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TITLEEl Monte Carmelo y el Nombre Oculto: Mount Carmel and the Hidden Name
AUTHOR 1Ernesto Fernandez
ABSTRACTRelationship between Mount Carmel and the Greatest Name and their symbolic meanings in the Bahá'í Faith.
TAGS- Symbolism; Abjad system; Greatest Name; Mount Carmel, Israel; Nuqta (Point); Primal Point
Abstract: Spanish: El Monte Carmelo y el Más Gran Nombre constituyen dos estructuras simbólicas fundamentales de la Fe Bahá’í; este estudio analiza el isomorfismo entre ambas y su relación con sistemas equivalentes en la simbología religiosa universal.

English: Mount Carmel and the Greatest Name are two symbolic structures fundamental to the Bahá'í Faith. This study analyzes the isomorphism between them, and their relationship with equivalent systems in universal religious symbology.

Spanish original:El Monte Carmelo y el Nombre Oculto [PDF, 2MB]
English excerpt:The Metaphysics of the Primal Point [PDF, 1MB]
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