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TITLEBody, Mind, Soul and Spirit
AUTHOR 1Anjam Khursheed
VOLUMEvol. 3
TITLE_PARENTSingapore Bahá'í Studies Review
ABSTRACTThe Bahá'í view of human nature involves an interaction between spirit, soul and body — these three elements exist both in the Semitic religions and in the Far Eastern ones; Western dualist and Eastern monist traditions are in fact all tripartite.
NOTES See the table of contents, editor's note, and biographical data in the complete issue, vol. 3.

See also the Wikipedia articles "Rūḥ", "Nafs" and " 'Aql " (and the related term "Qalb") for the background of these terms in Islam and Sufism.

TAGS- Buddhism; - Christianity; - Hinduism; - Judaism; - Philosophy; Aql; Body; Dualism; Flatland (Abbot); Human nature; Life after death; Literature; Mind; Mind, spirit, soul; Monism; Philosophy, Buddhist; Philosophy, Greek; Philosophy, Hindu; Philosophy, Islamic; Relativity theory; Soul; Spirit (general); Translation
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