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TITLEVoyage to the Heart of the Koran: The Holy Book of Islám for Thinking Minds (By a Non-Muslim)
AUTHOR 1David Russell Garcia
ABSTRACTA lengthy overview of the Qur'án and its themes for a Bahá'í audience; holy war and fighting; reasons behind Islám's reputation as a war-like religion; theology of Islám vs. Christianity; laws and admonitions; spiritual and social principles; apocalypse.
NOTES For more on jinn, see On the Meanings of the Terms 'Angels' and 'Jinn' by Abdu'l-Bahá (provisional translation, 2019).

Also available in Dutch translation.

CROSSREFDeciphering the Signs of God: A Phenomenological Approach to Islam (Annemarie Schimmel), and Heart of the Gospel: The Bible and the Bahá'í Faith
TAGS- Christianity; - Hinduism; - Interfaith dialogue; - Islam; - Judaism; - Metaphors and allegories; - Philosophy; Adam and Eve; Angels; Bible; Book of Enoch; Civilization; Clouds (metaphor); Context, Taking verses out of; Creation; Day of Judgment (or Day of Resurrection); Dead Sea scrolls; Decline and renewal of religion; Devil (Satan); Encouragement; Evil; Fear of God; Food; Forgiveness; Free will; Heaven and hell; Human Rights; Independent investigation of truth; Intermediary realm; Jesus Christ; Jihad (Holy war); Jinn (genie); Justice; Kitáb-i-Íqán (Book of Certitude); Laws; Life after death; Love; Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ); Mercy; Miracles; Muhammad (Prophet); Non-violence; Peace; Plato; Polygamy; Progressive revelation; Prophecies; Prophets; Purity; Quran; Renaissance; Resurrection; Return; Reward and punishment; Science; Signs; Sin (general); Soul; Tests and difficulties; Trinity; Two seas; Ungodly; Unity of religion; Violence; Western culture; Will of God
    Preface: The Search for Salsabíl                                   1
    Introduction                                                       3
    Chapter 1                                                         12
        Islám and Christianity: Two Different Sides of the Same Coin  12
        Justice Opposite Mercy                                        13
        The Fear of God vs. The Love of God                           26
        God's Will vs. Human Will                                     27
        Bracing for Stern Words From God                              33
    Chapter 2 The Central Messages of the Qur’án                      35
    Chapter 3 War and Fighting                                       103
    Chapter 4 Laws, Commands and Admonitions                         158
    Chapter 5 Some Spiritual and Social Principles                   179
    Chapter 6 Other Interesting  Matters of the Qur’án               194
    Chapter 7 End Times Metaphors                                    278
    Chapter 8 Final Comments                                         335
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