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TITLEComments on "Infallible Institutions?" by Udo Shaefer and "Response" by Peter Terry
AUTHOR 1Wm. Keith Bookwalter
ABSTRACTThoughts on infallibility of the Universal House of Justice through a case study of predictions regarding the "unity of nations" and the Lesser Peace by the year 2000.
NOTES See also The Guardian's "Administrative Seats of Divinely-Appointed Institutions," letters from the House "Attainment of the Unity of Nations and the Lesser Peace" (2001) and "Peace Among the Nations" (1999), and Jack McLean's "Did Prophecy Fail? The Lesser Peace and the Year 2000" (2003).
TAGSUniversal House of Justice; Infallibility; Unity of Nations; Lesser Peace; Criticism and apologetics
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