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TITLEChronology of Principal Events Related in the Dawn-Breakers
ABSTRACTTable of 59 key events in early Bábí history.
NOTES Text from Ocean. See also a more detailed table, Chronology of Persecutions of Babis and Bahá'ís.
TAGS- Chronology and timelines; - Study guides; Dawn-Breakers (book)
1811Birth of Hujjat.
12 Nov. 1817Birth of Mirza Husayn 'Aliy-i-Nuri (Bahá'u'lláh).
1817 Birth of Tahirih.
20 Oct. 1819Birth of Siyyid 'Ali-Muhammad-i-Shirazi (the Bab).
1822Birth of Quddus.
27 June 1826Death of Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsa'i.
9 Sept. 1834Accession of Muhammad Shah.
1835Marriage of Bahá'u'lláh to Asiyih Khanum (Navvab).
1841The Bab proceeds to Najaf and Karbila where he attends the lectures of Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti, Shaykh Ahmad's successor.
1842Marriage of the Bab to Khadijih Khanum.
31 Dec. 1843Death of Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti.
Jan. 1844Mulla Husayn and his companions set out to find the Qa'im.
23 May 1844Declaration by the Bab of his mission to Mulla Husayn-i-Bushru'i at Shiraz. The Bab reveals the Suriy-i-Mulk, the first chapter of the Qayyumu'l-'Asma.
Birth of `Abdu'l-Bahá in Tihran.
Summer 1844The Bab sends the Letters of the Living to their native provinces to teach; he sends Mulla Husayn to Tihran to communicate with Bahá'u'lláh. Shortly after, Bahá'u'lláh arises to spread the Revelation of the Bab in Mazindaran.
Mulla 'Aliy-i-Bastami sets out for Karbila.
Sept. 1844 The Bab sets out with Quddus from Shiraz on pilgrimage to Mecca.
12 Dec. 1844Arrival of the Bab and Quddus in Mecca.
Dec. 1844Quddus proclaims the Faith to the Sherif of Mecca.
10 Jan. 1845The Bab and Quddus leave Mecca for Medina. The Bab reveals Sahifatu'l-Haramayn on way.
13 Jan. 1845Trial of Mulla 'Aliy-i-Bastami at Baghdad.
15 May 1845The Bab returns to Bushihr following pilgrimage.
June 1845Punishment inflicted by Husayn Khan on disciples of the Bab at Shiraz, Quddus, Mulla Sadiq-i-Khurasani, and 'Ali Akbar-i-Ardistani arrested, beaten and expelled from Shiraz.
The Bab arrested and escorted to Shiraz.
1846Muhammad Shah sends Vahid to interview the Bab in Shiraz. The Commentary on the Surih of Kawthar revealed. Vahid becomes a disciple of the Bab.
Hujjat also becomes a believer around this time.
Mulla 'Aliy-i-Bastami is martyred.
The Bab is arrested, but later released following an outbreak of cholera. Shortly after, the Bab leaves Shiraz for Isfahan.
Sept. 1846-Mar. 1847The Bab's stay in Isfahan, where he meets with a number of the 'ulama', and where Manuchihr Khan, the governor, becomes a follower of the Bab. The Commentary on the Surih of Va'l-'Asr and Tafsir-i-Nubuvvat-i-Khassih revealed.
Mar.-July 1847The Bab is transferred from Isfahan to Maku. Kitab-i-Bayan, Dala'il-i-Sab'ih, and the Tablet to Muhammad Shah revealed at Maku.
1847Tahirih leaves 'Iraq for Iran.
Oct. 1847Some thirty Babis, including Tahirih, arrested in Qazvin. Bahá'u'lláh imprisoned in Nov.-Dec. while trying to assist the Babis of Qazvin.
21 Mar. 1848Mulla Husayn visits the Bab at Maku.
10 Apr. 1848The Bab is moved to Chihriq.
June 1848Bahá'u'lláh, Quddus and Tahirih arrive at the Conference of Badasht at which a definite break is made with the laws of the Islamic Dispensation.
July 1848The Bab is brought to Tabriz for trial, passing through Urumiyyih on the way. He proclaims his station in the presence of the heir to the throne. After his trial, he is bastinadoed and returned to Chihriq.
Summer 1848Quddus arrested and imprisoned in Sari.
4 Sept. 1848 Death of Muhammad Shah.
Accession of Nasiru'd-Din Shah; Mirza Taqi Khan, the Amir Nizam, becomes Prime Minister a short time later.
12 Oct. 1848Mulla Husayn and his companions enter the Shrine of Shaykh Tabarsi -- beginning of the Mazindaran Upheaval.
Nov. 1848Bahá'u'lláh arrives at Shaykh Tabarsi.
27 Nov. 1848Quddus arrives at Shaykh Tabarsi. Bahá'u'lláh leaves some time later.
Dec. 1848Bahá'u'lláh arrested and bastinadoed in Amul on his way to Shaykh Tabarsi for a second time.
2 Feb. 1849Martyrdom of Mulla Husayn and some forty of his companions.
10 May 1849Quddus and his companions tricked into laying down their arms.
End of Mazindaran Upheaval.
16 May 1849Martyrdom of Quddus at Barfurush.
ca. May 1849Haji Mirza Siyyid 'Ali, the maternal uncle of the Bab, visits him at Chihriq.
7 Mar. 1850Martyrdom of the Seven Martyrs of Tihran, among them Haji Mirza Siyyid 'Ali, uncle of the Bab. [7 Mar. is the date suggested by "The Dawn-Breakers"; Momen, in "The Bahá'í World" Vol XVIII, p. 381, gives the date as 19 or 20 Feb.]
17 Mar. 1850Vahid arrives in Yazd. Disturbances occur following his proclamation of the Faith of the Bab. The Yazd Episode.
14 Feb.-15 Mar.1850Tahirih imprisoned in the house of Mahmud Khan-i-Kalantar.
ca. 13 May 1850Beginning of the Zanjan Upheaval.
27 May 1850Vahid enters Nayriz. Beginning of the First Nayriz Upheaval.
19 June 1850Arrival of the Bab at Tabriz.
21 June 1850The Babis, through treachery, induced to leave the fort, then set upon and killed. End of First Nayriz Upheaval.
29 June 1850Martyrdom of Vahid.
9 July 1850Martyrdom of the Bab.
25 Aug. 1850Arrival of 'Aziz Khan-i-Mukri, commander-in-chief of Iran's army, at Zanjan.
29 Dec. 1850 or 8 Jan. 1851Martyrdom of Hujjat.
Jan. 1851End of the Zanjan Upheaval.
13 Nov. 1851Fall of Mirza Taqi Khan, Amir-Nizam. Mirza Aqa Khan-i-Nuri becomes Prime Minister shortly thereafter.
15 Aug. 1852The attempt on the life of the Shah.
16-27 Aug. 1852Arrest and martyrdom of Babis in Tihran, including Tahirih, Sulayman Khan, and Siyyid Husayn-i-Yazdi (the Bab's amanuensis).
Aug.-Dec. 1852Imprisonment of Bahá'u'lláh in the Siyah-Chal of Tihran.
Oct.-Nov. 1852Second Upheaval at Nayriz.
12 Jan. 1853Banishment of Bahá'u'lláh to Baghdad.
8 Apr. 1853Arrival of Bahá'u'lláh in Baghdad.
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