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TITLELe Béyan Persan
AUTHOR 1 Báb, The
CONTRIB 1A.L.M. Nicolas, trans.
PUB_THISLibrairie Paul Geuthner
ABSTRACTFrench translation of the Persian Bayán, one of the principal writings of the Báb.
NOTES See also E. G. Browne's A Summary of the Persian Bayan, Peter Terry's Summary and Thematic Analysis, an English rendering of Nicolas' French translation of The Arabic Bayan, a partial translation by Ismael Velasco, and a partial translation by Denis MacEoin.

TAGSBayan-i-Farsi (Persian Bayan); Báb, Writings of; A.L.M. Nicolas
Tome Premier, bab_nicolas_beyan_persan_1.pdf [180 pages, 8MB]

Tome Deuxieme, bab_nicolas_beyan_persan_2.pdf [176 pages, 8MB]

Tome Troisieme, bab_nicolas_beyan_persan_3.pdf [170 pages, 7MB]

Tome Quatrieme, bab_nicolas_beyan_persan_4.pdf [187 pages, 8MB]

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CROSSREFThe Báb's Bayan: An Analytical Survey (Muhammad Afnan, 2000)
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