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TITLEThe Birth of a Monotheistic Religion in Modernity: On Jihad and Martyrdom in the Baha'i Faith
AUTHOR 1Sasha Dehghani
VOLUMEed. Sasha Dehghani and Silvia Horsch
TITLE_PARENTMartyrdom in the Modern Middle East
PUB_THISErgon Verlag
ABSTRACTThe Bahá'í Faith responds to major questions of modernity such as the claims of science, world peace, and women's rights. Elements of continuity between early Christianity and mystical Islam can be found in the abolishment of military jihad.
NOTES Mirrored from Download complete issue, dehghani_martyrdom_middle_east.pdf.
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; Islam; Jihad (Holy war); Martyrdom
About this issue [from which the following article was extracted]: This volume assembles contributions from different academic perspectives (religious and Islamic studies, literary and theatre studies, theology, sociology and history) on modern manifestations of martyrdom in the diverse Middle Eastern religious traditions, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and the Bahá'í-faith. The latter is considered in more detail since it is often not included in comparative studies on the monotheistic religions. An excursus into the farer East composes the contribution on Mahatma Ghandi. The volume considers central sociological, philosophical and theological problems which lie at the heart of the phenomenon of martyrdom, the significance of martyrdom in different conflicts, the competing martyr figures which develop in the course of these conflicts as well as the accompanying representations in art and ritual. Special attention is directed to the transitions of traditional forms of martyr representation and the emergence of a global discourse on martyrdom, which can be noticed both in the dissemination of martyr practices as in the reactions to certain martyr events on a global scale. []
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