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TITLEThe Archeology of the Kingdom of God
TITLE_1ST Archéologie du royaume de Dieu
AUTHOR 1Jean-Marc Lepain
CONTRIB 1Peter Terry, trans.
ABSTRACTAnalysis of the spiritual worlds as depicted in philosophical and religious texts, from ancient the Greek to Jewish, Christian and Muslim thought, contrasted with the theosophy, metaphysics, anthropology, and hermeneutics of Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
NOTES This electronic publication is with the permission of the author, the translator, and the publisher Kalimat Press.

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TAGS- Islam; - Judaism; - Philosophy; Abhá Kingdom; Alam-i-Mithal (World of images); Alchemy; Arabic language; Aramaic language; Archetypes; Certitude; Cosmology; Cosmology; God; Hermeneutics; Interpretation; Kabbalah; Language; Lawh-i Haqqun-Nas (Tablet of the Right of the People); Lawh Kullut-Taam (Tablet of All Food); Life after death; Life after death; Manifestations of God; Metaphysics; Mysticism; Neoplatonism; Ontology; Philosophers; Philosophy, Greek; Philosophy, Islamic; Psychology; Quran; Search (general); Sharh-i Kuntu Kanzan Makhfiyan (Commentary on the tradition of the Hidden Treasure); Shaykhism; Spiritualization; Sufism; Theosophy; Translation; Worlds of God
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