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Lilia Valitova, composer, musician, Russia.

Saskia van Baarda, poet, The Netherlands.

Hugo van Bolhuis, musician, The Netherlands.

Henk van der Voort, printmaker, painter, The Netherlands.

Sonja van Kerkhoff, visual artist / reviewer (visual arts) / editor, The Netherlands.

Therese van Kerkhoff, photographer, New Zealand.

Wendy van Overmeeren, studies in Chinese theatre, translates from Chinese, (P.R. China) The Netherlands.

Joke van Stuijvenberg, sculpture / installatons, performance, The Netherlands. Français

Tom van Teijlingen, sculpture / installatons, The Netherlands.

Alison Vardy, harpist, Canada.

Pejman Varghai, rap musician, (Bulgaria) U.K.

Helen Varley Jamieson, theatre, new media, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Michel Verheecke, singer / songwriter, poet, guitarist, Belgium. Vlams

Anne Verhoijsen, visual artist, performance art, the Netherlands.

Marie Christine Veroda, translator, editor, France.

Mary Jane Volkmann, painter, Namibia.

Jens von Krogh, photographer, The Faroe Islands.

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