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TITLELittle Badasht: Aids for the Study of Nabil's Narrative
ABSTRACTStudy guide of The Dawn-Breakers designed for a youth audience. Includes chronology of the time period, and maps of Persia.
NOTES Mirrored from the old Ocean website []. PDF dated 1980-10-20, included in Ocean in 2001.
TAGS- Chronology and timelines; Dawn-Breakers (book); Iran; Maps; Persia (Iran)
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[] along with the following 7 items:
  1. Chronology of Principle Events
  2. Map: Topography
  3. Map: Borders
  4. Map: Mideast Relief
  5. Map: Provinces
  6. Map: Population
  7. Map: Shoghi Effendi's
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