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COLLECTIONUnpublished articles
TITLERationalisation and re-enchantment in Malaysia: Temiar religion 1964-1995
AUTHOR 1Geoffrey Benjamin
ABSTRACTExtensive discussion of the Baha’i Faith among the Temiars of Malaysia. Link to paper (offsite).
NOTES Updated version of a paper presented at the Conference on Enchantment and Re-enchantment: Religion in Modern Southeast Asia (Australian National University, 14-15 March 1996), and an extension of the author's PhD dissertation "Temiar Religion" (Cambridge, 1967).
TAGSBahá'í history by country; Malaysia
Contents include:
  • Baha’i: an outline
  • Baha’i in Malaysia
  • Baha’i among the Temiars
  • The testimony of a non-Baha’i
  • The Baha’is at Lambok present themselves
  • A Baha’i prayer session and discussion
  • Analysis: disenchantment
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