Chronology of the Bahá'í Faith in Canada

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1967 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly was formed in Haines Junction, YT. [Native Conversion, Native Identity: An Oral History of the Bahá'í Faith among First Nations People in the Southern Central Yukon Territory, Canada by Carolyn Patterson Sawin p98] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Haines Junction, YT
1967 Ridván The formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Comox: The members were: Ed Crainey, Eric Hyde, Joan Stroub, Cliff Gardner, Rosemary Versteegh, Frank Versteegh (chairman) Olive Yorke, Maisie Hyde, and Novella Hyde. [CBN No 214 November 1967 p11] Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Comox, BC

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