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COLLECTIONPersonal letters
TITLELetter to the Geyserville (California) Bahá'í Summer School
AUTHOR 1Shidan Fat'he-Aazam
ABSTRACTShort letter from a famous travel-teacher (and later member of the NSA of South and West Africa, and Counsellor for Africa).
NOTES Exact facsimile; any errors from original retained.
CONTENT Beloved Friends:

For the first time in years I must reach the friends gathered in Geyserville Bahá'í summer School by letters. It is indeed very sad for me not to be among you and enjoy the blessings one can get while attending the school. However, each person is invested with the destiny which he must obey.

Florence and I left the States last September and October to pioneer in Africa. After seven months waiting in England, we were forced to proceed to Iran pending entry into Africa. We are doing every thing we can to get to our destination and will not give up. Our greatest obstacles are being Persian and lack of sufficient funds to proceed immediately.

I am working with Point Four Program in Tehran and expect to be here at least a year. However, one can't be too sure about anything, if perchance the gate to Africa open for us we'll leave immediately.

Dear Friends, both Florence and I, and I am sure the rest of the Bahá'í friends in Iran are envying you for the wonderful freedom and democracy that you enjoy in America. One can actually go crazy when he sees in front of him the thousands of obstacles of all sorts that keeps him from spreading and teaching the Cause. We don't have obstacles, but actual opposition to the point of Martyrdom. No doubt that you know that this blessing of Martyrdom touched my family last year just at the time I was leaving U.S.A. and we lost one of the greatest Bahá'í personalities and deeply loved member of the Fathe-Aazam's family. There isn't a day passes without hearing somewhere in some village many Bahá'ís become the victims of attack of Moslems. Attacks on their lives and property. The situation is even to the point that the Bahá'ís do not dare to send their official letters by mail inside the country.

I am writing this, dear fiends, so to make you realize what an opportunity you and every one of you have for spreading and serving the Cause. And how much the world needs well grounded, faithful, and devoted soldiers - who are well equipted from every point of view to carry on the Message of Bahá'u'lláh. There is no place for quick preperation and the quick making of a pioneer than where you are now - in Bahá'í summer school. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY AT HAND - PLEASE TKE IT AND DON'T LET IT GO TO WASTE!

Our deepest love and gratitude to all our friends assembled under the big tree and humbly request your prayer for us so we may find ourselves free and able to proceed to Africa soon.

Your devoted friends,

(Signed) Shidan and Florence

P.S. With heartfelt appreciation and love I want to thank every one of you for my many kindnesses extended to me during my stay in the U.S.A. I am thinking of all - BELIEVE ME!!!!


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