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TITLEAbdu'l-Baha's horoscope
AUTHOR 1Marc Edmund Jones
TITLE_PARENTThe Guide to Horoscope Interpretation
PUB_THISTheosophical Publishing House
ABSTRACTAbdu'l-Bahá's Horoscope, as prepared by a non-Bahá'í.
TAGS- `Abdu'l-Bahá,; Astrology; Horoscopes

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The book in which this horoscope was published [see Amazon and Wikipedia] includes the following paragraph. Note that it was not written by a Bahá'í and includes the erroneous statement that Abdu'l-Bahá was a "prophet," which he was not. As well, the Bahá'í teachings do not necessarily endorse astrology. [-J.W., 1998]
"Abdul Baha, better known to many by his real name, Abbas Effendi, was the outstanding leader of a definitely world-wide religion arising out of Mohammedanism. His Bahai movement places its emphasis on the unity of mankind, and on the common roots in all religious faiths. He is the prophet who sought to live its demand for universality, and the concepts of Bahaism under his influences reflect the self-containment which characterizes the bowl pattern. The Saturn point of application in the horoscope of Bahaism's most effective exponent indicates the Bahai certainty of foundations. The focal determination in the chart is provided by the absence of emphasis in earth signs, which stimulates Abdul Baha's keen sense of the world's need for an increased concern over practical and everyday relations and implications of experience. There is also a tendency of the planets to form pairs, not as marked as in the chart of Jeff Davis, but indicating Abdul Baha's instinct for doing things of importance, and affording vital guidance for the detailed analysis of his life."
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