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TITLEAlaskan Bahá'í Community: Its Growth and Development: The Formative Years: To 156 B. E. (1999)
AUTHOR 1John E. Kolstoe
ABSTRACTCompilation of historical materials on the Faith in Alaska up through the late 1990s.
NOTES Permission to scan and post this book given to D. Calkins, who provides this background: "John Kolstoe was asked by the National Spiritual Assembly of Alaska to compile materials on the history of the Faith in Alaska in the late 1990s. The majority of this material had been published in the Alaska Baha’i News at various times. John organized this material with some additional notes which was accepted by the Alaska NSA in 1999."
TAGSAlaska, USA; Bahá'í history by country; United States (documents)
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