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TITLEWhen the Bombs Drop: Reactions to Disconfirmed Prophecy in a Millennial Sect
AUTHOR 1Robert W. Balch
AUTHOR 2Gwen Farnsworth
AUTHOR 3Sue Wilkins
TITLE_PARENTSociological Perspectives
PUB_THISUniversity of California Press
ABSTRACTAn academic article about the prophetic expectations of a covenant-breaker group, Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, who claimed the world would end on April 29, 1980.
NOTES See also a follow-up article, Fifteen Years of Failed Prophecy: Coping with cognitive dissonance in a Baha’i sect.

The "Bahá'í sect" discussed in this article is not affiliated with the Bahá'í Faith, follows a different set of writings, and has been sued by the legal trademark holders for illegitimate use of Bahá'í terms; see WIPO Domain Name Dispute: Case D2005-0214, "". On whether the real Bahá'í Faith has "sects," see The Covenant, Bahá'u'lláh's "Supreme Gift", Protects The Bahá'í Faith From Schism (offsite).

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TAGSCovenant-breakers; Prophecies
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