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TITLEYínyáng Cosmology and the Bahá'í Faith
AUTHOR 1Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew
PUB_THISHaj Mehdi Armand Colloquium
ABSTRACTThe yin-yang concept is pivotal to Chinese thought, culture, government, and ethics. It also bears many similarities with Bahá'í philosophy and practice.
NOTES Presented at the Irfan Colloquia Session #111, Acuto, Italy (July 2012). Mirrored with permission from
CROSSREFThe Dialogue between Yin-Yang Concepts and the Bahá'í Faith
TAGS- Chinese religion; - Philosophy; China; Cosmology; Philosophy, Chinese; Taoism; Yin Yang
Abstract: The yin-yang concept is a pivotal theory in traditional Chinese thought influencing many aspects of Chinese civilization, government, architecture, personal relationships and ethics. The literacies of this paradigm has astounding similarities with the literacies of the Bahá’í faith, especially with regards to the origin of matter, historical perspective, gender relationships and practices related to health and healing. This paper will set out to discuss how these similarities may be helpful in the modern encounter between the Chinese culture and the Bahá'í Faith.
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