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TITLELetter on the Attempted Assassination of Nasir al-Din Shah
AUTHOR 1Alfred von Goumoens
TITLE_PARENTOesterreichischer Soldatenfruend
ABSTRACTAustrian captain Alfred von Goumoëns witnessed and reported on the attempted assassination of Násir ad-Dín Sháh and sent this letter to an Austrian newspaper.
NOTES Goumoens witnessed the assassination attempt on August 15 1852 and wrote this letter August 29 1852, which was published in the newspaper Oesterreichischer Soldatenfruend ("Austrian Soldier Friend") on October 12 1852, vol. 123, p. 514.

Shoghi Effendi quotes this letter in God Passes By pages 65-66.

Read more about von Goumoens' letters atá'í_Faiths.

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