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TITLEFifty Bahá'í Principles of Unity: A Paradigm of Social Salvation
AUTHOR 1Christopher Buck
TITLE_PARENTBahá'í Studies Review
ABSTRACTWorld religions are systems of salvation, liberation, or harmony, in direct response to the perceived human predicament. To Baha’is, this predicament is profound estrangement and the solution is world unity, from family to international relations.
NOTES This document is available in three forms, below: the slideshow which accompanied the presentation, in PDF; the soon-to-be-published article form; and a video of the presentation.

With permission of the publisher, this draft paper is released in advance of its forthcoming publication in Baha’i Studies Review; purchase a copy at

TAGS- Administration; Century of Light (book); Equality; Family; Interfaith dialogue; Peace; Seven Candles of Unity; Unity; Unity of existence; Unity of religion; Women

1. Presentation slideshow

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(of first slide, showing Cornel West)
This paper was presented at Princeton University on February 21, 2014, in an event sponsored by the Princeton University Bahá’í Club, the USG (Undergraduate Student Government) Projects Board, and Princeton’s Office of Religious Life. Slide 5 of the presentation had an embedded video, which is not included in the PDF version below. This is the missing video: cornel_west_bahais.mp4 [17MB].
Click to download: buck_unity_social_salvation_presentation.pdf [14 MB].

2. Paper

3. Video of talk

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