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TITLEQur'anic Kerygma: Epic, Apocalypse, and Typological Figuration
AUTHOR 1Todd Lawson
VOLUMEchapter 17
TITLE_PARENTRoutledge Companion to the Qur'an
PUB_THISRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group
ABSTRACTArticle contains no mention of the Bábí or Bahá'í Faiths, but includes themes of relevance to Bahá'í teachings on the typologies of proclamation and apocalypse.
CROSSREFThe Cosmopolitan World of the Quran and Late Antique Humanism (Lawson, 2021)
TAGS- Christianity; - Interfaith dialogue; - Invocations; - Islam; - Persecution; Alast (Primordial Covenant); Angels; Apocalypse; Bible; Certitude; Civilization; Covenant; Creation; Cultural diversity; Day of Judgment (or Day of Resurrection); Enlightenment; Epics; Eschatology; Ethics; Glory (general); God; God, Names of; Humility; Jesus Christ; Jonah (Bible); Joseph (Prophet); Knowledge; Light; Light verse (Quran); Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ); Miriam (sister of Moses and Aaron); Northrop Frye; Nuqta (Point); Opposites; Peace; Prophecies; Prophets; Quran; Recitation; Religion (general); Remembrance; Return; Revelation; Signs; Typology; Unity; Unity of humanity; Unity of religion; Voices of revelation; Words and phrases
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