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TITLEThe Structure of Existence in the Bab's Tafsir and the Perfect Man Motif
AUTHOR 1Todd Lawson
TITLE_PARENTStudia Iranica: Cahiers 11: Recurrent Patterns in Iranian Religions from Mazdaism to Sufism
PUB_THISAssociation pour l'Avancement des Etudes Iraniennes
ABSTRACTThe Perfect Man is the mediator between God and the World. He is the mirror in which creation sees God, the eye by which God sees creation. The Bab phrased his cosmology and his Quranic exegesis in light of wahdat al-wujud, the Unity of Being.
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; - Islam; Cosmology; God; Manifestations of God; Mirrors (metaphor); Perfect Man (Pole); Quran; Sufism; Tafsir surat al-baqara (Commentary on the Surah of the Cow); Unity of existence
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