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TITLELiterary History of Persia, Volume 4: Modern Times (1500-1924)
AUTHOR 1E. G. Browne
PUB_THISCambridge University Press
ABSTRACTVolume 4 contains the first extensive catalogue of Bábí and Bahá'í literature published in English. To this day, the four-volume set is an essential text for students of Iranian literature.
NOTES See volumes 1-3 at

H. M. Balyuzi notes that this book has "copious references to the Bábí and the Bahá'í Faith"; see E.G. Browne and the Bahá'í Faith at

TAGSLiterature; Literature, Persian
This book is available in three formats:
    1. PDF, typed and proofread [7 MB]
    2. Microsoft Word document [8 MB]
    3. PDF of original, in image scans [24 MB]
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