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TITLEMuhammad Musaddiq and the Bahá'ís
AUTHOR 1Bahram Choubine
CONTRIB 1Ahang Rabbani, trans.
ABSTRACTTwo essays: "Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh and the Baha’is" (2009) and "Suppression of the Baha’is of Iran in 1955" (2008).
NOTES A version of the second essay was published in BSR 15:1 (2009). Another version was published online by the author in 2008, and is available here. Both posted here in 2013 by permission of translator.
TAGSMuhammad Musaddiq; Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Human rights; Persecution
LOCATIONSIran (documents); United States (documents)
About: This monograph consists of English translations of two research essays by Bahram Choubine. The first is Dr. Muhammad Musaddiq and the Baha’is, originally published in Persian by Sherkat Ketab in 2009. This learned article has been translated at the request of the author and the publisher and is presented below in an expanded form with additional annotations. The second translated essay by Bahram Choubine is entitled Suppression of the Baha’is of Iran in 1955. Both articles have been translated and annotated by Rabbani and are briefly introduced before their full translation is provided. [-A. Rabbani, 2013]
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