110

Moved to behind 624-the Shoghi Effendi era letters.

209. A - C
Date, Apr. 16, 1912, 3 pp.
>>> A Talk
Found in PUP, p 18-20
Subject: Prophecy that the world will become one nation! & the Most Great Peace will come.
Moved to behind 185

Date trans., Dec. 1(or 11?), 1906 & Dec. 14, 1906, both by M. A. Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Tablets (2)
> 1st Tablet:
Subject: is an explanation of "He is God" that is always written above the Tablets
> 2nd Tablet:
Subject: Cause of God is one Cause--Bahá'u'lláh & Christ; one Cause, one spring.
Moved to behind 110

+ I made an electronic copy of this
211. A - B [omit page C]
Date, Apr. 15, 1907, handwritten, 2 pp.
Comments: When I made the electronic copy, I had the date as 1917. That is incorrect. I sent this copy to friends world-wide with wrong date, then later sent a correction--TL
>>> Pilgrim notes from an unidentified pilgrim
Subject: Questions concerning; communicating with others who are evil who have passed away; communicating with those who have passed away; & Hell: an explanation of a verse in the Koran about Hell
Moved to behind 43

No date given, 1p.
>>> A paper by I. D. Brittingham
Comments: this seems to elevate 'Abdu'l-Bahá to the station of prophethood.
Bible subjects: Quotes many passages of the Bible that are suppose to point to the Most Great Peace.
Moved to behind 56

213. A - B
2 pp.
>>> Tablets (2) Published on both sides & folded in half making a 4-page tract
> 1st Tablet: see notes for 153--as this is the same Tablet/different typing
Same as 153, see notes for 153. 213 is easier to read.
> 2nd Tablet: date trans., Nov. 25, 1914, by Loftullah S. Hakim, in London
Subject: 'Abdu'l-Bahá had sent a Tablet widely circulated to Bahá'ís in Persia that because of His trip west did not bring about large-scale acceptance of Bahá'u'lláh that the Great War (WWI) was inevitable.
Moved to behind 168

Date, circa 1918-right after WWI, 1p.
>>> Tablet "To the Friends of God & the maid-servants of the Merciful. British Isles."
Clarified Words: The last four lines on page 215-A are as follows:
"we have been occupied with ourselves. The intoxication of
passion seized us; we have taken the road of heedlessness and blindness; have abandoned the path of guidance and have chosen the path of obstinacy and forgotten the commandments of the"
Subject: Praises them for their steadfastness. Uses the "salt of the earth" quote. Bible
Moved to behind 168

215. A - D
Date revealed sometime during WWI, 1914-1918, 4 pp.
>>> Prayer--a long one-- Revealed to the Persian Believers to pray for an end to WWI
Move to behind 168

216. [omit] was an outside cover of a folder

Date trans., May 7, 1920, NYC, 1p.
>>> Tablet & Prayer to/for Mirza Ahmad Sohrab & his wife.
Subject: marriage between east & west & a marriage prayer to be recited together
Move to behind 149

218. [omit] --inside title page

219. [omit] --inside title page

Date, Oct. 4, 1918, [WWI officially ended, Nov. 11, 1918], 1p.
>>> Letter written on SOW letterhead.
Subject: Announcing that the Master is well.
Moved to behind 168

Date, Oct. 10, 1918 (1919?), 1p.
>>> Letter written by Dr. Bagdadi
Subject: that during the war Mohammad Ali caused trouble for 'Abdu'l-Bahá & caused Jawad Pasha, a Turkish general to proclaim that after he took Egypt he would crucify 'Abdu'l-Bahá as they had done to Jesus. Historical, WWI
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Dec. 30, 1918, by Shogi Rabbani, rec'd in London 2/17/19, 1p.
>>> Tablet to the Maidservant of God, "Roseh", London
Subject: mentions His danger during the war & Mirza Lotullah's services during the war caring for the injured solders. Historical, WWI
See 39 & 200
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Jan. 28, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Grace Holly-Visalia, Calif.
Bible subject: born again "the one who is born of the flesh is flesh & the one born of the sprit is spirit, ye must be born again."
Moved to behind 286

Date, Ridvan, 1919, 1p.
>>> Letter from LA Bahá'í community to 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Subject: they pledged their support of/to Him.

Date trans., Jan. 10, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Geraldine Luxmore, Akron, Ohio
Subject: [the dream letter]--says He travels to America in sprit & in soul.
Moved to behind 33

Date trans., Aug. 31, 1921, by Rouhi Afnan, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Jessie Revell
Subject: gives her permission to come on pilgrimage "in the winter" [He of course died in Nov.--wonder if she made it?]

>>> Tablets (2?)
> A message to California, 1912.
Subject: Prophecy, California will suffer much
Quote: "To them much has been given; from them much will be expected."
> Tablet, an excerpt, to Mrs. Goodall & Mrs. Cooper, date trans., Jan. 3, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani
Subject: Prophecy says California shall be steadfast

Date given as published in SOW is wrong, 1p.
>>> Tablet
Comment: This document says this Tablet, or excerpt of a Tablet, is found in SOW: Sept. 1913, issue. That would be SOW: vol. IV, #10, however these words are not to be found in that issue, neither in the English, nor the Persian.
Subject: re: Assemblies

Date trans., Feb. 1919, Persia, by Dr. S. I. Moody & Mirza Farajollah Khan, 1p.
>>> Letter dated, Sept. 25, 1918, from Mirza Azizollah Shirazi to Mirza M'hm'd
Subject: Historical account to the end of the WWI in Haifa.
Moved to behind 168

230. A - B, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet & a newspaper clipping attached
> Tablet 230-B "To the Believers of Egypt" 1st tablet to reach Egypt after WWI.
Date trans., Feb. 1919, by Dr. S. I. Moody & Mirza Fafajollah Khan
Subject: Telling the Friends in Egypt that He was OK & also giving some historical accounts of the end of the War.
> Newspaper clipping LA Times 7/6/1919--glued to 230-B
Subject: It gives historical information to the end of the war.
Both moved to behind 168

Date trans., Jan. 30, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Roy Herrick, France
Subject: explains that the prophecy that World Peace will come after WWI, means "eventually". He tells them not to come on pilgrimage because He's awaiting Americans to come who can go to Persia.
See 252 & See Fugita's pilgrim notes in the 1919 file.
Moved to behind 168

232. A - B
Date, Apr. 9, 1919, 2 pp.
>>> Letter from Convention & Congress Committee to the Friends of US & Canada
Subject: gives historical Accounts of WWI
Quote: "Mirza Ahmad has brought the story of the terrible suffering of the people in Syria during the war. He tells us that during the days & the middle of the nights one could hear the cries of the starving crying hungry, hungry, hungry."

Date trans., Jun. 3, 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Mary Rabb---[Another Tablet to Rabb 298]
Quote: "The teacher is like unto a Farmer who sows a seed."
Bible subject: Born again
Moved to behind 286

Date trans., Jun. 2, 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA Spiritual Assembly
Subject: Shun every from of dispute, opposition, violators, covenant breakers.
Moved to behind 52

Date trans., Apr. 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Sophia Engelhorn
Subject: A letter of encouragement

Date, Aug. 19, 1919, 1p.
>>> Letter from the Portland Assembly to "Bahá'í Friends"
Subject: concerning Mashrak el Adkar
Moved to behind 78

Date, Jun. 8, 1919, 1p.
>>> Shogi Rabbani Diary notes, Re: Mashrak-el-Azkar
Moved to behind 620
See 620 for more diary notes

Date trans., Mar. 31, 1919, by Shogi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Frankland, Berkly, Calif.
Subject: letter of encouragement, mentions "unseen confirmations"

Date, winter of 1919, or 1920, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Maryan Stannard--a letter to "Dear Friend & Sister"
Comment: These very insightful remarks seem to come from one more than a pilgrim as if she were living and working there. But perhaps not.
Subject: Maryan mentions how unusual & hard working Shoghie Effendi is. Some insight to the early Shoghi Effendi. She also mentions 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
See 262

Date trans., Jun. 2, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, to Mrs. Cooper
Subject: Opposition, Violation
Bible subject: mentions events during the time of Christ
Moved to behind 52

Same as 198, 1p.
Moved to behind 39

242. Same as 179, see notes for 179, 1p.
See 262
Moved to behind 179

Date, Jun. 18, 1919, 1p.
>>> Tablet to the Honorable William Sulzer ex-governor, NY,
copied from "The World"
Subject: Prophecy
Quote; "This Great Tribunal must be the guarantor of universal peace." "The members of which shall be composed of the best men & women."
See Fugita's pilgrim notes 1919 file mentions this letter
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Jul. 16, 1920, by Shogie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Roberta Balfour, Thudichum, Calif.
Subject: Re: WWI, historical, health, He talks about diseases that originate because of warfare, about His lost hope, that mankind will not awaken because of these horrible incidents. He sees, now, that mankind will not be awakened due to such calamities.
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Jul. 16, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Anna Roberta, Thudichum, Calif.
Subject: He talks about "bounties" & says they are conditioned upon firmness & steadfastness.

Date trans., Jul. 16, 1919, by Shogie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Arbella Balfour, Thudichum, Calif.
Quote: "When thou attainist to this lofty station, thou shalt soar on the wings of joy."

Date trans., Mar. 28, 1920, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Roberta Balfour, Carmel, Calif. (same name as in 244)
Subject: Mr. Hannen passed from this world to the next world. He makes comparisons of the two worlds (or conditions).
Moved to behind 39

248. A - B [omit] Moved this to LA file
Date, Mar. 21, 1920, 2 pp.
>>> Letter to the LA Area Bahá'ís, letter is not signed--maybe from the Assembly.
Subject: It is an announcement & description of the first Spiritual Assembly of LA
The name of all nine members is stated.

Date, Dec. 27, 1916, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Roy C. Wilhelm
Subject: Quotes Koran "The believing souls who are in the utmost sincerity & steadfstness will undoubtedly become confirmed & assisted."
Quote: "the foundation of the Mashrak el Askar will be laid next year"
Moved to behind 78

250. [omit] it's the same as 25 & 502.

Date trans., Dec. 6, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. E. R. Mathews
Comment:: It seems Lewlie Mathews, the author of "Not Every Sea Hath Pearls", is the same person.
Subject: He confirms her desire to go to Paris & gives her advice.

Date trans., Dec. 6, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Committee on Teaching
Subject: Asks that some Bahá'ís (American) come to Persia - see 231
See 231, also, behind 168
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Mar. 27, 1920, by Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to LA
Quotes; "The world had through the rotten, out-of-date & blind imitations became like the dark night." "The people had adhered to the shell & neglected the kernel."
Moved to behind 110

Date trans., Jun. 25, 1920, by Azziz'u'llah, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. A. W. Randall
Subject: 1) Mentions Fazel-i-Mazzandarani is a deticated Bahá'í
2) Mentions Mr. Hearst, relative of Mrs. Hearst, "may that name live eternally"
Quote: "The papers of Mr. Hearst are striving for the protection of the rights of the public." See 198, also, behind 39
3) Mentions Mr. Bourgeois & that the model has been accepted & is even acceptable to Mr. Remey. Mashrak el Azkar. See 78 & the pod that follows 78.
Moved to behind 39

Date, Aug. 26, 1920, 1p.
>>> Letter to His Holiness Abdul Bahá Abbas from "thy maidservant"
Subject: Mentions A. W. Randall & Fazel-i-Mazandarani. She asks for intuition that she may understand the Writings with understanding & power.
See also; 254, 257 ---255 goes with 254 & 257
Moved to behind 39

Date trans., Aug. 10, 1920, 1p.
>>> Tablet to (name withheld) signed Abdul Bahá Abbas.
Subject: This letter tells Bahá'ís what to tell the Governments of "these regions"
Comment: These regions seem to be in the Middle East although not stated.

Date trans., Sept. 17, 1920, by Azizullah S Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. Randall
Subject: Ever since Mr. Randall has left the Holy Land, that He has been praying that he may receive Divine Confirmations.
See 254 which is behind 39
Moved to behind 39

Date trans., Sept. 20, 1920, Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet (?) to Roy Wilhelm
Subject: Talks about how much time He spent in NY, Discusses violators of the Covenant in Chicago, Talks about crows and ravens
Quote: "Like unto loathsome worms, they are trying to lodge in the ground"
Moved to behind 52

Date trans,. Nov. 26, 1919, by Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Bishop Brown
Quote: "Praise God. . .that thou hast been made of the Chosen & not the called."
Bible subject

+ I made an electronic copy.
Date trans., Nov. 27, 1919, handwritten, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Edward Getsinger (penned by E. G.)
Subject: Apparently, Edward and Lua had a religious misunderstanding. Now, after her death, it is still a problem for E. G.
>>> Letter to Bert, or coda to the Tablet, (also, penned by E. G.)
Comment: He mentions a Tablet he never got. 260 may be that Tablet.
Subject: Coda to Bert, who had requested a copy of the Tablet, Edward explains what he had written to 'Abdu'l-Bahá that brought back such a response.
See 197 & 303 for more understanding of the situation. Especially see 260
Moved to behind 39

261. A - B
Date trans., Nov. 29, 1917, by Zia Bagdaddi, Chicago, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet & Prayer for teaching
Found (261-B) latter part of the prayer is in the Am. Prayer Book on page 202 & 3

262 & 263. Both are the same Tablet
Date trans., Jan. 30, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p (each-document).
>>> Tablet to Mrs. J. Stannard of London, Eng.
Subject: Historical: Post WWI comments, commends Mrs. Stannard for protecting the Friends. Also said the "safety of the Friends constituted one of the Greatest Gifts"
And that the "Standard of Universal Peace" this is "the Dawn of its Morn".
Moved to behind 168

>>> Tablets (2)
> Tablet to His Honor Zia M. Bagdadi, Chicago, Ill., date, Apr. 25, 1919
Subject: About publishing books about the Cause: must be under the management of the Executive Board. & Do not engage in conversations that are useless.
> Tablet to Someone in Chicago, [maybe also Bagdadi,] date, May 18, 1919
Subject: He says that travel teaching trips to the area outside Chicago, weekly, is OK. He mentions Mrs. Grace Anderson in body of Tablet.

265. Maybe a lost page--this is page one.
No date--(it may have been on 2nd page), 1p.
>>> Tablet to His Honor Zia M. Bagdadi, Chicago, Ill.
Subject: On publishing books (see 264): It is conditioned & depends upon the opinion of the Board. On race: White & Blacks become intimates. Chinese, Japanese & Hindu students may attend Bahá'í meetings. Conditions vary & change so the very latest order should be followed.
The book of Mirza Mahmood Zargani maybe translated & circulated.
Dr. Barton Peeke (made a trip in 1899) is asked to be made firm.
Geo. Lesch has passed & is saying, "I wish my people knew how my Lord has forgiven me & made me the sign of mercy in the World of Light."
Moved to behind 39

Date trans., Jul. 16, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to A. W. Randall, Boston, Mass.
Quotes: "Bahá'í unity is unachievable save through the power of the Covenant."
". . .otherwise the Bahá'í Cause will be utterly undermined, every person will put forward a particular opinion & the Cause will be ruined & exterminated."
See: 98, 129, 189, 310, 416, 442, 443, 461
Moved to behind 52

Date trans., Jul. 18, 1919, by Shoghie Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Sarah Van Winkle, Boston, Mass.
Subject: Violation, He explains the Covenant to her.
Moved to behind 52

268. A - B
Date trans., Jul. 30, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to Martha Root, Cambridge, Mass
Found, excerpted in SOW, which is the same as 117, but this is the entire Tablet.
Subject: Prophecy: The present is the dawn of Universal Peace. On Violation
Same as 117
Moved to behind 52

269. A - B
See notes for 13, 2 pp.
Same as 13 & 269, same typing
Moved to behind 52

270. A - C
Date read, Nov. 26, 1902, in Washington D. C., 3 pp.
>>> A "Paper" written by Mirza Abul Fazl
Subject: This paper extols 'Abdu'l-Bahá & quotes much from the Bible. Calls Him the "Branch" & the "Mystery of God"
Comments: After reading this paper, one can see how the early believers thought of Him as the Return of Christ.
See 212 (a paper by Brittingham) which is behind 56
Moved to behind 56

271. A - D
Date, May 2, 1916, 4 pp.
>>> Convention Report --This paper is very difficult to read--poor ink.
Subject: It's pretty negative about the capacity of American Believers. It quotes 'Abdu'l-Bahá as saying we as yet do not have capacity. Its intention seems to have been to get the Friends to work harder, but it surely sounds negative. A really negative report! (
Some historical stuff too. Includes quotes from 'Abdu'l-Bahá that I've not seen elsewhere. Negative ones.

+ An electronic copy of this Tablet can be found on the internet. Address, below.
Be advised, there are some typos in this internet version.
272. A - D
4 pp.
>>> Tablet given to Lua Getsinger to share with the Friends
Found, as published tract, Published 1958, Teaneck, NJ & 1969 by Curtis Kelsey, AND before that, in "Table Talks with Abdul Bahá Abbas Regarding Re-incarnation, Mystery of self-sacrifice and Other Subjects" by Alma Albertson from a pilgrimage in 1900. (See comments to 169.)
Comments: These 4 pages (the 4th page is the top of 273-A) are a retyping of this document, and are not complete. In addition, the Tablet was always published with a chart that accompanied the Tablet. The chart may have been drawn by Lua Getsinger. The chart as published in "Table Talks" is less detailed than the one later published by Kelsey in 1969.
The 1969, published-by-Kelsey flyer, "Explanation of Spiritual Evolution As Taught from the Bahá'í Teachings", gives the history of this Tablet as having been written by 'Abdu'l-Bahá & given to Lua Getsinger along with a chart. [Shoghi Effendi, however, clarified that the chart was not drawn by the Master.] The published 1969 version is a newer translation of the Tablet than 272 or in the "Table Talks".
The published 1969 version, longer with commentary and history, AND THE CHART(!) can be found at:
Click on See also a letter from the Universal House of Justice discussing this diagram, at the above URL address, for a letter from the Memorandum Dept. giving more details.
Subject: Advancement of man, reincarnation, before life, afterlife
Further comments. I have a copy of a letter written by Lua Getsinger from Haifa, where she anticipates this Tablet, as it had been already promised to her as of the letter, Oct. 1900. She also says she will be returning home next month in Nov. The pilgrim notes published with the Tablet & chart, later attributed to Alma Albertson, are from Dec. 1900, after Lua was to have left Haifa.
See 90 & 365--Same talks as each other, similar theme as 272, 273, 274 Tablet #4, 347
Moved to behind 43 (along with 273 as 272 & 273 are joined together by page 273-A)

I have added the chart, the Memorandum letter, the 1969 publication & the Tablet as found on the internet, address above, to in front of this document.
Behind 43 (& in front of 272)

273. A - D
DO NOT TRY TO READ THIS DOCUMENT. Poor quality print---read 274 F - J, 9th Tablet, instead.
Date as per 274, Nov. 6, 1900, 4 pp.
Comment: page 272-D & 273-A are top & bottom of the same page.
>>> Tablet to Mr. ... (name undisclosed), signed E. E. ['Abdu'l-Bahá]
Subject: Mr. ? asks concerning the Spirit & it's return to this world of humanity & this element space & it's return to this world of humanity, i. e. reincarnation, afterlife
See the 9th Tablet in 274--the same Tablet, different typing.
Moved to behind 43 (along with 272 as 272 & 273 are joined together by page 273-A)

274. A - Q [ 275 & 276]
Date, 1900, 17 pp.
>>> 16 Tablets; A compilation, "Tablets from Abdul Bahá Abbas to American Bahá'íst 1900"
Comment: no names to whom Tables are Written.
Few dates other than 1900 for the whole collection are given.
> 1st Tablet: a letter of encouragement
> 2nd Tablet: a letter of encouragement
> 3rd Tablet: a letter of encouragement
> 4th Tablet
Subject: before life
Quote: "Amen, I say unto you that the gifts of your Lord are encircling you in a similar way as the spirit encircles the body -- at the beginning of the elements & natures in the wombs, the power of the spirit begins then to appear in the body gradually & successively according to the preparation & capacity to receive that everlasting abundance." (see 272)
> 5th Tablet
Subject: Teaching, station
Quote: "The Holy Spirit will speak in thy mouth, the word of God will be revealed in thy heart, the Doors of success & prosperity will be opened upon thy face & the secrets of the holy Books will be unfolded, then at that time thou shalt cry at the top of thy voice saying; 'Blessed I am for this power which could not be resisted by the powers of whomsoever is upon the earth.' "
> 6th Tablet
Quote: ". . .and distinguished thee particularly with a gift of dazzling light through which the faces of the righteous will shine."
> 7th Tablet: a letter of encouragement
> 8th Tablet: a letter of encouragement
> 9th Tablet: date trans., Nov. 6, 1900, by Edward G Browne, Cambridge, Eng.
Comments: This date appears between the 9th & 10th Tablets. It looks as though the date belongs to 9, but could possibly be a 2nd date for #10.
This is the same as 273, but that copy is not clear to read. Read this one instead.
Bible subject: Explanation of the Trinity.
> 10th: Pilgrim notes "Notes of oral Teachings by our Beloved Lord": Date, Oct. 7, '00
Bible subject: "vicarious atonement"--there is not such a thing.
> 11th Tablet to "O ye crying voices in the Region of America!"
Quote: "I know, verily that universal, never ending, eternal, bright and divine establishments are only the diffusion of the breathes of God, and all that are besides these, though they be reigning over all the regions of the earth, or the construction of railroads from earth to the heavens, or means of transportation with the rapidity of raising lightning from the globe of the earth to the globe of the Sun, are all but mortal, perishing, demolishing and disadvantageous, in comparison with the Divine establishments. Because the later (divine establishments) are intrinsic maters, while the former are but metaphoric matters; the latter are truth, while the former are imaginary."
> 12th Tablet to a returning female pilgrim
Subject: words of a description of the Holy Land to those to at home.
> 13th Tablet to a little boy, or perhaps a youth.
Quote: "blessing is a magnetic power that makes things drain to the horizon of El Abha."
> 14th Tablet: a "love" letter
> 15th Tablet to a child of the Kingdom: asking for the bounty of God.
> 16th Tablet
Subject: Tests & trials, opposition
Quote: "As to those things published in your journals against thee, you must not be grieved nor sorry therefore, because, thousands of journals have written traducing 'Abdu'l-Bahá. . ." "under these conditions silence is best."

# 275 & 276 are both part of 274 & have been renumbered as 274 C - Q.

277 - 285.
>>> 9 Tablets; all addressed to Margaret Sprague, only 3 show dates, 9 pp.
Dates; Jan. 3, 1902, Feb. 15, 1902, Nov. 3, 1903, these 3 are trans. by A. K. Kahn
Subject: All 9 Tablets mention her deep desire for martyrdom
She even wishes martyrdom for 'Abdu'l-Bahá who thanks her for this.
2 Quotes of interest are: 284: "Thank God that thou hast seen me in thy vision. This indicates the purity of thy conscience & the purity of thy conscience & the sincerity of thy intention & thy abundant yearning after the kingdom of God."
285: Re: her martyrdom desire: "your attainment to this Station was not by any means than by a magnetic power of the Kingdom of El-Abba" "Be in the Station of ransom but be patient & deliver the Cause of thy Lord & draw the hearts by the magnet of the Love of God; for thy being in this world is not purpose for pleasure, lust & indulgences but for spreading the fragrance of God."
See 31: re: desire for martyrdom
All moved to behind 290

286. A - C
Date trans., Dec. 24, 1903, by Mirza Fareed Ameen, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet to Isabella Britingham
Bible subjects: Meaning of "the beginning of Creation", the nature of God, second birth, born again; woman, station, sex (male & female) has only to do with the material world, nothing to do with the spirit; next world.
This is the same Tablet as 143--286 is the clearer copy to read
See 306-B,
Pod: 223 (see 381-C), 233, 391

Date received., Nov. 1904, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Sister Sanghanita
Subject: Afterlife (Bible) Souls do not become non-existent. But those souls who are attracted to the Holy Spirit, compared to those who are not, are accounted among the dead by comparison.
See, also, quote found in the introduction of "Tablets to Abdul Bahá, vol. I":
"As to the question of annihilation and destruction of the Spirits: Mr. Phelps hath not fully understood the matter or else the translator hath made some mistake. It was not intended to convey the idea that the unbelieving souls are absolutely annihilated. Nay, rather, it was meant that the existence of the evil spirits in comparison to the existence of the sanctified souls was like unto annihilation. As you clearly behold, the existence of mineral in comparison with the existence of man is like unto non-being. When the body of man is destroyed and disintegrated, it returneth to the mineral."

Date trans., Oct. 24, 1903, by A. K. Kahn, 1p.
>>> Tablet to a Persian believer.
Subject: How to be; how to react: avoidance is of two kinds. Teaching must be done with wisdom, achieved lovingly, gracefully, kindly.

Date trans., Feb. 16, 1905, by A. M. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. J. O. Wilhelm
Subject: fasting and the Greatest Name is mentioned
A note is included: 'The word "mind" (Persian "dale") is also translated "heart". Here it is mind.'
Moved to behind 49

Date trans., Oct. 5, 1906, by Ali Kuli Khan, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Isma'eel (It says Tablet revealed some years ago to a Persian Believer.)
Subject: about "death in God" This station is that of abandoning of ones desire."

Date quoted., Oct. 30, 1906, by Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Agnes Alexander, Tokyo, Japan: Quoted in a letter from Ahmad Sohrab
Subject: about her teaching & having meetings in Japan
Quote: "All the individuals of humanity are farmers. Every soul sows a certain kind of seeds which are sown by the believers of God. That alone will obtain heavenly blessing."

292. A - C
Given in an address by Jenabe Fazel, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh: Seven Cities-----Another 7 Valleys !!!!!!!!
Subject: Janabe says Bahá'u'lláh wrote 2 different Tablets to the same man, both Tablets named Seven Valleys, one in Persian & one in Arabic. Says the one that is translated into English is the Persian & then he gives the opening Passage translated into English of the Arabic Tablet.
Comment: Jenabe says He wrote two 7 Cities, or Valleys, to the same man. The, apparently 1st one, the one in print, says near the end, "If any of the utterances of this Servant may not be comprehended. . .the same must be inquired again, that no doubt may linger". Whereas the 2nd one, 292, has a question & answer within it. I think, therefore it likely, that the published 7 Valleys is the first, and 292 is the second, that He wrote in response to questions generated from the 1st.
Quote: "Question: 'Will not the traveler have a definite object, in the Manifestation of God as the object of his love?' Answer: Some persons pass rapidly through these seven valleys. He who searchers for Truth, who longs to know right from wrong, seeks to find God's Manifestation for he realizes his inability to understand God's Essence. He knows there can be no salvation without the Manifestation of God. He wishes to find the mystery of Manifestation, to grasp the Center of Lights. Then he become[s] a love[er] of truth."
See 292-C, a quote about "nobility" is also in 84.

293. A - E
5 pp.
>>> Compilation
Subject: tests and the wisdom of tests

294. [omit]

1p. A mystery:
Comments: This calls itself "A Talk with Abdul-Bahá" It has a date, Aug. 13, 1938, Haifa, Syria.
I have no answer for the date discrepancy. Perhaps, it is the date typed.
>>> A Talk on Forgiveness & Mercy
Subject: Someone sent a clipping to the Master that states the violators of the Covenant would never be forgiven & they were lost. The sentiments in said article, so grossly misrepresented the Bahá'í Principles that this Talk was given, with the suggestion that it be copied and sent to the believers. In short, the talk says, "Mercy is not restrained."
Move to behind 52.

296. A - B, 2 pp.
Same as 14 & 152---296 is the best of the 3.

Date trans., May 18, 1910, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Addie Dealy to Mattie Watson
Subject: Poetry (Bahá'í poetry) written now will be used through out the ages!

Date trans., Jul. 29, 1909, by Dr. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Mrs. Brittingham to Mrs. Rabb (another Tablet to Rabb 233)
Subjects; "Nothing is worthy of attachment save Reality" (see Tablets 286 on 2nd Birth)
& about two types of catastrophes (one kind for punishment; another for trial)
Tests & trials
Moved to behind 293--see compilation on tests (293)

299. A - C
Date trans., Jul. 10, 1909, by A. K. Kahn, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet through Mirza Moneer Zani to Arther S. Agnew
Subject: About Divine Civilization-so that people will be so trained that crime will be almost nonexistent. Autobiographical
Quote: "During hours of leisure, when in the middle of the night, I engage in supplications, I shall beg for assistance & favor in their behalf."
Pod: 382

Date trans., 1902, by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to The Bahá'ís in Samarkand, Russia
Subject: How do we pray? Seek confirmation
Quotes: "Do you know in what cycle ye are ordered & in what age ye exist?" "If we are not cheerful & joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait, & for what other time shall we look?"

Date trans., Feb. 5, 1904, by A. F. Ameen, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
Quote: "Thank God that He hath. . .chosen thee from among women."

302. A - B
Date trans., Apr. 2, 1908, by M. Ahmad. Esphahani, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to Wilhelmina Bain, New Zealand
Subjects: Confirmation & assistance
Language of Esperanto - Universal language will undergo some changes & alterations & will become adopted--A more complete language than this.
About seeking guidance: (prayer) whatsoever question thou hast in thy heart, (1) turn thy heart toward the kingdom, (2) entreat the Almighty (3) reflect upon that problem, (4) then unquestioningly the Light of Truth shall dawn.
Quote: "the ensign of the Most Great Peace is the Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh."
See 16

Date of diary, Aug. 24, 1914, of Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet or pilgrim note re: E. C. Getsinger
Subject: Economy of funds, on being thrifty. Apparently, 'Abdu'l-Bahá had to help Getsinger get home to obtain a loan for him. He had no return money or ticket to get home!
Comment: More of this picture is given in SOW: vol. IV, #10, p. 178, Sept. 8, 1913:
NEWS NOTES: Prof. E. C. Getsinger, of Washington D. C., sailed Sept. 2d, for Port Said, Egypt, in response to a cablegram from Abdul-Bahá to come at once. Some weeks ago his wife, Mrs. Lua Getsinger, went to Egypt in response to a similar message.
Is this "news note", eleven months earlier, from the same trip to Haifa?
See 260, 197, 348-E

304. [omit]--(Table of contents)

No date or trans. given, 1p.
>>> Table Talks--(pilgrim notes?) "Table Talks of Abdul Bahá on Justice"
Subjects: Description of the "Justice of God" [a good clear definition] The opposite is Favor of God. Paraclete means Holy Spirit. Use of beads. Souls are mirrors.
Clarified Words:
The first words in the left margin of the 3rd paragraph are:
animal (m)
The first words in the left margin of the 7th paragraph are:
The hand written words at the bottom of the page are indexing notes for the following two pages 306 A & B, which by the way, are marked 306 & 307 that I have changed on my copies to 306 A & B.
[Note the roman numerals at the tops of these 3 pages.]
The handwritten words on bottom of 305 are as follows (comas represent different lines):
"Page II, Spiritual, Maturity,----------,always have, proofs of, statements,
PIII,------, Revelation, Vision of Rivers, PIII,----------

306. A - B (306-B was marked 307)
No date or trans. given, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet, extracts, sources unidentified.
Bible subject: Book of Rev. (306-B)
Subject: Re: His health & activities
Historical, autobiographical account, "When I lived in Acca, generally, I kept ten secretaries busy.--often dictating important letters to 3 at the same time."
See (re: 306-B) 44 for extracts from Akdas.

# 307 is now renumbered 306-B.

This is the same as 132, moved to behind 52.

309. A - B
Date, Oct. 27, 1903, 2 pp.
This is the same as 164, 199, 448, 309 is longer it has a 2nd page & identifies trans. as A. K. Kahn.
Moved to behind 56

No date or trans. given [maybe 1912], 1p.
Comments: 52-H quotes from this Tablet. 52-H says it's from 1912. 52-H also says it is from an "Address", but it is clearly from a Tablet. Perhaps this Tablet was sent to Calf. before His trip to the west coast?
>>> Tablet to San Francisco, 310 says "Own signature on the translation"
Clarified words: Handwritten at the top of the page, some of the words are cut off on the photocopy. They read:
"Rec'd by San Francisco Assembly which Abdul Bahá has named the Abdul Bahá Assembly Mrs. Goodall sent down to me - for all the friends here- to share with them"
Subject: He tells the California Friends to be united & to follow the covenant. States He is the Center of the Covenant-the Remover of all difficulties AND is the Interpreter of the Book.
Quotes; "Not one soul has the right to say one word on his own account or to explain anything or elucidate the Text of the Book, whether in public or in private." "If all the believers. . .proclaim their firmness. . .such steadfastness like unto a magnet, will draw Abdul Bahá to those regions."
See 351, 52-H, 311
See also: 98, 129, 189, 266, 416, 442, 443, 459, 461
Moved to behind 52

No date, 1p.
>>> Letter written to "Dear Friends of the LA Assembly" apparently written by the LA Assembly, but it is not signed.
Subject: This letter asks for a "uniting" and calls for the saying of the "Remover of Difficulties" to be said for a period of time with hands joined for the purpose of fostering universal peace.
Comments: There are many quotes of 'Abdu'l-Bahá in the letter.
Moved to in front of 58

Date trans., Aug. 4, 1911, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington D. C., 1p.
>>> Tablet to Charles Mason Remey
Subject: He encourages Remey to teach the Faith at the Peace Conference & familiarize himself with the 2 Tablets He has written to the Mohonk Lake Conference on International Arbitration.
Also information re: the Mashrak-el-Azcar
Quote: "I see you as my associate & my co-partner. . ."
Moved to behind 168

Date trans., Oct. 11, 1908, by M. Ahmad Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Prayer for the Spiritual Assembly of Philadelphia to say.

Date trans., Oct. 11, 1908, by M. Ahmad Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Mirza Ahmad to Mary J. Revell, Philadelphia, PA
Bible subject (?): Tells her to stay in church & teach the congregation AND the priest.
See date of 313 & 314.

Date trans., Dec. 16, 1908, by Ahmad Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Flora Clark, Ft. Bragg, Calif.
Subject: poetry, music

Date, Dec. 20, 1908, 1p.
>>> Letter, an excerpt, from Mirza Moneer Zain to Thorton Chase
Comments: Very interesting letter
Subject: Regarding the Bahá'ís purchasing a Protestant College in Hamadan, Persia. Prophecy re: the college, perhaps from 'Abdu'l-Bahá.

Date, Apr. 24, 1920, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes sent in a letter sent to Mrs. Franklen by Fugeta
Subject: About how 'Abdu'l-Bahá served everybody dinner & didn't eat. He even looked tired, but He said Bahá'u'lláh had told Him, He was a servant of all, so that He must serve them. AND that they too should serve each other.
Bible subject: (comment) this reminds me of the washing of each others feet from the Gospel.

Date, May 9, 1914, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Pleiades Sylvan Bower, Alhammeh, Lake Tiberias, Syria
Subject: 3 Questions answered:
What do you expect Bahá'ís to accomplish in the world?
What is your belief as regards the origin of evil?
How can one understand the object of life?
Clarified words: There are some undecipherable words in the fold of the page. They read:
"desire to accomplish this work? Art thou in favor of it? Dost thou"
See 52-X for more notes from PBS, May 1914

Dates, Nov. 1919 & Nov. 18, 1919, 1p.
>>> A Talk: given in Haifa, Nov., & an Interview with W. H. Randall--Nov. 18, 1919
> Talk (or pilgrim notes (?)): "Copied from Dr. Esselmont's Notes"
Subject: He says blacks world-wide were & are being emancipated as a result of efforts of the 4 year war in the US where whites fought for emancipation of the blacks.
> Interview: Taken in Persian by Lotfullah Hakim, Interpreted by Shoghi Rabbani.
He says, regarding the present race riots, that the difficulties are solved in the Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh.
Quote: "From association of the white friends with the colored friends the others, people outside the Cause, will learn the Meaning."
Pod: 324, 362, 371

320. A - E
Date, early part of 1905, 5 pp.
>>> Pilgrim Note: "Words Uttered by Abdul Bahá During the Fast"
Subject: Love, He talks about loving each other in great detail. He mentions He has been to see the governor today. He discusses His huge quantity of mail from around the world. He tells the Friends if they hear He has been killed not to be grieved.
Autobiographical, historical

321. A - C
Date, Nov. 17, 1911, 3 pp.
>>> A Talk in Paris
Found in PT word for word.

No date, no names, no location, completely unidentified, 1p.
>>> "Talks"
Subject: Comparing Manifestations against each other is something that He says we cannot do unless we are greater that the Manifestations - which, of course, we are not.
Quote: "Reality does not accept multiplicity."

323. Different typing of 322, 1p.
See note for 322

Date, 1913, 1p.
>>> Talks (2) (or Words)
> 1st Talk: 1913, Published in "Asiatic Quarterly Review"
Subject: Mentions "A NEW RACE OF MEN is being developed."
> 2nd Talk: 1913, Says we must arise with superhuman strength to spread the teachings!
Moved to behind 319

No date, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes, "Words of Abdul Bahá"
Subject: Comments about different Israeli prophets, including Jesus, having lived on Mt. Carmel. Also, beautiful, beautiful statements about PRAYER!!! (Bible subject)
Moved to behind 49

No date, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note called "Words of Abdul Bahá concerning Prayer"
Subject: Prayer
Moved to behind 49

327. 1p.
Same document, same typing as 146.
Moved to behind 146.

328. A - C
Date, Jan. 1922, 3 pp.
>>> A Paper (pamphlet?) by Louis Gregory, Seattle Wash.
Bible subject & Title: "A Brief answer to Questions on the Fulfillment of Some Bible Prophecies Concerning This Day" (including some from Rev.)

329. A - B
Date: re: 1903, writ., Mar. 1, 1934, 2 pp.
>>> A paper on first history of LA, by Mrs. Rosella Dennis
Subject: first Bahá'í history of LA
See 5 for more LA history
Moved to behind 5

330. There is no 330.

331. Lost pages, A - D +386
Date: re: 1912, 4 pages plus 1 additional page found (386), 4, pp. +1p.(386)
>>> Paper - Pilgrim notes - by Willard P. Hatch: "Values are Relative"
Comments: Hatch has written this as a paper so that it might be published, I'd like to know where it is published as some of it is missing & it is VERY INTERESTING.
Subject: Hatch recounts things he heard & saw during 'Abdu'l-Bahá's visit to San Francisco. Including a prescription from 'Abdu'l-Bahá on HOW TO PREVENT EARTHQUAKES!!!!!!
Pod: 386

332. [omit] - (old title page of a book with writing on it.)

Date: either, 1911, 1912 or 1913, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note: extract of a letter telling of a drive with 'Abdu'l-Bahá in England
Subject: He mentions a Tablet from Bahá'u'lláh, in which He speaks of each family having a house with a piece of land. 'Abdu'l-Bahá says "This is the age of woman."

Same exact typing as 623, 1p.
See notes for 623
Moved to behind 623.

Date, Aug. 20, 1912, 2:30 PM, 1p.
>>> A Talk at Green Acre, at the Flynn home
Subject: Existence before life? "Previous to their embodiment they had no association, they were antagonist spirits, hence when they came into the world of embodiment there is no fellowship between them."
See 43-B & 17: Souls before coming to this world.
Moved to behind 43

336. A - E
Date, Apr. 22 & 26, 1912, 5 pp.
>>> Talks (2) in Washington D.C.
Subject: Q & A: Wouldn't the Bahá'í Movement be furthered by use of the socialist & labor union movements? "All nations must become socialist in spirit. People must not be forced by circumstances to help the poor. They must give & willingly. That which the socialists aim to accomplish in the economic world will in time be done by the people freely through faith & love & cooperation. For that which is established through loving fellowship is permanent."
See 310
Pod: 351, 356

Date, Apr. 21, 1912, 1p.
>>> A Talk
Found in PUP, p. 36-7
Quote: "It is therefore that in the Holy Books a promise is given concerning a time when the Springtime of God shall make Itself manifest, and the Jerusalem -the Holy City- shall descend from Heaven, & that Zion shall leap & dance, & that the Holy Land shall be submerged in the Sea of the Holy Lights." Bible prophecy--Most Great Peace.

Date, May 1913, 1p.
>>> Notes from a private interview (pilgrim notes) in Paris
Found in SOW: vol. 8, # 10, p. 138
Subject: Q & A: How shall I overcome seeing the faults of others? "Look at your own! Man is blind, but he sees far!"

Date, 1921, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes, extracts from Mountford Mills
Quotes: "A weak tree may stand if there is no wind to oppose it. . ." "In one prayer, I could have health the remainder of my life, but it is necessary for Me to suffer to show others that these things can be borne & overcome." Autobiographical
See 352:

No date, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes, excerpt, from the Kenny Party
Subject: There are many bad people in the world; have nothing to do with them. It must be that your silence should be blame (reproof) itself.

Date, Apr. 16, 1912, home of Mr. & Mrs. Dodge, 261 W. 139th St. NY, 1p.
>>> A Meeting with 'Abdu'l-Bahá with children, written by Mrs. Brittingham.

Date trans., Apr. 28, 1903, Washington D. C. by A. K. Khan, 1p.
>>> Tablet through A. K. Khan "To the beloved of God"
Subject: Chant the verses of oneness & sing with the Voice of Glorification in our meetings. A command to chant & sing in meetings!

Date, Mar. 21, 1913, 1p.
>>> A Talk
Found in ADP (c) 1918, p. 74-6 and online at:
Click on different chapters in the Table of Contents, above, to find the entire book.
Subject: Naw Ruz as celebrated in Persia.

Date, Dec. 25, 1913, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note taken at the Tomb of Bahá'u'lláh
Published: article written by M.M. Holbach, in the "Christian Commonwealth" 1/8/14
Quote: "It is part of the divine Wisdom that I should keep silent for a time." Autobiographical
See 348, 460

Date trans., Aug. 25, 1912, by M. A. S., 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes--Words to Florence Johnson & Edna McKinny
Subject: Health, Be like [Mary Magdalene] & I will assure you that you will get physical health & spiritual health.
See 358

Date, Oct. 19, 1912, Fareed interpreting, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes, or A Talk, to Mrs. Thornton Chase, LA, Lakeshore Hotel
Subject: Be not sad or grieved.
Moved to behind 346.

No date--it may have been cut off of the bottom, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Miss Julia Hard through M.A.D. & Mrs. McNutt
Subject: describes about Human development; both before life & afterlife.
Quote: "It is known that man's progress is permissible in every world; that is to acquire Divine Perfections & boundless bounties. But the appearance of man in this world is both for his progress in planes as well as in perfection; while in the next world the progress is confined to divine perfections only."
"This progress in planes belongs to this world wherein opposites exist."
See 90, 272, 273, 365
Moved to behind 43

348. A - E
Date trans., Sept. 22, 1914, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 5 pp.
>>> Tablet/ Prayers "To the believers of God & the maid-servants of the Merciful!"
Subject: this long Tablet starts out & ends with a prayer. He explains why He's been silent (not writing letters) is for two reasons. (1) Because He was recuperating from His long travels. (2) that it was good for the believers to carry on in the Cause without Him. Then He opens the door for ALL pilgrims who can afford to come, AND return, to make the trip of pilgrimage.
See 303 Getsinger; See 344 & 460--on 'Abdu'l-Bahá's silence

No date given, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an excerpt
Subject: Holding spiritual meetings is very important & is a magnet (to attract) Divine Confirmations

No date given, (unless Mr. McNutt made a pilgrimage, this is 1912), 1p.
>>> Words to Mr. McNutt
Subject: violation - very poetic: "Can the mosquito of violation withstand the eagle of the Testament?. . .Can the fly of impotence & the spider of superstition repel the Birds of the Kingdom soaring high in the space of the Gift of God?"
Moved to behind 52

351. A - F
Date, Jul. 9-21, 1912, 6 pp.
>>> Words (pilgrim notes) to Harriet M. Wise, Cooper & Goodall--notes by Wise
Comments: 129 & 172 Same document as this. Both are an excerpted version of these notes, however, the smaller versions includes an important additional piece of information, that is: that these notes were approved AND signed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Subject: Many different things are included in this 6 page document. (1) One particular point of interest, is He tells the Californians that something has come up, He will not travel to California, but instead He must return home right away. (Obviously that didn't happen & He did go to Calif.) Autobiographical, historical
(2) Message to a socialist: There are two ways of correcting the social conditions. It cannot be done by force. Also see 336.
(3) 351-B: He told Miss Buckton to not tamper with the psychic forces in this world. It hampers & retards the condition of the body, both in this world & especially the world to come.
Same as 356
(4) 351-D: Materialists are searching for knowledge under ground. They are like worms beneath the ground, while spiritual souls are like birds soaring in the air.
(5) Some want both physical luxuries & bounties of God, but both cannot be joined.
(6) Quote: Reliance upon God: "Tell Mrs. Duncan to turn her face toward God. God is the Provider. A soul must not put his trust in his art or profession, but rather rely upon God. She must be entirely fearless & confident of her future." Business, station
(7) Note at end to Hatch about speech without lip or tongue is on 43(c).
See 336 & 310
Same as 129 & 172
Moved to behind 336

No date, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Goodall
Subject: He says He hasn't heard from her in awhile, so He Writes to see how things are going. He says He is worried about violators. Historical
Quotes; "tree having strong root will grow better in a violent wind". "No tree will bear fruit unless continually pruned - and no business will bring forward consequences without the same."
See 339.
See, also, for business advice: 351(6), 426, 434, 479-C

Date, Jul. 15, 1906, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Mrs. Winterburn to Mrs. Grace Lamb
Found in TA, p 509
Quote: "By Angles is meant Divine Confirmations & Heavenly Powers. Angles are also those holy souls who have severed attachment to the earthly world, who are free from the fetters of self & passion."

Date obscured, but this is a response to a letter writ., Oct. 23, 1902, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Elizabeth Muther, Honolulu
Subject: Kuwanichi Yamomto is mentioned. Talks about being steadfast. Quotes Mary Magdalene., "Verily Christ is alive & eternal, & death did not overtake Him, & verily the foundation of His religion is not shaken by His crucifixion at the hand of the oppressors." By this her face is eternally shinning from the horizon of guidance.

Date, Oct. 1907, 1p.
>>> "From the Words of 'Abdu'l-Bahá" (unclear if pilgrim notes or Tablet) to Anonymous
Comment: I wonder if these Words were not to Martha Root, or if at least that she did read them & took them to heart. Read Anna Duffy collection # 8, a letter writ, by MR.
Subject: Bottom line is: one does not need wealth to Serve God.
Quote: "Find all that they need at their very doors." [What so ever thou needest will be given thee.]
See 197 & 351-message to Mrs. Duncan.

No date or references given, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes, an extract, (from Mrs. Wise's note)
Subject: on psychic forces, found on 351-B, message for Miss Buckton.
Moved to behind 351 which is behind 336, Also see 148.
Same as 351 (this is an excerpt of 351)

>>> Tablets, extracts, & From Talks (pilgrim notes?) given in 1912, extracts
> 1st part, extracts of Tablets in regard to Christ. (Bible subjects)
> Talks, extracts, date, Oct. 1912: (1) If the Friends are sad they must not express it.
(2) re: seed sowing in poor ground or fertile ground. We are gardeners.

No date or sources given., 1p.
>>> Appears to be an extract of a pilgrim note:
Subject: Two kinds of food, spiritual & material.
See 345

359. A - C
Date, Feb. 1908, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet "Seven Candles of Unity"
Found WOB, p. 38, 9
Comments: This is yet another translation.
Moved to behind 185 (185 & 407 are different translations of the same Tablet)

360. Lost page--this is page 1
Date, May 10, 1913, Paris, 1p.
>>> A Talk , an excerpt
Subject: Talks about the progression of women & the evolution of customs regarding women of the Orient. About a woman teacher in a woman's school in Teheran.
Comments: [Anna (Kappes) Duffy became a Bahá'í in 1898 along with five other family members. They lived in the Teaneck, NJ area. They were taught by Isabella Brittingham. Anna's sister, Lillian, answered the call to pioneer 1910 and went to Tehran where she was headmistress at the Tarbiyat school for girls until her death in 1920. Abdu'l-Bahá revealed two tablets to Lillian, one after she arrived in Tehran and the other after her death. Both are in Star of the West, forget which volume. --- Ray]

No dates given, completely unidentified, 1p.
>>> Tablet, extracts
Quote: "Is it becoming that we should sit idle even for a moment, practice delaying & seek ease & comfort & thus be exposed to temptations & idleness, be occupied with our own thoughts & lose our heart to strangers & relations"
Pod: 367

Date trans., Oct. 31, 1910, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet: To Louise Washington, NYC
Subject: Race--color of skin is not considered - but rather the condition of one's heart.
Also, about ego--egotism. Tests
Moved to behind 319

Date trans., Jul. 15, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to C. M. Remey.
Quote: "Undoubtedly thou shall be the recipient of the favor & assistance of the Pre-existent Lord."
Also see 312

Date trans., Aug. 27, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to C. M. Remey.
Quote: 'Abdu'l-Bahá told him that one day his family will one day say, "Verily God has chosen thee from among us & bestowed upon thee glory."

365. A - G
Same as 90. Different typing. 365 typed by Martha Root, 7 pp.
See notes for 90.
Pod: 90

Date, Oct. 11, 1919, 1p.
>>> Tablet to C. M. Remey.
Clarified Words: Two continuous lines are not readable on 366 due to a fold of the page. They read:
"when compared to these infinite bodies that abound in this limitless"
"space; it is like unto an insignificant spot on the surface of the"
Subject: Compares earth in relation to other infinite bodies (other planets) as a small insignificant spot in the wide ocean. He talks about Race. Says to refer to his Talk in Washington to the university of the colored men & says to act accordingly.

Same document, different typing as 361 (367 was probably typed from 361)
Moved to behind 361

Date, Oct. 19, 1914, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes as per pilgrimage of George Latimer to C. M. Remey.
Subject: Explanation of Hidden Word Arabic # 14.
"O son of spirit: I have created thee rich! Why dost thou make thyself poor. . .find Me standing within thee Powerful, Mighty, Supreme." Means: like a polished mirror the image, or light, will be within the mirror, but not physically within the mirror.

369. A - B
>>> Tablet extracts (5), 2 pp.
Found: Extract #2 on page 2 is from 176 (a Tablet)
Subject: on health & healing; & spiritual healing vs. physical healing.
Quote: "Regarding the society of healing of which thou art a member; when it comes under the protection of this Cause, it's power will be a hundred fold."

370. A - C
No date or identification given, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet: Says it's signed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Comments: This is an interesting document-really makes one think about one's own spiritual growth. Ruhiyyih Khanum said at the 1992 World Congress that her mother was a "last-breather", explaining that her mother was always concerned, would she be faithful to her last breath? After reading this Tablet, May Maxwell's concern makes more since to me.
Subject: Spiritual growth & spiritual health
Quote: "To stop advancing is the means of going back."
Clarified words:
Page 370-C has a line that is not easy to read due to a fold in the paper. It reads:
"arrow, one shot, the bird may be brought low. To one soul this"
Moved to behind 43

Date trans., Sept. 21, 1921, Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Parsons Assembly of Muskegon, Mich.
Subject: Mentions a convention on race, held. Mentions Martha Root's health & that He approves of Mirza Abdul Hossin Shirazi to become a dentist.
Moved to behind 319.

Date trans., Dec. 26, 1903, by Mirza Ameen Ullah Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to the Spiritual Assembly of Muskegon, Mich.
Subject: material assemblies are mortal, but spiritual assemblies last through the ages.
Prayer: Short prayer for the Assembly: "O God, confirm the Spiritual Assembly in the promotion of Thy Word among thy people & in strengthening & multiplying Thy servants. Verily, thou Art the Bounteous, the Merciful!"

Date, Feb. 7, 1918, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract of the Tablet on 31.
See 31 for notes.
Moved to behind 52

Date trans., Sept. 13, 1913, by Dr. Zia Bagdadi, Chicago, Ill., 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Grace Foster
Subject: severe tests & Judas Iscariot, test & trials (Bible subject)
Moved to behind 146.

No date or any other information given, 1p.
>>> A list made by a believer "Quotations from the Koran"
Subject: The list is of 8 names of prophets & the unique station of each.
Comment: I suppose this could have come from pilgrim notes, but there is no telling the origin.
Moved to behind 146.

376. A - F
Date, Feb. 1934, 6 pp.
>>> An article written by Shanaz Waite,
"The Temple; Why build by Chicago?" (Mashrak-el-Azkar)
She quotes from LaSalle & Bourgeois
Moved to behind 78

Date trans., Dec. 11, 1913, by Mirza Valiollah Khan Warga, Teheran, 1p.
>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh
Subject: Establishing the Center of the Covenant.
Same as 127, only more complete as 377.
Moved to behind 127

378. A - D
No date, 4 pp.
>>> Script by Georgina Fitzgerald.
Titled, "International Language - Its Place in World Language"
Mentions: Esperanto & also something called "Basic English"

379. A - D
No date, 4 pp.
>>> Script by Georgina Fitzgerald.
Titled, "The Covenant of Peace - - Ez. 37:26,27"
Subject: Reads mostly like an introductory fireside - a nice segment on prayer.

No date, 1p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, unidentified.
Subject: tests & trials in life:
Quote: "Strange it is that I love you & still I am happy that you have had sorrows."
See 450
Moved to behind 48

381. A - C
No date, trans. by A. K. Kahn, 3 pp.
>>> Tablet in answer to questions by Miss Barney."
Comments: The question of life before life, which seems to be one of those questions that can answered with yes or a no, depending on the aspect of it you are considering, is answered more fully in this Tablet, 381, than I have seen anywhere else. If the question concerns reincarnation, or about life with human consciousness and personality, the answer is, no. If your question is, "But what were we before we came here ?", the answer is alluded to in 381.
While reading 381, you may want to consider; the question and answer about life before human existence, from 43; a quote about "before embodiment" from 335; and perhaps even various planes of existence found in 347, while contemplating the subject of life before life found in 381.
Incidentally, at first glance, 381 appears to be something found in "Some Answered Questions", but isn't, not that I can find anyway.
Subject: The human condition before human life.
Quote: "Human soul (rational soul) has potential existence before it's appearance in human body"
See: 43, 287, 335, 347
Moved to behind 43

382. A - D
Date Martha Root typed it from a loan from Mrs. Cooper, Feb. 1916, 4 pp.
>>> Tablet "to be Read by the Friends of God in the East and the West."
Found in SWA, p. 283-295, item number 225
Subject: There are two influences tending toward prosperity and progress. One is civilization the other is Divine influence.
Moved to behind 299

Date trans., Jun. 25, 1920, by Azizullah S Bahádur, printed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to C. M. Remey
Subject: Re: receipt of a pamphlet re: Masrak-el-Adkar & Regards the election of the Washington D.C. Assembly.
See 384, same type of printing
Moved to behind 78

Date trans., Aug. 20, 1920, by Azizullah S Bahádur, printed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to C. M. Remey
Quote: "O thou enlightened beloved son!"
See 383 --same type of printing as 383
Moved to behind 78

>>> Poem by Anonymous, 1p.
Titled, "Blessed Are They"

386. Lost page--belongs to 331, 1p.
page 6 of "Values are Relative", by W. Hatch
moved to be with 331 from which it was lost

387. A - B
No date or trans. given , 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to --unidentified
Subject: Explains God's coming into the world of existence

Date trans., Dec. 8, 1910, by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet to all the Bahá'ís of America
Subject: says when they are united He'll come to US.
Moved to in front of 58

>>> Golden Rule for about 8 religions
Moved to behind 146

# # # Starting the Documents typed by Shahnaz Waite 390 - 485
Comments: many documents in the section below have been renumbered to show that they are part of one document, resulting in many skipped numbers.
>>> "To live the Life"
Same as 36 & the "extra" behind 49
Moved to behind 49

No date, 1p.
Found in Bahá'í Scriptures, para 647
Subject: Outlines the steps one must make to attain the second birth, born again (Bible subject)
Moved to behind 286

392. 392 - 399, now numbered: 392 A - H
8 pp.
>>> Paper by Lua Getsinger
Titled, "the Power of Prayer"
Comments: no quotes from the Bahá'í Writings, some from the Bible, though
Moved to behind 49

# 393 - 399, now numbered: 392 B - H

400. omit----Polonius to his son Laertes

>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh to his son Mirza Badi'u'llah
Comments: this is an earlier translation "Be generous in prosperity"
Found in "Epistle to the Son of the Wolf", p. 93.

No dates, 1p.
>>> 2 Parts, 1) appears to be from a pilgrim note, 2) is from "Divine Art of Living"
> 1st asks and answers: What can I do to be a real servant of God?
> 2nd is the 7 qualifications of the divinely enlightened soul.
Subject: Spiritual growth

>>> Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh
Found in Dawn Breakers, p. 386.
Quote: "Be thankful to God for having enabled you to recognize His Cause"

404. 404 - 406, now numbered: 404 A - C
3 pp.
>>> Statement of Bahá'í Faith from World Book 1926-1928

# 405 & 406, now numbered: 404 B - C

407. 407 - 409, now numbered: 407 A - C
3 pp.
>>> Tablet "Seven Candles of Unity" from the Bahá'í World 1926-1928
Moved to behind 185

# 408 & 409 now numbered: 407 B - C

410. Shoghi Effendi Time
Date, Dec. 27, 1927, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Ruth Moffet
Subject: Re: 5 steps of prayer
moved to behind 49

411. 411 - 415, now numbered: 411 A - E
5 pp.
>>> Tablet/ Prayer from Bahá'u'lláh: for Ali Gabil Akbar,
"The Fire Tablet": an early translation
Subject: this document says that this prayer was revealed for Ali Gabil Akbar when he was in great trouble. He died while still young.

# 412 - 415, now numbered: 411 B - E

416. 416 - 417, now numbered: 416 A - B
2 pp.
>>> Compilation the same as 189, "the Pure Word"
See: 98, 129, 189, 266, 310, 442, 443, 459, 461
Moved to behind 189 which is behind 52

# 417, now numbered: 416-B

Date trans., Oct. 17, 1908, by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Abbie B. Campbell
Subject: It says Mrs. Rice-Wray led her to the Cause, she should be thankful to her.

Date trans., Dec. 14, 1909, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Abbie B. Campbell
Subject: re: a brother & a son who had "defected" (?) Anyway Tablet says that those who have relatives who oppress on account of their belief, afterwards glory in their names and say, "She is the one who in the beginning of spreading of the Cause. . .become attracted..."

Date trans., Oct. 17, 1908, by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Margaret Campbell
Subject: "Praise Mrs. Rice-Wray that thou hast heard the Call." "Now you may render thanks for these bounties, spread the news of the Most Great Peace"

Date trans., Nov. 25, 1908, by Dr. Ameen Fareed, 1p.
>>> Tablet through Juliet Thompson to Margaret Campbell
Subjects; station, afterlife
Quote: "Raise thine endeavor & be not content with the ease & pleasure of this life. Find thou Eternal bliss & glory elsewhere in another Realm & enter the kingdom of Eternity by Divine Favor."

Date, Dec. 12, 1906, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Rice-Wray
Quote: "Open thy insight; be engaged with eloquent tongue in the praise & glorification of God & become assisted in the service of the Kingdom."

Date trans., Jun. 9, 1911, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Rice-Wray
Subject: teaching
Quote: to Theron C. Rice-Wray "Do not be discouraged & lose spirit in teaching the Cause of God. If thou didst not become assisted in guiding some soul in New York, God Willing, thou shalt become assisted in other cities."

No date, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Ella Rice-Wray
Subject: Advice on choosing a mate, marriage
Quote: "Marry thou a wise, perfect, learned, experienced & faithful person; so that thy time may pass in joy & happiness from beginning to end."

Date trans., Jan. 26, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Ella & Ellah Rice-Wray
Subject: Important letter re: the Universal House of Justice, tests & trials & re: the difference between Bahá'u'lláh's Words in Their original form vs. a translation.

Date trans., Mar. 20, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Booker
Subject: Here 'Abdu'l-Bahá gives business advice to a Bahá'í. He tells him not to follow through with a new business adventure as it will take too much of his time. To engage in the old business & devote the rest of his time to spiritual matters.
See, also, for business advice: 351(6), 352, 434, 479-C
Moved to behind 49

No date, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. Sigurd Russell. Calls him "O my son"
Subject: Study
Quote: re: prayer: "And ask for confirmations & success." "endeavor to learn the Divine Teachings that thou mayest rejoice."

Date trans., Jun. 8, 1911, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Dr. Sylvia Pfeiffer
Subject: letter of encouragement

Date, Feb. 5, 1921, 1p.
>>> Letter to Roy C. Herrick from Howard Mac Nutt
Subject: Fate, Predestination & Will
See more on predestination 479-C

>>> Prayer
Subject: to be said before entering feast (maybe found in SOW: vol. 4)

>>> Pilgrim notes of Ann Boylan
See 148 for notes
Moved to behind 148, Same as 148

Date, Feb. 5, 1921, 1p.
>>> Letter to Roy C. Herrick from Howard Mac Nutt
Quote from the I-qan: (Bahá'u'lláh) "Effort is needed while yet the days remain, in order to taste the cups of Eternity. Therefore avail thyself of the opportunity."

Date, Oct. 6, 1920, by Aziz Ullah S. Bahávar, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Howard Mac Nutt
Subject: true love, attraction
Quote: "Then it is clear & evident that when two hearts become attracted to each other continuous communication will be established between them."
Moved to behind 33

Date, trans., Dec. 4, 1932, by Dr. Bagdadi, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Husayn Effendi Iabal, Alexanderia, Syria--"revealed about 20 years ago to a brother of Dr. Bagdadi"
Subject: Never to be disheartened about anything. Says this will cause him to be nearer to God & make thy business profitable.
See 351(6), 352, 426 which is behind 49, 479-C
Moved to behind 49

Date, Jan. 10, 1919, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mabel Nickerson
Subject: teaching
Quotes; "magnet of confirmation is the promulgation of Divine Teachings" "Whosoever arises. . .the confirmations . . .will assuredly surround. . .to such an extent that he himself will remain confounded. However this is conditioned upon the conformity of words with deeds. . .must strive to diffuse the fragrances through deeds more than words. . ."

Date trans., Apr. 25, 1919, by Shoghi Rabbani, 1p.
>>> Tablet/Prayer to Mrs. Nickerson
Found (Prayer): "for the departed" Am. Prayer Book p. 46 & 7
Subject of the Tablet: words about afterlife, Other World
Moved to behind 39

>>> Tablet from the Bab from the Beyan
Subject: re: the Calendar & the timing of Naw Ruz
Moved to behind 24

# 438 - 446, the following section all are Tablets to Mrs. Brittingham

438 A - B (438 & 9)
Date trans., Dec. 3, 1902, by Mirza Ameen 'Ullah, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Brittingham
Comment: this is a very important Tablet.
Subject: Women, (1) He says there shall be a resounding name for the maid-servants of the Merciful One in the course of the "future ages & cycles."
(2) Discusses the mystery of tests.
(3) Says regarding women: He talks of them compiling treatise & that this is a bounty from "thy Lord" upon those who are chosen for it.
(4) Speaks of a "station in the Manifest Light" - "if thou arrive at that station, thou shalt behold all Holy People humble & submissive at that station."
(5) "He tells her to make haste in life before death. . ." to heal the sick.
(6) to study & teach the old & New Testaments so that she may explain.

# 439 is now 438-B

Date received, Jan. 5, 1904, 1p.
>>> Tablet, extract to Mrs. Brittingham
Subject: Talks about weathering storms: "the sailor is he who sets out & sails the sea when it is stormy, & winds howling & waves raging." Mentions martyrdom & "women captured" [slaves?]

441. Starts at bottom of page 440.
Date, Jan. 29, 1904, 1p.
>>> Tablet is a group letter to a bunch of women, including Mrs. Brittingham
Subject: He tells Brittingham to lead them to unity. . .without which the Great Peace will not be realized--the Sun of Truth will not dawn.

Date trans., Jul. 12, 1914, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Brittingham
Subject: that 'Abdu'l-Bahá is the Interpreter of all the Holy Works of the Blessed Perfection. (Bahá'u'lláh) If one interprets--not approved--by 'Abdu'l-Bahá it is not authoritative.
Quote: "If a soul, utters an explanation which does not harm the Cause, do not oppose him for his talk is based on explanation & not interpretation."
See: 98, 129, 189, 266, 310, 416, 443, 459, 461

>>> Tablets (2): a Tablet & an extract of a Tablet to Mrs. Brittingham
> 1st Tablet, an extract, received May 1910:
Quote whenever any soul explains he must have authority from the Writings.
> 2nd Tablet, date received, Apr. 19, 1904:
Subject: do not complain against God, for discord is like unto fire cast amid the harvest.
To expect harvest under such conditions of disunity is a foolish desire.
See: 98, 129, 189, 266, 310, 416, 442, 459, 461

444. (this continues on to the top of 445)
Date received, Aug. 13, 1908, 1 1/2p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Brittingham
Subject: A long detailed explanation re: worthiness vs. blessings

445. Starts on bottom of 445 (top of page is accounted as 444)
Date received, Mar. 3, 1903, 1/2p.
>>> Tablet, an extract, to Mrs. Brittingham
Quote: "It is the law of God to test the sincere ones with great trials."
See 380

Date, 1904, 1p.
>>> Tablet, extract of, to Mrs. Brittingham
Found in LOG, p. 131 & BNE, p. 248
Comments: 446 reveals more of the prophecy than what is published! Here it says it is a prophecy about America!!! BNE says this is from a tablet written in 1904.
Subject: Significant Prophecy for America!!!
See 22 which is also behind 168
Moved to behind 168

>>> Tablet & Letter
> 1st Letter to Abdu'l Bahá Abbas from Will Levington Comfort, date, Dec. 25, 1918
He mentions Mrs. Waite & Miss Thompson. He asks for a blessing from 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
> 2nd Tablet to Will L. Comfort from Abdu'l Bahá Abbas, date, Mar. 15, 1919
Response: Like a Torch thou hast been ignited. . .Not like an earthly lamp that doesn't comprehend, but a heavenly Light of Truth that both reveals & discovers & comprehends
Quote: "Praise be to God that thou hast attained to such a light."
See: on "light", 448-B to Mrs. Coles & 163, 274-6th
Moved to behind 141

448. 448 & 449, now numbered: 448 A - B
Date as per 309 is, Oct. 27, 1903, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet (2) extracts
> 1st Tablet: this is the same as 164, 199 & 309--But 309 has more of the Tablet.
> 2nd Tablet, "Message to Claudia Coles" signed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, date, Feb. 16, 1907
Subject: How to win eternal life!! (next world, afterlife) a list; (1) attraction to the Fragrances of God, (2) enkindlement with the Fire of the Love of God (3) reading the verses of unity (4) beholding the Lights from the Dawning-place of Mystery AFTER THAT: (1) training of souls (2) purification of the character (3) service to humanity
Quote: "If thou art able to accomplish any of these the result is eternal & the fruit is everlasting."
Moved to behind 43

# 449, now 448 - B

Date trans., Jul. 17, 1908, 1p.
>>> Tablet "To a California Assembly"
Subject: A response to a letter written after the feast of Naw Ruz.
Quote: "'Abdu'l-Bahá, with His heart & soul, was present at your Naw Ruz Feast; associated & took part in your happiness; joy & harmonious union. Therefore, thank ye God that ye had such a Friend & Caller! Notwithstanding the distance of thousands of miles, He was present in spirit at your Feast of Love, and He obtained spiritual emotions." "Through the appearance of Tests, My heart is consoled, & through the experience of dire afflictions My soul is calmed."
See 445 & 380
Moved to behind 33

Same as 144, different typing, 1p.
Moved to behind 144

# # In the handwritten numbers on the lower right hand corner, the BC#, I misnumbered 452 as 425. As there is a 425, you'll need to write over the number to make it show 452.

>>> Tablet (2)
> 1st Tablet to Mamie Agnew, date trans., Jun. 10, 1907
Found TA, p 161, See 479-C (about fragrances see 448-B moved to behind 43)
Quotes; "Should one inhale from this pure & sweet Fragrance, he will assist him under all circumstances & he will talk with the power of the Spirit at all times." "Consider thou not the lack of ability, nor of capacity, for ability & capacity depend upon the Favor of thy Lord & the Favor of Thy Lord is never prevented." See 485-R
> 2nd Tablet to Mrs. Sheppard, Brooklyn, NY, no date given
Same as 34, different typing
Moved to behind 34

Date trans., Jan. 5, 1904, by Ali Kuli Kahn, 1p.
>>> Tablet to "O thou servant"
Subject: (1) this is the "Days of Marriage" (Bible analogy, see 104) [days of marriage means beginning] (2) Beginning equals seed sowing. (3) HAD the believers in America taught like the Persian Believers there would be several millions of souls. (4) if conditions remain, if disagreement remain among the believers in America - the Cause will thereby become entirely extinguished.
Moved to behind 443

Same as 241 & 198, different typing
Move to behind 39

455 & 456.
Same as 200, different typing
Moved to behind 200
456 same as 455
Moved to behind 200

Same as 197 (top), different typing.
Moved to behind 39, 197 also behind 39

Same as 197 (bottom), different typing.
Moved to behind 49

Date trans., May 10, 1913, Paris, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Mary Morrison, Denver Colorado
Subject: Regards contributions requested for a school of Tabriat
Quote: "Whosoever quotes anything from my tongue, ask him an authority, either with my pen or with my signature. If he has no such authority, do not give any importance to tradition. Keep always this as a criterion in view."
See: 98, 129, 189, 266, 310, 416, 442, 443, 461
Moved to behind 52

Date, circa 1913 or 1914, 1p.
>>> Tablet to a Persian believer
Comments: Interesting--After His trip to the West (autobiographical) He says He would be silent for awhile. (344) This letter indicates that while He was active in the West for three years, He was silent in the East. And now while He was being silent in the West, He was writing Tablets to the East, rather than taking a rest as I had imagined.
See 344 & 348--on 'Abdu'l-Bahá's silence

Date trans., Aug. 6, 1914, by Ahmad Sohrab, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Mr. Joseph H. Hannen, Washington D. C.
Quotes; "Promiscuous discussions must be discontinued." (I believe this is in print)
"Inform all the believers that perhaps a number of calumnious articles will be sent to those parts by people of doubts." Prophecy
Same as 175, 175 is an extract of this Tablet
See: 98, 129, 189, 266, 310, 416, 442, 443, 459
Moved to behind 52

Notes after 624.
Moved to behind 624

463. 463 - 468, now 463 A - H
Date, Feb. 1913, 8 pp.
>>> A Talk to the Theosophical Society of Scotland
Subject: He talks in detail about the different stages of Human growth through the various kingdoms & also discusses Eternal Life, beyond. & addresses dreams as a proof of the spirit & ego. Afterlife

# 464 - 468, now 463 B - H

469. 469 - 473, now 469 A - E
No date given, 5 pp.
>>> A compilation of Bahá'í Writings on the subject of Joseph from the Bible (Old Testament), compiled by Doris Goodrick, Bible subject
Comments: In my opinion, these selected Writings re: Joseph indicate that He was a Manifestation of God.

# 470 - 471, now numbered: 469 B - E

# 474 - 478 all moved to behind 624, Shoghi Effendi era documents.
See notes for these documents listed after 624.

479. 479 - 480, now numbered: 479 A - B
2 pp.
>>> Tablet & excerpt from a Talk
> 1st Tablet: date trans., Dec. 14, 1916, by Mirza Ahmad Esphahani,
to "O thou daughter of the Kingdom"
Subject: teaching, on how to treat folks you don't agree with - particularly those who are not of the same belief or understanding as yourself.
> A Talk, an excerpt
Found in PUP
Quote: "I desire distinction for you. . .But this distinction must not depend on wealth."
Business advice (?)

# 480 is now 479-B

No date given, p1.
>>> A compilation made from 5 quotes all found in TA, vol. 1
Titled "Promises of What We Will Achieve if we Live the Life"
Comments: inspiring.

482. 482 - 484, now 482 A - C
Date, Nov. 19, 1921, Interpreted by Mirza Mohammed Ali Afnan taken down in Persian by Dr. Lotfullah Hakim, House of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Haifa, Palestine, 3 pp.
>>> A Talk, (pilgrim note?) the last Talk given by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Notes of John Bosch.
Subject: He talks about the language that exists between lovers of God - Speech without tongue (See tablet to Hatch without lip or tongue 43(c)) & the sacrifice of the lovers for each other and the sacrifice of the Manifestations for the Believers.

# 483-484, now 482 B-C

485. A - (p) Lost pages---
48 pp.
>>> Lessons (12) on Bahá'í Teachings by Shahnaz Waite.
This 48 page document is a partial of a much larger work.
These 48 pages range from Lesson # 10, page 3, to Lesson # 11, part II, page 13.
(Comments: I now have the entire 12 lessons, a couple of inches thick, aprox. 250 pp.)
> Lesson 10 is titled "The New Jerusalem"--coming down from Heaven
Bible subject: The Book of Revelation
> Lesson 11 is titled "Gifts from God"
Comments: These pages are mostly a compilation of excerpts of Tablets, both published & unpublished, & maybe some pilgrim notes. She also occasionally has some comments of her own.
"News Keys to the Book of Revelation", by Ruth Moffet incorrectly quotes some comments by Shahnaz found in Lesson 10 as being from a Tablet from the Master to Shahnaz Waite. These lessons show them to be from the words of SW & not from a Tablet of the Master to SW as reported by Moffet.

+ An electronic copy can be found at the URL
486. An extra---not originally part of the BC, 9 pp. (pages 2/side printed: 5 pages)
"Tablet of the Universe" by 'Abdu'l-Bahá found on line at "Resource Library"

# 487 through 489 are newly added to my Barstow Collection documents. I found them in the possession of Paulette Papas, April 2000, who also acquired some of Dwight Barstow's things.

No date, trans. by Mirza Ali Kuli Khan, 1p.
>>> Prayer revealed by Bahá'u'lláh for Mirza Abul Fazel
Quote: "to endow my utterance with a trace from the traces of Thy Supreme Pen, so that it may attract the realities of things."

>>> Tablet from the Bab to the Letters of the Living.
Comments: this is a beautiful calligraphy suitable for hanging on a wall.

Date, May 7, 1957 re: 1909, 1p.
>>> Letter from Marian Haney to Willard Hatch re: a Tablet of 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
Subject: This letter was sent with a booklet of her own published pilgrim notes from a 1909 pilgrimage. Willard was sick and she sent the booklet called, "A Heavenly Feast" to him as a gift. Her letter is a letter of explanation of the pilgrim notes and is signed in pen by "Marion H" on her own letter head. In the letter, Marion tells Willard that she was in possession of a Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá to her, verifying the pilgrim notes, "A Heavenly Feast". She quotes 'Abdu'l-Bahá's Tablet as saying, "These notes are correct. You must print them."

+ I made an electronic copy.
490. Extra: (added later) AD# 3-2 (Anna Duffy Collection # 3-2.)
Date trans., Jul. 17, 1903, by Mirza Fareed Ameen, Chicago, 1p.
>>> Tablet to Elizabeth Chandler
Comments: This is NOT part of the BC. I added it when it was mailed to me by a friend.
Subject: women, undisclosed station of women

+ I made an electronic copy.
491. Extra: (added later)
>>> Extract of a Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh
Comments: This is NOT part of the BC. I added it when I found it in SOW.
Comments: Two different translations both translated by Shoghi Effendi, same Excerpt:
"The world is in turmoil and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned toward waywardness and irreligion. So grievous shall be its plight that to disclose it now would not be meet and seemly. Many a day shall pass 'ere it is relieved from its sore travail. And in the fulness of time there shall appear, all of a sudden, that which will cast terror into the very heart of mankind; then and only then shall the divine Standard be unfurled, and the Nightingale of Holiness warble its melody upon the Tree of Life. . . ."
-From a Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh, revealed about 1878 A. D.; translated by Shoghi Effendi, and sent by him to America.
(SOW: vol. 14, #11, p. 347, Feb. 1924)
"The world is in travail and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned towards waywardness and unbelief. Such shall be its plight that to disclose it now would not be meet and seemly. Its perversity will long continue. And when the appointed hour is come, there shall suddenly appear that which shall cause the limbs of mankind to quake. Then and only then will the Divine Standard be unfurled and the Nightingale of Paradise warble its melody."
(Shoghi Effendi: World Order of Bahá'u'lláh, Page: 33, Nov. 28, 1931)

# 500 through 507. --legal sized pages of Barstow collection.
Comments: in my own collection I cut down all of these pages to 8x11 inch size. They have all been moved to behind other documents.

# 500 A & B typed by the same person, are really two different Tablets, so they are listed separately

Date trans., Oct. 15, 1920, by Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to J. Isbrucker, Holland
Received & distributed by Roy C. Wilhelm at 'Abdu'l-Bahá's request.
Found SOW: vol. XI, #19, p. 315
Subject: Questions & Answers:
507 The Master writes: What thou hast written is right, that the Bahá'í Religion is Truth & other institutions compared to the Bahá'í religion are not reality & are without any great results.
(2) He answers about, "Obeying a just government"
(3) And "life after death" & says Reality is pure spirit, it is not physical: that is it does not occupy space.
Quote: "The human world cannot comprehend the world of the Kingdom: it is absolutely ignorant of it. While the heavenly spirit have influence in the human world."
Moved to after 43

Date trans., Nov. 12, 1920, Azizullah S. Bahádur, 1p.
>>> Tablet to "America: to the friends of God." Received by Roy C. Wilhelm
Quote: "The world is still filled with tribulations & agitation."
He says, "The physicians" [I think He's referring to ministers & politicians] that "no one can remedy these diseases." "The nurse & the physician together with the sick have become utterly helpless & are suffering great calamities"
Subject (also): Marriage & divorce
Quote: "If one of these two become the cause of divorce, that one will unquestionably fall into great difficulties."
Found: the second half is in the compilation on Marriage & Divorce
Moved to behind 168

Date, 1901, 1p.
>>> Tablet to an American believer
Found in TA p. 611,
Comments: This is also 43-(c) called "Extract of a Tablet", yet it appears to have the entire Tablet.
Subject: (1) mentions "Triune power in man" "Spirit, Intellect & Soul"
(2) "As to the voice"
Same as 43-(c)
Moved to behind 43-(c)

507 A - B
Date received, Dec. 7, 1902, 2 pp.
>>> Tablet "to the Beloved in America" Received by George E. Waite, NY
Subject: this is a beautiful Tablet about Divine Love or Divine Attraction
Same as 25, 250
502 - B says that those who are without it are like insects; the lowest plane
Moved to behind 25

507 A - D
Date trans., Mar. 2, 1904, by M. F. Ameen, Chicago, 4 pp.
>>> Tablet to Mrs. Brittingham
Subject: This a unique Tablet, He lists 55 people with a small message to each.
Moved to 445

2 pp.
>>> Compilation of excerpts, titled "Words of Our Master as Reveled in Various Tablets Regarding the Conditions Amongst the Faithful in America."
The sources of the excerpts are not given. There appear to be 4 excerpts.
The 1st excerpt is the same as 453, which is behind 443.
Moved to behind 443

507 A - B
2 pp.
The same, but longer, version of 58.
Moved in front of 58

507 A - B
>>> Letter written by Remey
Comments: 58, 59, 505 & 506 all go together like a set. Also, 388 & 173.
Subject: Talks about 58 & 59 This is all regarding a group effort of the us friends to say prayers to become united.
See 311
Moved to in front of 58

507 A - G [omit] 7 pp.
>>> An introductory speech on the Bahá'í Faith by anonymous.
This is on lined, legal-sized paper, in hand writing.

## Shoghi Effendi Era Letters, etc. For more on Shoghi Effendi, also see 239.

600. Omitted --sheet called "The Published Works of the Guardian"

601. Omitted --found on CF, p. 45

602. 1p.
>>> Letter found in MA, p. 108
Subject: He calls for individuals, settlers & teachers, "careless of their resources" to arise to accomplish feats outstanding.

603. Omitted --found on MBW, p. 6

604. Omitted --found in Letters to A & NZ, p. 6

605. Omitted --duplicate of 604

606. 1p.
Date, May 12, 1944
>>> Letter
Found in DG, p. 85.
Subject: Says that youth should study the Writings deeply & be thoughtful scholars of its teachings.

607. 1p.
Date writ., Aug. 11, 1950, on his behalf (R. R.) in answer to a letter dated, Feb. 27 (1950)
>>> Letter
Quote: "not to busy ourselves with the weakness of our brothers but to concentrate on the tasks ahead & to be reborn in the service of Bahá'u'lláh."

608. 1p.
>>> Tablet to Shoghi Effendi from 'Abdu'l-Bahá, (date)Oct. 1921.
Subject: 'Abdu'l-Bahá says that he (Shoghi Effendi) "rent the veil too widely asunder."
Also Manchester Community is mentioned.
Comments: Boy, would I like to know which veil that was that was rent too far asunder.

609. 1p.
Date, Aug. 18, 1941, writ. on his behalf (RR)
>>> Letter
Subject: Clarifies that Joseph Smith is not a Manifestation of God.

610. 1p.
Date, May 17, 1929, writ. on his behalf (RR)
>>> Letter
Subject: Dreams
Quote: "Shoghi Effendi was much interested in your dream, which shows remarkable spiritual insight."

611. omitted --duplicate of 614

612. omitted --published

613. omitted --send to the LA Community file

614. A - B
Date, Jul. 7, 1944, writ. on his behalf, 2 pp.
>>> Letter to a group from M. McCormick's, Winnetka
Quote: "A greater degree of love will produce a greater unity."
>>> Letter: written by the group to him, (B) date, May 30, 1944.

Date, Apr. 9, 1947, 1p.
>>> Letter from NSA of USA to an individual
Subject: re: use of Allah'u'Abha.

Date, Jan. 11, 1950, writ. on his behalf by RR, 1p.
>>> Letter to Mrs. B. D. Davenport
Subject: A (American?) couple stationed in Japan. He tells them to stay there. He answers the question of why the Hidden Words are named that.

+ I made an electronic copy.
>>> Letter: date, Oct. 25, 1933, writ. to Mrs. Oglesby, on his behalf by H. Rabbani with a post script at the close of the letter from Shoghi Effendi.
Subject: This letter gives Shoghi Effendi's endorsement of a circular letter to be circulated if it receives approval from the National Spiritual Assembly for circulation.

+ I made an electronic copy of the extra 4 pages.
Extra: These pages are actually part of the BC, but were overlooked when I photocopied.
617. B - E
>>> The extra 4 pages, B - E, are the 4 page circular letter spoken of in 617-A AND opens with "Approved by NSA, circualted [sic] under the auspices of the Boston Local Assembly."
Subject: RACE, relations in the United States
Comments: The approval from the Guardian for its circulation is very important as it contains many quotes from the Guardian from pilgrim notes on the subject of race.
Many of the pilgrim notes quotes are from Mrs. Oglesby's own pilgrimage in 1927. She does not, however, identify where the different pilgrim notes come from in the circular letter & only about half are from her own notes.
With the approval of the Guardian himself, AND approval from the NSA, this circular letter, discussing earnestly the subject of race, certainly could & should be in use today. It is well written, inspirational, informational & the approval for its circulation is from all three levels of Bahá'í administration.
This was distributed by the Boston Local Spiritual Assembly rather than Mrs. Oglesby, herself. It's amazing that it is not in print today.

Date, 1927, from my 1927 pn file, 4 pp.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Mrs. Oglesby.
Subject: Race, the subject of the blacks as members of the Am. Bahá'í community
Added behind 617

618. A - B
Date, Mar. 17, 1943 & Feb. 24, 1943, 2 pp.
>>> Letter (2)
The March letter is written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi by RR, while the Feb. letter is written by RR on her own behalf.
These two letters were written to Adrienne Ellis & Eva Flack (now Adrienne Reeves & Eva McAllister (Bishop)
Subject: The subject of the two letters, deal with the subject of teaching the Faith to Negroes in the US. Race

Date writ., Jun. 19, 1943, on his behalf by RR, 1p.
>>> Letter to "Dear Bahá'í Sister"
Subject: She completed a book about the Bahá'í Faith written in Esperanto for which he commends her. He says for her not to waste her time on learning Persian as he'd prefer for her to teach Esperantists the Faith.

Date, Nov. 6-9, 1920 & Nov. 28-30, 1919, 1p.
>>> Dairy notes of Shoghi Effendi:
Subject: Martyrdom (1) comparing, my body is glad (to be martyred) vs. Jesus crying out on the cross. (Bible subject)
(2) Martyrs suffer no degradation or humility. Rather, they are honored for centuries.
See 237 - also more diary notes of SE, below

237. ---Moved Here
Date, Jun. 8, 1919, 1p.
>>> Diary notes of Shogi Rabbani (a pilgrim note?)
Subject: Quotes 'Abdu'l-Bahá re: Mashrak el Adkar
See Mashrak-el-Azkar section behind 78
Moved to behind 620

621. omitted --MA, p. 53.

622. Photocopy of Bahá'í News, date, Apr. 1943, issue # 162, 2 pp.
Subject: 19 Questions & Answers to & from the Guardian

623. 1p.
>>> Letter to Shoghi Effendi from Soprenia Aeki, date, Aug. 4, 1927
>>> & at bottom of page a short note by Shahnaz Waite
Subject: Soprenia is a 17 year old, mixed race girl (white ?) American & Japanese. She tells of how she & her family have been learning of the Faith at Geyserville Bahá'í school. She apparently lives in or near Geyserville.
Same as 334 same document/same typing
Pod: 334

+ I made an electronic copy of this.
Extra: These pages are actually part of the BC, but were overlooked when I photocopied.
624. A - B, 2 pp.
Date, Jul. 5, 1947, writ. on his behalf by RR
>>> Letter to a Detroit psychologist.
Subject: Says, anybody can become a Bahá'í. Not to worry if they aren't all balanced. That we must not be too liberal as to cease to preserve the character & unity of our Bahá'í system. He says to study the Faith deeply & other subjects; Says (prophecy) Bahá'ís of the future will be a hundred times more mature. He does not think God will permit man to annihilate himself.
Quote: "We have every reason to believe terrible things may still befall mankind, if they do not listen to the divine solution."

6.---Moved Here
Date, Nov. 21, 1935, handwritten, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note from anonymous;
Subject: a circular letter the Guardian encourages to continue circulation.
Moved to behind 624

208. ---Moved Here
Date, Oct. 4, 1954, 1p.
>>> Letter from Virginia to Willard Hatch
Subject: She asked him to tell her what was it the Guardian had said regarding the use of the #9. She quotes 'Abdu'l-Bahá as saying Zia Bahdadi was trustworthy & that he was His son.
Moved to behind 624 --the Shoghi Effendi era letters.

410. ---Moved Here
Date, Dec. 27, 1927, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim notes of Ruth Moffet
Comments: these note are mentioned here & are also mentioned in their place at 410.
Subject: Five steps of prayer
Moved to behind 49

462. ---Moved Here
No date, but is from mid-1930's, 1p.
>>> Pilgrim note: a letter from Helen Bishop to Mr. Lund
Shoghi Effendi tells her to write, [meaning: books, papers that sort of "write"]! (prophecy) He says "great world events will establish the Faith." "It depends only partly on the Bahá'ís." "The war is inevitable & great changes will result."
Moved to behind 624.

474. ---Moved Here
Date, Jul. 30, 1936, 1p.
>>> Cable
RCA Radiogram to Bahá'ís, New York
Calls for action, says "time is short" "(the) sands (of a) chaotic, despairing civilization (are) steadily running out"

475. A - C (was 475 - 477) ---Moved Here
Dates, Apr. 3, 1935 & Dec. 1936, 3 pp.
>>> 3 letters from and to the Guardian from the US NSA
Re: the "Dumit property" on Mt. Carmel

# 476-477, now 475 B-C

478. ---Moved Here
Date, Nov. 1936, 1p.
>>> Cablegram to American Bahá'í Community
Subject: tells them to scatter more widely throughout (the) length (&) breadth (of the) American continents.


[*] Pod: The image is that of a seed pod. Whenever I moved like documents to behind a single "parent" document, I called this group a "pod".
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