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TITLEEve Nicklin: She of the Brave Heart
AUTHOR 1Boris Handal
PUB_THISCreateSpace Independent Publishing
ABSTRACTThe life of the "Spiritual Mother of Peru."
NOTES See also the Spanish version, Ella del Valiente Corazón: La Vida de Miss Eve Blanche Nicklin (1895-1985), "Madre Spiritual del Perú".
TAGSEve Nicklin; Peru
Abstract: Eve Nicklin was among the first American Bahá'í pioneers to South America. Armed with an unreserved love for humanity, for five decades she spread the all-embracing teachings of the Bahá’í Faith with unswerving dedication and zeal, settling in twelve cities within six South American countries. A gifted educator, Eve attracted people from all walks of life, from the university professor to the peasant and simple folk, whether a dignitary or a commoner, rich or poor, both the young and the old. Whenever someone was required to settle in the southernmost and freezing tip of the continent or in the very heart of the Andes - Eve was always the first to joyfully accept the call. Her life was characterised by a strong belief that the Bahá'í teachings were the means to achieve world unity, universal peace and the brotherhood of all faiths.
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