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COLLECTIONSArchives, Personal compilations, Research notes
TITLEEuropean Bahá'í Archives Workshop
CITY_THISFrankfurt, Germany
ABSTRACTEssays and handouts from a workshop on preservation of source material. Includes forms for archivists, historians, local and national assemblies, archiving methods, oral history guidelines, organizational schemes, and compilations from the Writings.
NOTES This collection of documents was first posted online at and has also been preserved at
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Lecture Notes
Session I The Nature and Purpose of Archives
Session II Basic Functions of the Archivist
Session III Fundamentals of Working with Bahá'í Archives
Session IV Archives in the Local Community

Intro - 1 Quotations on the Importance of Bahá'í Archives
Intro - 2 Important Contacts
Intro - 3 Helpful Websites for Archivists
I - 1 Categories of Archival Materials
I - 2 Questionnaire for Institutional Self-Evaluation
II - 1 Storage and Preservation of Archives
II - 2 Mandate for National Bahá'í Archives Committee
II - 3 Separation Record
II - 4 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule
II - 5 Receipt for Transfer of Organizational Records
II - 6 Accession Sheet
II - 7 Deed of Gift
II - 8 Archives Processing Card
II - 9 Archives Budget
II - 10 Sample Job Descriptions
II - 11 Archives as a Career
II - 12 Archives Schools in Europe
II - 13 Access Policy
II - 14 Records Request Slip
II - 15 Copyright Statement
II - 16 Statement of Conduct and Ethics
II - 17 Canadian Bahá'í Archives Policy Statement
III - 1 Guidelines for the Protection of Archival Materials
III - 2 Sources of Archival Supplies
III - 3 Sample Inventory for a Manuscript Collection
IV - 1 Biographical Questionnaire
IV - 2 Guidelines for Bahá'í Book Collectors and Researchers about Personal Papers and Items
IV - 3 Information Packet for Auxiliary Board Members
IV - 4 Application for Research
IV - 5 National Bahá'í Archives Reading Room Rules
IV - 6 Information for Researchers Inquiring about the National Bahá'í Archives
IV - 7 Local Bahá'í Archives Questionnaire
IV - 8 Archival Standards for Spiritual Assembly Archives
IV - 9 Spiritual Assembly Records in Local Bahá'í Archives
IV - 10 Personal Papers in Local Bahá'í Archives
IV - 11 Sample Bahá'í Forms and Registers:
    Marriage register
    Birth register
    Death register
    Enrollment form
IV - 12 Donating Papers to the National Bahá'í Archives
IV - 13 Oral History Guidelines
IV - 14 Archival Standards for Bahá'í Schools and Institutes
IV - 15 Questions to Consider When Researching and Writing History of Local Communities

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