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TITLEК вопросу о типологии и классификации веры бахаи: On Typology and Classification of the Bahá'í Faith
AUTHOR 1Oleg Kyselov
TITLE_PARENTEssays on Religious Studies
ABSTRACTAn attempt to classify the Bahá'í Faith from a perspective of the sociology of religion and Marxism.
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TAGSMarxism; New religious movements (NRM); Sociology
About: The author tries to identify the religion type (sect or cult) and religion class (world religion or new religion) of the Baha’i religious organization. In the first case the author grounds his considerations on the existing characteristics in the sociology of religion and compares them with the assessments of this religion in the Baha’i studies. The author concludes that it is incorrect to use terms sect and cult towards the Baha’i faith. On author’s opinion it is also problematic to identify this religious community as a new religion. If we move away from the Marxist world religions limited by Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, then the Baha’i faith as many other religious communities can be included in this class. [blurb from end of article]
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