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TITLEKitáb-i-Íqán: Undated Lecture Series
AUTHOR 1Hooper Dunbar
NOTES No information is given about the date or context of this series. A clue of the date is at the beginning of the first lecture, in which Dunbar mentions the recent death of a Bahá'í. This appears to be Kent Beveridge, who perished in a scuba diving incident at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on April 2, 1989 and was buried in the the cemetery at Eilat, Israel.

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TAGSHooper Dunbar; Kitáb-i-Íqán (Book of Certitude)
Part 1:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_1.mp3[10 MB, 55 min.]
Part 2:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_2.mp3[11 MB, 65 min.]
Part 3:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_3.mp3[14 MB, 78 min.]
Part 4:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_4.mp3[12 MB, 70 min.]
Part 5:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_5.mp3[16 MB, 94 min.]
Part 6:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_6.mp3[14 MB, 78 min.]
Part 7:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_7.mp3[13 MB, 77 min.]
Part 8:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_8.mp3[16 MB, 94 min.]
Part 9:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_9.mp3[14 MB, 82 min.]
Part 10:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_10.mp3[15 MB, 87 min.]
Part 11:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_11.mp3[15 MB, 87 min.]
Part 12:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_12.mp3[14 MB, 78 min.]
Part 13:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_13.mp3[12 MB, 70 min.]
Part 14:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_14.mp3[13 MB, 77 min.]
Part 15:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_15.mp3[13 MB, 77 min.]
Part 16:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_16.mp3[12 MB, 70 min.]
Part 17:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_17.mp3[13 MB, 76 min.]
Part 18:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_18.mp3[15 MB, 87 min.]
Part 19:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_19.mp3[16 MB, 94 min.]
Part 20:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_20.mp3[12 MB, 70 min.]
Part 21:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_21.mp3[16 MB, 92 min.]
Part 22:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_22.mp3[12 MB, 68 min.]
Part 23:Download dunbar_iqan_lectures_undated_23.mp3   [13 MB, 74 min.]
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