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TITLEBahá'í Teachings on The Universe
CONTRIB 1Ernie Jones, comp.
ABSTRACTCompilation of writings related to the cosmos, the worlds of God, and spiritual evolution.
NOTES See also the original chart, along with notes from the archives of the author's mother, Emma Maxie Jones, at Explanation of Spiritual Evolution as Taught from the Bahá'í Teachings. See also Microsoft Word version of this compilation.
TAGSUniverse; Worlds of God; Spiritual evolution; Cosmology; Philosophy; Science; Soul; Human nature; Ether (concept); Lawh-i-Aflakiyyih (Tablet of the Universe)
About: This compilation of Bahá'í writings related to the universe is based on "The Universe" chart using online sources. The chart is not necessarily a complete representation of the structure of the entire universe. Lua Getsinger created a similar chart while on pilgrimage to Acca from which this chart was made. It was obviously designed for a Christian audience. Ether - and related subjects - mentioned in the Bahá'í writings are not indicated on the chart and have been placed between the material and spiritual worlds. The chart conforms to 'Abdu'l-Bahá's depiction of three parts of existence consisting of God, the Word and all of Creation. Note: Each selection is linked to the online source. The text is formatted for ease of search by phrase.
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