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1940 (In the year) Ruth and Ellsworth Blackwell were the first Bahá'í pioneers to move to Haiti, where they spent more than half of the next thirty-five years. The book, White and Negro Alike. Stories of Baha'i Pioneers Ellsworth and Ruth Blackwell tells the story of the victories and the challenges they experienced in Haiti and in periods when they returned to Chicago between 1940 and 1975. It was written by Audrey Mike and published by Our Life Words.
  • See the story of Ellsworth Blackwell, NSA member, ABM, pioneer to Madagascar and to Zaire (DRC) where he passed away in 1978. [Bahaipedia]
  • Ellsworth Blackwell; Ruth Blackwell; Haiti; Madagascar; Congo, Democratic Republic of (Zaire) first pioneers to settle in Haiti
    1940 (In the year) An institution for Bahá'í orphans was founded which served the community for many years. [BW9p251]
  • On a more general level, an achievement of the Bahá'í communities in Iran was the establishment of modern public baths in most of the major populated towns and villages throughout the country to replace the unhygienic traditional baths. Some of the baths were built and donated to the community by individual Bahá'ís and some were established through the collective financial participation of the members of the community. [BAHAISM v. The Bahai Community in Iran by V. Rafati]
  • Orphanages; Property; Endowments; Public baths (bathhouses); Iran
    1940 (In the year) ʿAbd-al-Mīṯāq Mīṯāqīya, ( 'Abdu'l-Missagh Missaghiyeh) a well-known Bahá'í of Tehran, built a hospital and donated it to the Bahá'í community. The hospital rapidly developed to employ highly respected physicians, and to obtain advanced equipment. It became known as one of the best medical centres in Tehran.
  • In the early 1970s a nursing school, affiliated with the hospital, was inaugurated and the hospital itself opened medical clinics in Boir Aḥmad [BW16p264; BAHAISM v. The Bahai Community in Iran by V. Rafati]
  • Abd-al-Mitaq Mitaqiya; `Abdu'l-Missagh Missaghiyeh; Tehran, Iran; Iran
    1940 (In the year) The first local spiritual assembly in Brazil was established in Bahia, with the assistance of Leonora Holsapple Armstrong.
  • The second Local Spiritual Assembly was formed in Rio de Janeiro and, in 1946 the third, in São Paulo. [Biographical Profile]
  • Leonora Holsapple Armstrong; Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Bahia, Brazil; Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Brazil; Sao Paulo, Brazil first LSA in Brazil
    1940 (In the year) The Canadian Department of National Defence exempted Bahá'ís from combatant military duty. Exemption; Recognition (legal); Armed Forces; Military; Canada
    1940 (In the year) A Bahá'í centre was opened in Havana, Cuba, and an organized group was formed. Haziratul-Quds (Bahá'í centres); Havana, Cuba; Cuba
    1940 (In the year) The publication of I, Mary Magdalen by Juliet Thompson. It was a novel with a semi-autobiographical account of her contact with 'Abdu'l-Bahá. [Collins7.2554] Juliet Thompson; I, Mary Magdalen; New York, USA; USA
    1940 (In the year) Narayenrao Rangnath Shethji, a Bahá'í from India surnamed Vakíl, visited Nepal, the first Bahá'í to do so. Narayenrao Rangnath Shethji; Nepal first Bahá’í to visit Nepal
    1940 (In the year) Marcia Atwater, from the United States, arrived in Santiago, Chile, as the first long-term pioneer. Marcia Atwater; First travel teachers and pioneers; Santiago, Chile; Chile first long-term pioneer
    1940 (In the year) Eleanor Smith Adler, a new Bahá'í from Los Angeles, settled in La Paz, the first pioneer to Bolivia. Eleanor Smith Adler; La Paz, Bolivia; Bolivia first pioneer to Bolivia
    1940 (in the decade) Bahá'ís in Argentina faced opposition throughout the decade with both the police and nationalists intimidating them. Persecution, Argentina; - Persecution, Other; - Persecution; Argentina
    1940 (in the decade) The first Egyptian Bahá'í summer school was held in the mid-1940s. Summer schools; First summer and winter schools; Egypt first Egyptian Bahá’í summer school
    1940 (in the decade) The first Bahá'ís to reside in the Belgian Congo (Zaire) were Mr Rajah Ali Vahdat and Mme Marthe Molitor. First travel teachers and pioneers; Congo, Democratic Republic of (Zaire) first resident Bahá’ís in Belgian Congo
    1940 (In the decade) By the mid-1940s Corporal Thomas Bereford Macauley became a Bahá'í in Nigeria, the first Bahá'í in the country. First Bahá'ís by country or area; Nigeria first Bahá’í in Nigeria

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