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Anneke Schouten-Buys
Anneke is one of the founders
of BAFA in 1986.

She has managed the BAFA accounts since then and even though a number of people now collect and manage the subscriptions, we refer to her as the treasurer.
She reminds us when we are running low on money! And is the person to contact if you are not sure how to pay for your subscription.

She is also fluent in Esperanto, German, English and Dutch, so she helps with translation and editing in these languages.

Anneke with her granddaughter, Sabria,
Romania, 1999.

Anneke and Klaas in Haifa, 1999.

Anneke lives in Apeldoorn, on the east of the Netherlands with her husband Klaas Schouten.
Their first grandchild was born in 1999 in Romania.

She is active as a poet and involved in various poetry circles in the Netherlands. She is also a member of BEL (the Bahá´í Esperanto League).

She has produced 4 books of poetry in Dutch and her poems have been published in Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Spanish, English and Esperanto.
A profile about her poetry appeared in the December 1993 (oneday you can read this on this site!) issue of Arts Dialogue.

In 1984/5 she researched the life of Rosey Pool, a Dutch Bahá´í and poet, who collected, translated and published African American Poetry from the U.S.A. in the 1940-60's. An article about this was printed in the June 1995 issue.

Go to Anneke's page for some of her poems.
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