Chronology of the Bahá'í Faith in Canada

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1971 Ridván The election of the first spiritual assembly in Prince Rupert, BC.
  • Elected were: Fletcher Bennett, Robert Lee, Lynn Whitehouse, Elinor Bennett, Joan Kauth, Justine Stenset, Elsie Dryer and Irene Harris. [CBN257April1972p12]
  • 92 year old Irene Harris liked to be called "Grandma" because she is" a grandmother to all people, Chinese, Japanese, white people, to everyone". She was the first believer from the Kitwancool Nation. [CBN253Aug-Sep1971p6]
  • Local Spiritual Assembly, election; Fletcher Bennett; Robert Lee; Lynn Whitehouse; Elinor Bennett; Joan Kauth; Justine Stenset; Elsie Dryer; Irene Harris; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Prince Rupert, BC; Kitwancool Nation, BC Irene

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