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COLLECTIONSPersonal compilations, Unpublished articles
TITLEPhilosophy: Material and Spiritual
AUTHOR 1Peter Terry
ABSTRACTCompilation and commentary on matters relating to material and divine philosophy, and definitions of terms.
TAGS- Philosophy
About: This paper was written after many years of reading Bahá'í texts and observing that there were references therein to two kinds of philosophy, one of which I knew of, the other that was new to me. Some of my contemporaries regard these characterizations of material and divine philosophy as antiquated and irrelevant to present and future intellectual discourse. Others regard divine philosophy to be synonymous with theology. It should be obvious to those who peruse this document that I have arrived at a different understanding. What is remarkable to me is that notwithstanding the innumerable insights that have visited me since assembling this paper, I have the same understanding of the two kinds of philosophy and remain convinced of its perennial relevancy.
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