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TITLEThe Ten Plagues of the Exodus in Light of the Bahá'í Writings
AUTHOR 1JoAnn M. Borovicka
TITLE_PARENTLights of Irfan
PUB_THISHaj Mehdi Armand Colloquium
ABSTRACTThe historical accuracy of Exodus is not essential to an appreciation of it; scholarship regarding the historicity of the Exodus story in general and the ten plagues specifically; contemporary significance of the metaphor of the plagues.
NOTES Hear a discussion between the author and Robert Stockman about this topic, on Youtube.

Presented at the Irfan Colloquia Session #128, Louhelen Bahá'í School, Michigan (2014). Mirrored with permission from

CROSSREFBible Stories and Themes in the Bahá'í Writings and Guidance
TAGS- Christianity; - Interfaith dialogue; - Judaism; - Symbolism; Bible; Egypt; Interpretation; Moses; Pharaoh; Plagues
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the historical accuracy of the Exodus story is not essential to a Bahá’í appreciation of that scripture. To this end, it will review the story of the Exodus, look at a sample of scholarship regarding the historicity of the Exodus in general and the ten plagues specifically, examine a selection of Bahá’í teachings regarding ancient scripture, and explore possibilities on the contemporary significance of the story of the ten plagues in light of the Bahá’í Writings. This article is also covered in a webcast by the author, online at Youtube.
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