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TITLEShared Value Priorities in Groups: The Impact of the Bahá'i Faith on Values
AUTHOR 1Faezeh Afshar
ABSTRACTExamination of value priorities held by Bahá'ís and the degree of their religiousity, using data obtained by an online survey of over 1,000 responses. Link to thesis (offsite).
NOTES Dissertation for PhD in the School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering, at the University of Ballarat (Victoria, Australia), online at
TAGS* Virtues; - Values; Demography; Psychology
Abstract: Values such as honesty, meaning in life, pleasure, justice and freedom are guiding principles in motivating the selection and evaluation of individual behaviour and goals. They are also important for understanding cultural norms, attitudes and practices. In previous studies individuals and groups have often been found to be willing to subordinate their values toward goals and behaviours that are aligned with their own group; their ‘in-group’. Studies of values within a group have not reported evidence for the subordination of their values toward universal goals and behaviours; their ‘out-groups’. This research is the first to examine widely the values held by adherents of the Bahá’i Faith; a world-wide religious community that envisions a united global society. The main aim of this thesis is to discover and explain the system of value priorities held by Bahá'ís. Data was obtained from an online survey of over one thousand responses to the cross-culturally validated ‘Schwartz Value Survey’. Data relating to the degree of commitment to religion referred to as religiosity, was also collected in addition to demographic information.
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