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TITLEصبح بيداری تاریخ دیانت بابی و بهائي در نی‌ریز (Subh-i Bídárí: Táríkh-i Díyánat-i Bábí va Baháʼí dar Nayríz): Awakening: A History of the Bábi and Baháʼí Faiths in Nayriz
AUTHOR 1Hussein Ahdieh
AUTHOR 2Hillary Chapman
CONTRIB 1Maryam Rouhani Seysan, trans.
PUB_THISBahai Verlag
ABSTRACTAn historical account of the brutal persecutions of 1850, 1853, and 1909 in the town of Nayriz, Iran, against its Bábi and Baháʼí residents. Features accounts from survivors. Translation into Farsi of the original English work.
NOTES Also available in Spanish translation and sample chapters, and see also the authors' website for this book,
TAGS- Persecution; Bábí history; Hussein Ahdieh; Martyrdom; Nayriz, Iran; Persecution, Iran
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