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COLLECTIONSPresentations, Biographies
TITLEIndigenous Messengers of God: In Honor of Kevin Locke (1954-2022)
AUTHOR 1Christopher Buck
ABSTRACTBiographies and photos of Kevin and Patricia Locke and tributes to them; themes of respect for spiritual traditions, prophecies, and the destiny of indigenous peoples.
NOTES Prepared for a Zoom presentation for Baha’i Chronicles, December 18, 2022.

See also another presentation by Buck and Locke (2021), and the original essays by Buck and Locke (2014-2022).

TAGSIndigenous Messengers of God; Indigenous people; Kevin Locke; Native American messengers; Native Americans; Patricia Locke; United States (documents)
About: The late Indigenous flutist and hoop dancer, Kevin Locke (Hunkpapa Band of Lakota Sioux and Anishinabe), who unexpectedly passed away on September 30, 2022, was originally scheduled for this Zoom presentation, along with Christopher Buck, PhD (a non-indigenous “ally”). Several obituaries were published, most prominently by the New York Times: As a widely acclaimed Indigenous flutist, Kevin Locke left a rich musical heritage of twelve albums, ten of which are available here: As an educator, the Patricia Locke Foundation has recently recorded a series of instructional videos, in five online tutorial courses, or “Miniseries,” As a writer, Kevin Locke’s autobiography, Arising (Wilmette, IL: Baha’i Publishing, 2018),, is his fullest written legacy. In addition, Kevin Locke and Christopher Buck collaborated in writing around 70 articles for the “Indigenous Messengers of God” series (109 articles),, which Dr. Buck will highlight in this Zoom presentation, in honor of Kevin Locke’s living legacy.
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