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TITLEDeclaration of the Bab (Poetic)
AUTHOR 1David Merrick
ABSTRACTA poetic meditation on Mulla Husayn's transformation at the Declaration of the Bab.
TAGSBáb, Declaration of; Iran (documents); Mulla Husayn; Poetry; Shíráz, Iran

Mullá Husayn

You have asked me - Who I am?

Can't you see?

I am - Mullá Husayn!

Before me, giant men crumble and fall like trees flattened in a mighty storm; they stagger and are swept away by the resounding thunder of my tongue.

Who of my companions fails to drink from my excellent wisdom, and trace the steps of my shadow? Some even whisper, and swear, I am the one who must come.

But then I met a Youth, and I discovered I was just a mirage in the desert of vanities. As He stood upon the pinnacles of light and called forth my name, I turned to flee from His face and cover myself in the dust. Though I cried out, my voice was hoarse and rasped, until, only silence could be heard.

With a gentle and radiant love He called me again; my heart swooned and I fell into His arms.

A thousand hands swept me up like a gust of wind, passing me from one to another, higher and higher my joy and ecstasy rose... until I opened my eyes and was surrounded by all the stars of creation, shining in the midmost heart of heaven. I felt myself borne aloft a river of light and power, my being unravelling like a cotton reel, being threaded - into something new.

My eyes awoke; it was a little after sunset:- and there, before me, was the beauteous face of that radiant Youth, peering lovingly into the well of my soul, with His serene, infinity of Grace.
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