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TITLEWill and Testament of Abdul Baha, The: An Analysis, by Ahmad Sohrab: Review
AUTHOR 1 Anonymous
TITLE_PARENTChristian Century
NOTES This brief mini-review was included in the section "Books Received".
TAGS`Abdu'l-Bahá, Will and Testament of; Ahmad Sohrab
CONTENT The Will and Testament of Abdul Bahá, An Analysis
Author: Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
Publisher: Universal Pub. Co., New York. 132 E. 65th St. $1.50
Review by: anonymous

Abdul Bahá died in 1921. His will gave all authority to young Shoghi Effendi. "To obey him is to obey God, and to turn away from him is to turn away from God." There has arisen a division among Bahá'ís, not about Shoghi Effendi, whom they all accept, but about the teaching and ruling authority of the oligarchy around him. The present publication represents the point of view of those who believe that one group of leaders designated in the will, certain descendants and descendants-in-law of the Bab, is "shot to pieces" and that "we have to fall back on [Abdul Bahá's] general call, addressed to all the friends and loved ones, that they should arise and bestir themselves, become even as balls of fire and guide the nations to the vantage point wherefrom Bahá-O-Llah viewed the complicated conditions of the earth."
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