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TITLELearning and the Unfoldment of the Bahá'í Community
AUTHOR 1Paul Lample
ABSTRACTTwo slightly different versions of the Plenary Address to the ABS conference.
NOTES This talk is available both as an Audio file and as a PDF transcript, below. They are not identical; the transcript appears to have been edited, perhaps by its author.

Address to the 32nd Annual ABS Conference "Religion and Social Cohesion," San Diego CA, 2008.

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Author affiliation: Member, Universal House of Justice

Abstract: In recent years a more systematic approach to expansion and consolidation has emerged‚ driven by a capacity for learning through reflection on action. Such learning is central to social change. It may be understood as a response to Bahá’u’lláh’s injunction to “strive to translate that which hath been written into reality and action.” The presentation will examine this learning process‚ and consider its implications for greater coherence in Bahá’í activities‚ including administration‚ social and economic development‚ involvement with society‚ and scholarship. Also considered will be how learning unfolds in the context of infallible guidance and the role of learned individuals. [Abstract taken from conference program.]

Version one: audio

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Version two: PDF transcript

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