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TITLECreating an Inclusive Narrative
AUTHOR 1 Australian Bahá'í Community
ABSTRACTCulmination of a series of nationwide round tables, conveying the vision of Australians to foster a socially cohesive society.
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See also "Creating an Inclusive Narrative: Australian publication points to shared identity (BWNS, November 2020).

TAGSAustralia; Consultation; Creating an Inclusive Narrative (publication); Cultural diversity; Indigenous people; Public discourse; Social action; Social change; Unity
About: Creating An Inclusive Narrative Project

Official Publication:

    The Creating an Inclusive Narrative Publication is the culmination of a series of nationwide round tables held over the past year. The publication captures the insights and experience distilled from hundreds of roundtable participants, representing communities and groups of all kinds. It conveys the vision, hopes and aspirations of Australians to foster a socially cohesive society. It describes a narrative of our past and current reality, but also a narrative of the future – the kind of society participants envision for generations to come.

    This publication is a gift from the Australian Baha’i community to Australian society. It is the sincere hope of those involved in this consultative process that its findings and content are helpful and applicable in every neighbourhood, community, organisation, institution and in government.

Project Objectives and Outcomes

    The project has two central objectives. Firstly, this national conversation aims to advance the discourse on social cohesion by re-examining prevailing conceptions underpinning human nature and society and articulating constructive characteristics that can draw us closer to realising our common humanity, unify thoughts and actions, facilitate harmonious interactions, increase inclusion and a sense of belonging. It will seek to bring together representatives from a broad array of backgrounds, perspectives and sections of society and envisions the engagement in dialogue will be a unifying process in itself.

    Secondly, the project will synthesise the most prevalent and unifying insights, ideas and descriptions of our common identity and shared values which can move us towards strengthening social cohesion and inclusion in our country. A formal document will be produced, which will be offered to our country as a resource and framework for social endeavours. It can be utilised to foster an ongoing conversation at the grassroots to national levels of society, encourage and motivate neighbourly interactions, and contribute towards the thinking which shapes and inspires community projects, government policy and public opinion. This now completed document is below.

See more at, including pages on Concept Note, Roundtable Dialogue, Project Design, and The Journey So Far.
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