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TITLEIslam and the Bahá'í Faith
AUTHOR 1Diane Robinson Kerr
ABSTRACTOverview of the core tenets of Islam — belief, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage — with some reflections from a Bahá'í perspective.
NOTES Mirrored with permission from the author's website, where she has many other articles, and two ebooks for sale: The Coming of Age of Humanity and Mending the Circle: A Practical Guide to Facilitating Groups.
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; - Islam
About: Islam is the Mother Religion of my Faith and in it I see so many similarities and concepts that I accept as part of my own religious understanding. This comes as no surprise as all of the prophets from God, or Allah, reveal the same spiritual teachings, the same Tawid. Differences are most obvious in the social teachings, which are adjusted and changed to fit the needs of the society and times. Some of the most obvious parallels can be found by comparing the five pillars. I especially love this quote by Abdu’l Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah in reference to the pillars of faith.
    There are certain pillars which have been established as the unshakable supports of the Faith of God. The mightiest of these is learning and the use of the mind, the expansion of consciousness, and insight into the realities of the universe and the hidden mysteries of Almighty God.​​ – Abdu’l Baha
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