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COLLECTIONSBiographies, Fiction
TITLEA Well Dressed Woman of Recent Times
AUTHOR 1Matt Briggs
ABSTRACTHistorical fiction which contains part of The Wardrobe of Gertrude Heim Remey, a book Mason Remey wrote about his wife's wardrobe (which the Des Moines Register wrote was "quite likely the best book ever written about his wife's clothes").
NOTES Mirrored from See also citation record for The Wardrobe of Gertrude Heim Remey (M. Remey, 1939).
TAGSCharles Mason Remey; Gertrude Heim Remey
About: I wrote this story while in graduate school at Johns Hopkins (1999-2000). I had access to a library and the story is largely (mis) appropriated material. I never knew what to do with it after I wrote it. I did read it at The Rendezvous Reading Series in Seattle in 2001 on September 11th. We actually did get around to reading, but there was a lit of discussion at the time about what had happened that day -- ruminations that things had changed, as they had, but we couldn't know what that meant and we were aware of it at the time. Writing this piece, I went into a vault in the Eisenhower Library on the JHU Campus. It is opposite Gilman Hall. The Writing Seminars takes place in the belltower room at the top of the hall. It is a ratty room with a great view. The library on the other hand is pretty swanky and has no view at all. (from
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