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TITLEBirds of Diverse Feathers Consult Together
AUTHOR 1Daniel C. Jordan
AUTHOR 2Doug Honaker
ABSTRACT25-minute film strip with audio narration, written by Jordan and illustrated by Honaker. Originally accompanied by a booklet that had photos of all the images and the narrative.
NOTES Permission to post this video at for non-commercial use granted by the copyright holder, the United States Bahá’í Publishing Trust.
TAGSConsultation; Daniel Jordan (Dan Jordan); Humor
About: "A humorous audio-visual examination of the process of consultation and how many of the personality traits that tend to hinder this process can be changed into spiritual attributes which can facilitate consultation."

Note: the reading of the narration was likely performed by Carole and Jim Allen. The film strips were cut and scanned using an Epson V600 printer. Digital reproduction of a film strip (6 00-74) and accompanying cassette (6 00-76). See picture. [-M.C. 2021]

Click to view or download: jordan_birds_diverse_feathers.mp4 [178 MB].
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